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  • Personal Narrative-800-Meter Relay

    You never truly know when the last time for you to do something, until it happens. This is the story of how I lost it all, in a sports sense. It is a story of how all the coaches, my parents and I all finally came together to face a huge obstacle that occurred. It was the Conference Track Meet in Arlington, Nebraska in Mid-April. So, as you can guess it was chilly and a little bit rainy. I had a pretty packed day ahead of me. I suppose, to be the top competitor that year in track. I had placed in all the meets in all of my events and today was going to be no exception. Today, I was suppose to run the 3200 meter relay, the open 800 meter run, the 400 meter dash and finally the 1600 meter relay. Going into the day both relay teams were placed in the top two teams. This season had been going great, we were four seconds away from breaking the school record in the 3200 meter relay and we had a feeling today would be the day. I was placed in the top two in both the 800 and 400 meter runs. My coaches had a good feeling about my runs today. They thought my practices leading up to this were as good as they could be. So, as you can tell my heart was racing since we had arrived at the track. When we settled camp my 3200 relay team decided we were going to go run a couple laps to warm up. I tied on my shoes, imaging the races ahead of me. I imagined crossing the finish line with hopefully personal bests and possibly a new school record. As I got up from the ground, we started jogging…

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  • Newton's Gravitational Law

    Core 1 Quantitative Assignment 1 Background: When wanting to find the mass of a massive object, the following is needed, Newton’s gravitational law (F = ma = mv2/r). Newton’s gravitational law can be used to calculate the mass which is represented by (M). This can be calculated if the velocity represented by (v), at orbital radius represented by (r), is known for the equation. When these two laws are put together they create the formula M = v2 r / G what G represents is the…

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  • Stress, Rhythm And Metre Analysis

    Poetry Assignment – Critical Analysis Stress, Rhythm and Metre When poems have a detectable stress pattern and rhythm, it forms a metre. An example of this would be a poem with ten syllables on each line, where five of which are stressed, and five are unstressed. This would make the metre pentameter, which often consists of five-stress duplets. Carol Ann Duffy’s Shakespearean sonnet, Rapture, is a good example of a poem with an organised, detectable rhythm, which forms a metre. Most lines appear…

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  • Analysis Of Jesse Owens: An American Life

    The book Jesse Owens: An American Life encompasses the true meaning of persevering and prevailing in the face of adversity, oppression, and misfortune. The story of Jesse Owens and his climb to becoming arguably one of the greatest athletes and Olympians of all time invokes feelings of disgust caused by how humans can treat another, yet feelings of triumph caused by the incredible nature of the human spirit and the will to overcome circumstances. William Baker captures the rich history behind…

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  • Major Characters In Six Metres Of Pavement By Farzana Doctor

    Does telling someone about your problems make you feel better? Talking about your problems with others is hard, as it shows your vulnerable side towards them. However, when you do, you are sharing your life, creating a connection of the past, and easing the emotions. This is evident in the novel, Six Metres of Pavement by Farzana Doctor, where the main character, Ismail Boxwala, is closed off from others. Ismail had a dreadful past, as his little daughter, Zubi Boxwala died due to Ismail leaving…

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  • The Accidental Celebritisation Of Caste Semenya Analysis

    television, in the papers…. Many, such as movie stars and musicians, choose their celebrity status and take every opportunity to promote that status, including the current US election season. Others have their status thrust upon them. One such case of ascribed celebrity status is that of Caster Semenya whose celebrity status was the result of media speculation and the efforts of outside sources and with little input from Semenya, herself. In this paper I will be examining Dr Jaime Shultz’s…

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  • The Importance Of Human Resilience In Boys In The Boat By Daniel James Brown

    The ability to overcome tough obstacles in an individual's life is known as human resilience. The book “Boys in the boat”, written by Daniel James Brown, is about a young man named Joe Rantz, who is on the rowing team for the University of Washington. He had to overcome many challenges regarding his past, but it didn’t stop him from gaining a spot on the United States Olympic crew team. He helped lead his team to victory, despite the hardships of living alone as a teenager. The second story…

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  • Arvinds Case Study Arvind

    According to the estimates available, Arvind will sell approximately 80 million metres of fabric (includes domestic value-added and plain fabrics as well as exports) for the year 1997-98. This is an increase of 8.92 per cent over the last year when it sold approximately 74 million metres of fabric. The trouble is that this growth is too less. Its sales forecast and viability required it to function at 80 per cent of the built-up capacity. That meant an output of at least 100 million metres (of…

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  • Female Infanticide Adrienne Su Analysis

    In Adrienne Su’s “Female Infanticide: a Guide for Mothers” and Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”, the two poems present a feminist theme to the reader; the works both show that women should be celebrated instead of condemned. One tactic that Sexton and Su commonly utilise in their works is the use of sound in order to emphasize the themes of their respective works, however they each do so in distinctive manners. Su and Sexton utilise different approaches to sound; Su focuses on the natural music of the…

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  • Aesop's Gables Analysis

    Aesop’s Fables Folio A 600-metre race is conducted between the cat, dog and hedgehog to determine which animal can run the distance the fastest. The aim of the investigation is to identify the characteristics of animals’ races and in the final analysis, the results of the initial, semi-final and gold medal races. The cat follows a quadratic line with the equation . The dog’s path follows a cubic line with the equation . The hedgehog follows a linear path with the equation . These graphs can be…

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