The Dharma, And Irreligious Acts Of Maharaj

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Once in Lal Mahal, Tukoba was engaged in Kirtan and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj came to listen to him. At that time two thousand Pathans had come to kill him. But all the pathans were confused as they came to seemany Shivajis at that place. They returned empty-handed. Jijabai also used to believe in Tukaram. In this way, Tukaram prepared many brave warkaries. By quoting thisin his Kirtana, Gadge Baba carved a place in the heart of the people.

Sacred Duties(Dharma) and Irreligious Acts(Adharma) Gadge Maharaj wandered from village to village, throughout India. From where he would come and which way he would go, nobody knew. In the service of the devotees and for their shelter, Gadge Baba built Dharmashala there. The devotees
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He said that if your ceremonies and observances, which means behaviour and thoughts, are not pure, you wouldn’t understand the true worship of God. It will not be following of religion if you worship God in stone. These are also irreligious acts(Adharma). As the Marathi saying goes “Brahma Jane to Brahman”, one who tries to know God, he is the true Brahman. Simply by belonging to Brahman caste, one cannot be a Brahman.Saints are true Gods in this world. Saints’ preaching and thoughts are the real Brahmans. One who is submerged in it, he is the Brahman. This is also the only way to reach to God. If the two letters in the Marathi word ‘Sadhu’ are dissected, it conveys celestial meaning. ‘Sa’conveysMarathi word ‘saha’, which means six in English,and ‘dhu’conveysMarathi word‘dhune’, which means‘clean’ in English.There are six enemies(Shadripu) of mankind. These are passion(kam), anger(krodh), greed(lobh), Mad(ego), Matsar(jealousy) and attraction(Moh). One who cleans it or triumphs over it becomes the true …show more content…
In that way we are devils. We tease the saints. But we cleanly forgot thatwe can get God with the blessings of Saints only. All the four Vedas assert that in the Kaliyuga, Saint is the only trueGod.By criticising the present tendency of some of the people, Wasudeo Maharaj says that, now-a-days,people disregard ‘Sant Darshana’. Theyconsider it unimportant.On the contrary, they offer flowers to the prostitutes. Those who believe in God rather than in Saints(Sant) worship the stones alone. Such people are mean and vile ones.In the saints who do not follow caste, creed and religion, and whose demeanour is beyond that,liesthe complete God(Sampurna Brahma). God and devotee(bhakt) are the two sides of the same coin. Where there is a saint, there is a God and where there is a God, there is a saint. So, don’t slander the saints. As the abhanga

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