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  • Donne's Religious Sonnets

    the Swan is a popular sonnet that depicts the myth of Zeus and Leda. We find the poetic form of sonnets used across languages and times. In the late 19th century, the Limerick shaped up as a popular poetic form. Limerick is a five-line poem, usually a humorous verse. The origin of the limericks links back to the French literature in the medieval time period. Often used by playwrights, Limericks existed in the English literature…

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  • Tradition In F. E. Eliot: The Importance Of Poetry

    Eliot opens the essay by redefining the word “tradition” and arguing that criticism in his view “is as inevitable as breathing.” The first principle of criticism that he asserts is to focus not solely upon what is unique in a poet but upon what he shares with “the dead poets, his ancestors.” This sharing, when it is not the mere and unquestioning following of established poetic practice, involves the historical sense, a sense that the whole of literary Europe and of one’s own country “has a…

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  • Williams And Billy Collins Essay

    Collins explains how exhausting it is to analyze Dickinson and her poems through the metaphor of undressing her, mocking the complexity subtly throughout, then summing it all up at the end with “and I could hear her sigh when finally it was unloosed, the way some readers sigh when they realize that Hope has feathers, that reason is a plank, that life is a loaded gun that looks right at you with a yellow eye”. His poem “Cliché” explores the popular cliché that “life is an open book”, but in a…

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  • Drinking Alone Beneath The Moon Analysis

    These four poems employ the scene of a poet drinking at night alone and use the activity of drinking liquor to create a sense of contemplative silence. The first spread the most extensively, because the speaker echoes the political frustration and lonely, sad feelings of Li Bai. The second one was created to interpret the advantages of liquor. Li Bai thought that gods in heaven loved it, so all of the humans should love it as well. The third one describes his search for spiritual comfort from…

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  • Poem Analysis Of 'My Last Duchess' By Robert Browning

    This captivates the reader and reels them in further as it allows a concise relationship to form between the character and reader. It also permits the reader to grasp an accurate, attached and sympathetic understanding of the monologue. The persona in the last duchess has been criticized by many theories. A feminist theory states that he speaks directly about a woman but never adds anything that she has said or experienced, he only speaks of her as though she is an ‘’object’’. There is also a…

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  • Morrison's Use Of Language And Diction In Poetry

    ground, purifying and enlivening it. This humble purpose is steady with the Movement’s overall attitude of avoiding excess or adopting a pompous rhetorical tone. As Morrison notes: “Movement poetic practice is based on certain general principles about the origin, nature and function of poetry. These in term bespeak a different view of the poet—the poet as citizen concerned with social issues and politics. Poetry not only is made thing, it is a said thing and it is discourse” (Morrison 32).…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between William Blake And Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

    William Wordsworth, Wilfred Owen, Bruce Dawe and Gwen Harwood have all created a large array of poetic pieces. Each poem is an extension of each poet’s perspective of the world of which they use to portray specific messages to their intended audiences. The messages and tones conveyed throughout each author’s poems have similarities that create common threads throughout such as anthem for doomed youth and homecoming with their common theme of the repercussions of war and London and Composed Upon…

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  • Criticism In Thomas Hardy's 'The Darkling Thrush'

    interpretation could be the fact that Hardy is perhaps looking back on the past century’s poetic works and recognizing its beauty while, at the same time, realizing the turn of the century means that society as a whole has to move onwards towards a new type of poetry. By analyzing, Thomas Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush”, one can tell that the effect that this poem has on reader is that of encouraging society as a whole to move forward while still remembering the past. He accomplishes this through…

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  • Analysis Of What Lips My Lips Have Kissed And Where And Why

    creates emphasis and cries to the reader that something is important within the line. In this case, Millay donates insight to the reader that she has various intimate experiences with different admirers. In addition, Millay continues to mention that “[she has] forgotten...what arms have lain / under [her] head till morning...” (2-3) which essentially means she has been with so many suitors that she has little to no recollection of them, but with these experiences the author comes to the…

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  • Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, 116 And 130 By William Shakespeare

    Shakespeare’s sonnets are striking for many reasons, be it the surprisingly realistic themes, the way he approaches each of his poems subjects of affection or the shocking he topics he discusses. His work stands out against those of his contemporaries as he transforms the rigid form of Elizabethan romance poetry by confounding the conventions he was expected to adhere to. To demonstrate the ways Shakespeare subverted the poetic norms of his time I will be using Sonnets 18, 116, 129 and 130.…

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