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  • The Pail Canon Analysis

    story forms or the real lecture they had in past gathering. It is centered by Sakyamuni Buddha’s teaching about Dharma and other rules. And when it comes to the Mahayana, even though they still practice the idea of Sakyamuni Buddha’s teaching, they have a difference in Bodhisattva ideal. In general, a Bodhisattva is anyone who have great compassion about all living, and who practice Dharma to follow the path of Buddhahood. In the universe (Buddhism explanation), there are trillions or even more…

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  • A Prayer For The Ganges By Josh Hammer

    The core concept of Dharma states that it is a Hindu’s obligation to respect the incarnation of their divine god, could be part of the solution to the environmental crisis in the Ganges River. By utilizing the different meanings of Dharma, we can encourage Hindus to take action and clean up Mother Ganga. As shown in the “A Prayer for the Ganges” by Josh Hammer, the Ganges river is heavily polluted due to the amount of trash disposed into the river each day. For example, people have been throwing…

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  • Why Kundalini Is So Cherished

    Why Kundalini is so cherished Dharmic concepts are found throughout Asian religions and cultures. It's concepts include rituals, rites of passage, law and justice and even yoga. There are different forms of yoga that have been created over the course of hundreds of years in this region, but only Kundalini yoga exemplifies these concepts to a higher level. It "aims to develop spiritual awareness by freeing the serpent power (Kundalini) that is coiled in the base of the spine and drawing it…

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  • Marjorata Research Paper

    In the Mahābhārata, many narratives of women practicing the act of pativrata dharma are being analyzed by author Arti Dhand, a woman who focuses on dissecting the sexual ideologies of women in the Mahābhārata in her book, Woman as Fire, Woman as Sage: Sexual Ideology in the Mahabharata. In her analysis, it seems that women in the Mahābhārata era who practiced pativrata dharma had their lives affected tremendously by having to put her husband above everything and anyone else…

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  • Duality In The Bhagavad Gita

    as it serves as the guide to achieve one’s Dharma. However, the physical and bodily self is equally as important as it serves to act upon the spirits guide. The self is not whole if it lacks either the outside self or the inside, and subsequently, it cannot be whole if either stands in the way of the other performing their necessary tasks. In the end, the duality and parts of the self act just like people within their society: each has their set Dharma they must fulfill in order for the whole to…

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  • Lotus Sutra Skillful Means

    such as the existence of lesser teachings despite having only one true Dharma. To better comprehend these inconsistencies, readers must consider the differences in how skillful means is used, as well as the relationships between the facilitator of skillful means, and the receiver. To understand the methods of skillful…

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  • The Mooksha Of Hinduism

    power but also deals with concepts of purusarthas and moksha. It provides the opportunity to find out about the history of India while today it is also considered as a guide for many Hindu believers and provides them with a way of life in the form of dharma. But even in the context of Mahabharata, scholars do not have a consensus on the exact meaning of the word moksha, they refer to it either as self realization, liberation or even…

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  • Buddha's Influence On Religion

    this relationship working the other way round. Suppose the practitioner is spiritually weak and lacks high spiritual experience. Naturally, his position becomes weak and vulnerable. Under such circumstances, he could easily fall prey to his worldly dharma protector. It is comparable to a weak king who obeys to every single word of his powerful minister. Most of the Shugden worshippers belong to the second category. Shugden devotees claim that he is a very special Gelupa Dharmapala suit to our…

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  • Role Of Duty In The Ramayana

    fighting evil as part of his natural mission as an incarnation of Vishnu. Dharma, the principle of cosmic order, plays a large part in this because the characters have their duties and roles in this world that must follow through with in order to assure the balance of the universe. As a method of teaching in the ancient Indian society, The Ramayana teaches its audience to accept their responsibilities and carry out their duties. Dharma, by definition, means law. The law each person must follow…

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  • Differences Between Hinduism And Buddhism

    Social, Ethical, and Philosophical Differences in Hinduism and Buddhism Introduction Hinduism and Buddhism are two closely related religions that have been a part of India’s culture for quite a long time and have an effect on each other. Buddha happened to be a Hindu Prince before he set out on his path of enlightenment. To simplify the relation, one can construe that the relationship is not any different from that that exists between Judaism and Christianity in certain ways. For instance,…

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