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  • How Epic Poetry Changed Throughout The Iliad

    Poetry is a form of art. It is used to convey emotion. There are over fifty types of poetry. Epic, Haiku, Cinquain, Ballad, Sonnet, Limerick, Verse Drama, Elegy Cento, and Ode are just a few of them. Poetry has also changed over the years. “Epic of Gilgamesh” is one of the earliest poetic works. It dates back to 2000 B.C. and was a tradition of the Sumerians. The ancient Greeks were also known for epic poetry that dates back as early as 1200 B.C. and A.D. 455. Homer and Hesiod were two of the most famous Greek poets. Homer wrote the “Iliad” and The “Odyssey” while Hesiod wrote “Works and Days.” It is said that poetry was originally used to tell a story so people could remember it easier. Most of the epic poetry was written in Latin. This is the beginning of the Odyssey: SPEAK, MEMORY- Of the cunning hero, The wanderer, blown off course time and again After he plundered Troy’s sacred heights. In the medieval times, between 455 and 1485 poetry was being toyed with in regards to the language and subject matter. Ballads came out at this time. Poets got more imaginative during the Renaissance period. Verse drama was the new form of poetry. One of the playwrights written in this form was by the famous William Shakespeare.…

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  • Roles Of Women In The Iliad And The Odyssey

    The thought that epic poetry is inherently male poetry is true, yet only to the extent that it was a product of the civilization of Greece at the time. First and foremost, the functioning meaning of this claim is that epic poetry features only male leads and functions as commentary and development of solely male roles. While it is true that stories such as The Iliad and The Odyssey do feature male leads and very few, or essentially none in the case of The Iliad, non-static female characters, it…

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  • Who Is John Milton A Hero

    2. Milton’s villain hero VS God As was mentioned above the story of Milton’s epic poem turns around a sacred heroic adventure that, for the Christian world, once took place in reality. “like Dryden, he believed that ‘heroic poetry…has ever been esteemed…the greatest work of human nature.” In fact, many scholars said that the question of Milton’s ‘hero’ in this poem has always been a subject of debate, from its publication till the present day, wondering who is the hero in…

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  • Who Is Better To Reign In Hell In Paradise Lost By John Milton

    This quote is from Milton’s famous epic poem, “Paradise Lost”. The zeitgeist during this time was the fear of kings disobeying the Magna Carta and starting a war with The Church of England and countries. As a religious and political dissenter, Milton is a supporter of the Commonwealth government of Oliver Cromwell (Enotes). He wrote several political tracts opposing the former monarchy. The English Civil War in England during the period of 1642-1648 and the execution of King Charles contributed…

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  • Comparing Beowulf, Lanval, And Sir Gawain

    What is the importance of genre within poetry? I think through working with genre and some of its symbols, interpreting a piece of literature has a deeper meaning. Comparing and contrasting a piece to each other also brings up similar ideas and reoccurring themes that lead to drawing conclusions about human nature. While working with the poems Beowulf, Lanval, and Sir Gawain within their genres, I find that conditions within societies form a need of a hero figure but that hero varies with values…

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  • John Milton Research Paper

    well-known. John Milton is an influential English poetry writer resembling many other prosperous authors around the world. Milton is mainly distinguished for his hard work of the poem called “Paradise Lost.” He is unquestionably famous for the achievements of being literate in various types of languages during his studies (John Milton Biography, n.d.). He also obtains an international reputation during his lifetime. However, that affects an enormous amount of his life as a writer. Throughout his…

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  • Sappho Curse Poetry

    More specifically, Cameron has proved that the sixth stanza of fragment 1 V has many affinities with magical papyri from a much later date. Nevertheless, the affinity of Sappho’s poetry with curses has only been implied in some cases and was never fully explored. What I will try to suggest is that some of her fragments belong -to a certain extent- to poetic curse-poetry (or, in other words, are literary curses) along with the Stasburg epode and other fragments of archaic lyric poets. This…

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  • Christianity In Beowulf Essay

    and manipulating antecedent and subsequent “unholy,” outright pagan symbols, practices, and traditions to have their righteous agenda subsumed into popular culture, such as Christmas or December 25th - which, to Christians, is the birth of Jesus Christ, but historically was the celebrated day of the birth of the pagan god, Mithra, the Greek god, Dionysus, and the Phrygo-Roman god, Attis, who was, like Jesus, described as being born of a virgin. Enlisting syncretism - the combining of religious…

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  • Jupiter's Aeneid: Fama And Imperium By Julia Hejduk

    In this paper I will be discussing the argument made in the scholarly article, Jupiter 's Aeneid: Fama and Imperium by Julia Hejduk and furthermore using her work to develop my own argument about the epic poem The Aeneid. I will be doing this through the layout of a summary of argument essay. I will thus be summarizing the evidence provided by Hejduk, displaying the sources in the forms of charts, connecting the charts to the evidence and moreover connecting the evidence to the scholar 's…

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  • Beowulf Oral Tradition

    Have you ever been told a story, any story, which somehow morphed into multiple stories at once? Suddenly, you appear to have 3 different sets of stories and you are unsure how they all fit together? It seems that you have read the epic poem Beowulf. One unique characteristic of Beowulf is that it contains multiple stories within stories. The epic uses this style for a number of different reasons. One reason is that it follows the oral tradition. Another reason is it was the history of the time,…

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