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  • Elements Of Music Essay

    Rhythm is in everything; even people. As much as someone is convinced that they do not have rhythm, they do. Pay attention to the movement of your chest as you inhale and exhale; this is an example of rhythm. Rhythm can be easily described as a recurring pattern of movement or sound. According to our book, “rhythm can be defined as the particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music.” You can arrange any set of sounds rhythmically to create a music piece. Rhythm also has several subcategories which relate to one another to help get a better understanding of music and the making of it. The subcategories are beat, meter, and tempo. Each of these can be put together almost like a step…

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  • Poem Analysis Within A Dream

    They both have different length. Stanza 1 has eleven lines and stanza 2 has thirteen lines. The rhyme scheme is as follows: AAABBCCDDEEFFGGHHHII. The poem has an iambic meter because after every stressed syllable there is an unstressed syllable. In line 1 for example: Take this kiss upon the brow! However, not every line measures up to the iambic meter. Poe uses an anapest: the line starts with two unstressed syllables and then follows the iambic meter. In line 2, for example, an anapest is…

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  • The Rites Of Cousin Vit Analysis

    ‘The rites of Cousin Vit’ is an elegy in the form of a sonnet. At first the poem seems to simply tell us that it is unbelievable Vit is dead as she was so lively. However upon a closer reading see the voice expressing her displeasure with her place in society through her admiration of Vit. Brooks explores the themes of mortality, vitality and femininity using techniques such as the meter of the poem and even the name of the character alongside the language of the poem in order to convey these…

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  • Poetry Analysis

    A common theme found in sonnets is the theme of love. The meter and rhyme scheme is great to talk about love as the words naturally flow off the tongue. The Italian style was popularized by Francesco Petrarch who was known for writing about his admiration of a woman. The sonnet quickly spread throughout Italy and was formally known as Petrarchan sonnet. The sonnet consisted of two stanzas, the octave (first eight lines) and the sestet (the final six lines), the form totaled 14 lines. The octave…

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  • Figurative Language In O Me ! O Life By Robert Burns

    these poems have similarities and differences, including structure, tone, and figurative language. Very often, poetry's themes revolve around humanity and love. Such include Whitman's and Burn's poems. To begin with, the structure of "O Me! O Life" is dramatically different from that of "A Red, Red Rose". Walt Whitman wrote in free verse and used a significant gap between two stanzas in the poem. The empty space serves many purposes. The reader is encouraged to take a break before reading the…

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  • My Papa's Waltz

    Although often overlooked, the form of a poem can be just as important as the words within it. Through careful analysis, a reader can start to piece together different aspects of a poem’s structure and directly relate it back to the overall content. In the poem My Papa’s Waltz, author Theodore Roethke deliberately uses form to create a child-like quality while at the same time mimicking the meter of a waltz, a usually slow and elegant dance that brings two people closer together. Moreover, in…

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  • Meter Elves Play Analysis

    1. Carols by Candelight What would Christmas in Geelong be without good ol’ Dennis Walter leading us in carols down by Eastern Beach? Throw in an appearance by Humphrey Bear, some Geelong folks who have gone on to make it big, and a fire works show that wakes up the littlies, and you have a staple on the calendar. 2. Meter Elves A shout out has to go to the unsung heroes of the Christmas season. Meter Elves are not only distinct in their colourful attire, but they pop in change just before the…

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  • Beethoven Overture Analysis

    Coriolanus kills himself. Beethoven’s contrasting vengeance-family themes resemble Tchaikovsky’s vendetta-love themes in his concert overture, Romeo and Juliet. In each of these stories, set in Italy, love of some kind mitigates a desire for revenge, but in each case death wins at the end of the overture. Both composers take advantage of the two-theme form of a sonata-allegro to depict a tumultuous and ultimately tragic story. The contrasting styles of a sonata-allegro’s two themes allow…

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  • Reflection On Brunel Music Rating Exercise

    However, my running speed altered because the underlying beats were different for me between different parts of the song. In the opening part, I counted it as simple meters and in the climax, I counted it as duple meters. As the parts were repeating in the song, the two kinds of beats kept alternating which regulated my running patterns throughout the song. As Terry and Karageorghis (2006) indicated, we respond to the rhythmical qualities of music by synchronising our movements to tempo, which…

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  • On Monsieur's Departure Analysis

    pearls contrasted with her lips. The poet goes into describing that the woman is so beautiful that she is "threatening with piercing frowns to kill" she isn't actually going to kill the man with her frowns, but it says that if the woman does frown that it would stop a man dead. He uses similes such as "her eyes like angels watch them still" she has a very pure eyes that watched over the men that try to win her love. Another simile is “her eyebrows to the bent bows of archers” means that she’s…

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