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  • Methamphetamine Research Paper

    Timothy Knopick Professor Pamela Peters HUS 1400: Alcoholism & Other Drug Abuse Methamphetamine I choose Methamphetamine as my topic for discussion. The reason I choose it is a two part answer. The first reason is I want to learn more about the drug, the side effects, and the precursors needed to manufacture it. The second reason is I work in law enforcement and would like get a better understanding of the reasons why people become addicted. In hopes of gaining a better understanding so I could try to help the subjects I come across while working. Methamphetamine first came about in a form known as Amphetamine and later morphed into the drug we now know as meth. Amphetamine was created in a lab in 1887 by a Romanian chemist Lazar Edleanu at the University of Berlin. The drug was not used medically until Gordon Alles began to use the drug to treat asthma and colds in the 20’s. The drug became popular all over the world for treating allergy, asthma, and cold type symptoms. The actual first usage of Methamphetamine was by the Japanese in 1893. Most of the world’s military…

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  • Informative Speech On Methamphetamine

    Introduction: _Have you ever done something in your life that gave you a thrill like you have never had before? For example, you played the best game of your entire life and you 're on cloud nine or you ride a roller coaster for the very first time. This is the same experience that methamphetamine users experience. It 's a thrill, a rush, but its the beginning of an addiction that is very hard to get rid of. Methamphetamine isn 't usually drug that many people pick up for the first time. It…

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  • Social Effects Of Methamphetamine

    It is no secret that the drug methamphetamine can have immense negative effects on an individual 's well being. However, many don 't consider the social effect that meth users have on their surroundings and the wake of destruction that comes along with the drug. Nowhere else in the world experiences the effects of meth use more than rural America. Why do so many individuals in rural America struggle with meth addiction? How did this culture originate? What does this drug abuse mean for the…

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  • Methamphetamine Use In Australi A Summary And Analysis

    1. Introduction Methamphetamine is a man-made stimulant drug to speed up the messages travelling between the brain and the body (Ice Facts 2014). It was first synthesized in 1918 and used during World War II (Lee, N 2013). Ice is methamphetamine in a crystal form and it has been in the news as a growing and serious issue across Australia. The head of emergency at ST Vincent’s Hospital, Gordian Fulde, says “Ice is the most evil drug we have at the moment…….Ice addicts are the most…

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  • Crystal Meth: Causes And Effects Of Crystal Methamphetamine

    enters a stage may feel intense cravings and despair which is where psychotic symptoms can become more than temporary and this can be the symptoms of permanent effects on the brain. Immediate effects can include hallucinations, the inability to sleep, unusual behaviours including hyper excitability, loss of appetite. All of these are witness during the high associated with the drug. If it is used persistently over a long period of time it can lead to enduring these above symptoms whilst off the…

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  • Crystal Meth In Hawaii

    every person in Hawaii will eventually be affected by the drug, either directly or indirectly. Hawaii’s problem of crystal methamphetamine must be addressed to avoid a continuous increase of drug trafficking organizations. The crystal methamphetamine…

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  • How To Stop Drug Trafficking

    trafficking is a worldwide unlawful exchange including the development, produce, circulation and offer of substances which are liable to medication denial laws such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and others. The common of illegal drugs comes from southern border into United States, the principal border is Mexican border which transport big amount of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin. Also, Colombia has situated like the main source of heroin to USA. Mexico and Central America…

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  • The Importance Of False Knowledge

    Hart brings up that the literature related to this issue never states the normative data when saying that meth users have impaired cognitive functions. Wanting to know the truth, Hart reviewed the article, “Is Cognitive Functioning Impaired in Methamphetamine Users?”. After Hart’s review, he concluded that cognitive functioning in meth users is overwhelmingly normal when compared against normative data. Hart goes on to question what his role is as a scientist. He also considers who funds his…

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  • Methamphetamine In Australia

    Methamphetamine is highly addictive; however, it is present in some common medications. Due to this people may continue using as they enjoy the feeling it gives them once they take it. If people wish to they can get methamphetamine as it is readily available and inexpensive in Australia. (Winslow, Voorhees and Pehi 2007, p. 1170). According to the journal article, commonly prescribed medications and potential false-positive urine drug screens, that amphetamine or methamphetamine were the most…

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  • Essay On Krabbe Disease

    and Stroke does an excellent job informing the reader. References Part 2 Drug choice-Methamphetamine Methamphetamines have increasingly became a serious problem in the United States since the early 1990s. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2004, “an estimated 12 million persons aged 12 and older (4.9% of US persons aged 12 or older) had used methamphetamine at least once in their lifetime and 600,000(.2% of the US…

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