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  • Does Caffeine Affect Plants

    How does caffeine affect plant growth? Caffeine, also known as trimethylxanthine, has the chemical formula C8H10N4O2 (Francis Agyemang and Sylvester Yaw Oppong, 2013). In humans, caffeine acts as a stimulant at low doses by blocking the A2A receptor but acts as a depressant at higher doses by blocking the A1 receptor (Yacoubi and Ledent et al, 2000). In other words, when people drink low doses of caffeine it wakes them up and makes them more alert, on the other hand, higher doses of caffeine has the opposite effect on them (Yacoubi and Ledent et al, 2000). The A2A receptor mainly assumes the role of inducing sleep. The A1 receptor creates wakefulness when activated. On the other hand, inhibiting the A1 receptor mediates the effect of sleep…

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  • How Concussions Affect The Human Body

    My topic is how concussions affect the body mentally and physically. This will look at the aspects of concussions that affect people and how different severity of concussions affect people. The main issue with concussions is they can go unnoticed to receive the “treatment” for it. The treatment for concussions is bed rest with no lights, electronics, and no loud noises. There is a debate about weather there should be a drug to help with the symptoms of concussions, or there should not be a drug…

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  • War Tragedies Affects People's Lives

    War Tragedies Tragedies are all over the world. It can leave you with a great suffering, destruction and distress. These tragedies can affect the people 's lives and change for good. Once these tragedies happen it is hard for people to come back to their normal lives. Some people do not even return back to their normal lives because the tragedy affected them really bad. With something huge that happens it is a difficult time because you may never be the same anymore. These tragedies can…

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  • How Does Cocaine Affect Society

    Cocaine has affected society for a long time, today it is easy to get your hands on it. This can affect young adults specially at my age where we are pressured and constantly want to be accepted. The youth could be tempted to do it whether to prove a point or something which can easily make them try it again up to the point cocaine has taken over their young lives. This can affect their future and health because most of the youth that would do this are in High School, where we are soon starting…

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  • How Drug Abuse Affects Families

    doing the drugs most of the time aren’t aware of how it harms them and affects the people around them mostly family and friends. This affects our society because when you’re not aware about what you’re doing than others can get physically harmed and lead to criminal behavior and leads to jail and other facilities they have you placed in. Hopefully by someone who reads this paper is informed with how bad this can…

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  • How Does The Bible Affect Our Health?

    Through striving to learn more of what it means for Christ to truly be preeminent in life, Christians are called to consider how that affects our health. The result of Christ’s preeminence can be seen when applying it to the understanding that we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), and we have a responsibility as image bearers to honor God with how we maintain our image. The Bible clarifies for believers how one is to honor God with our bodies through choices that involve nutrition, time…

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  • How Does Tennis Affect People

    Interest and Motivation: I chose the topic of how tennis affects people. When I first heard about this I-Search project, I immediately knew that I wanted to choose a topic that was related to tennis. Since tennis is one of my favorite sports, and I’m very passionate about it, I want to learn everything about this topic. I know that having tennis as a topic is too broad, so, I have decided to narrow it down. In sixth grade, I did a persuasive speech on the benefits of exercise. From that day on,…

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  • How Does A Relationship Affect You Essay

    A relationship can affect you in different ways. Im gonna state the most important ones. The ones especially affecting more than half of highschool students. Through breakups and all of the resons why you should pay more attention to your education. But also why and why not becasse in highschool its very important to some people. From a Recent study it shows that 85% of the people who break up from a long-term relation ship meaning ( 1–5 years) Are graudually affected way more that people…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Us

    The topic of controversy for this essay is whether or not technology has a negative or positive affect on people. In order to help explain whether or not technology has a positive or negative affect on us there will be four articles that will be discussed within this essay. The first article is “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens by Ferris Jabr, “Get Smarter” by Jamais Cascio, and “Technology Doesn’t Dumb Us…

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  • Daphnia Lab Report

    The Effect of pH levels on the Motility of Daphnia in Lake Ecosystems Introduction: The production, transportation, and use of chemicals by chemical industries can result in chemical pollution. This leads to a harmful effect on ecosystems and their balance of life (Linlin, Chen, 2012). The pH levels of aquatic environments are important because it affects the physiology of animals by changing their behaviors. The ion concentrations associated with the water and the organism’s survival can also…

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