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  • Essay On Methadone

    Methadone revolutionized the treatment of opioid addiction in the 1960s by providing the first effective, practical, and legal alternative to detoxification. Detoxification is generally inadequate on its own to provide lasting sobriety because most addicts eventually relapse without additional treatment. Medication-assisted treatment with methadone provided the first legal treatment that was effective in reducing relapses. Treatment with methadone also reshaped our understanding of opioid addiction by demonstrating that addiction was an illness because there was now a medical treatment that substantially aided in recovery. Prior to the 1960s, the social stigma of opioid addiction was pervasive and continues to this day in many parts of our country. Prior to the introduction of methadone, addiction was viewed as a moral failure, not an illness. It was illegal to be an opioid addict and illegal for physicians to treat addiction with a substitute medication such as morphine or methadone. African-Americans were unfairly blamed for the surge in crime stemming from opioid addiction. Methadone treatment was the beginning of our recognition of addiction as a treatable medical illness on a nationwide scale. Medication-assisted treatment with methadone remains a proven, popular and successful treatment program that continues to be…

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  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment

    giving methadone to drug addicts a good one? Methadone Maintenance Treatment is a very controversial topic that arises many opinions about the program. Some people believe that Methadone treatment is a good thing and that it does truly help addicts get over their addictions, while others are against the use of Methadone as treatment because they believe that it is not very successful and a waste of money. I personally am against the use of methadone because it does not stop addicts from…

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  • Methadone Research Article Summary

    Gavin Bart’s journal article Maintenance Medication for Opiate Addiction: The Foundation of Recovery provided the scientific information regarding how methadone works to reduce heroin withdraw symptoms once it is ingested into the human body. Bart’s article provided descriptive information on the typical methadone dosages used. This article was the only article to provide information dosage information and information about the possible serious side effects of lethal respiratory suppression. The…

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  • Chasing Heroin Research Paper

    its success rates and without funding this program might die off and not get an opportunity to help other users nationwide. The documentary also talked about methadone clinics. According to Methadone.US (2016), Methadone is described as a manmade opioid in which sticks to the opiate receptors in the brain that helps eliminate withdrawal symptoms while relieving opiate withdrawal sickness, and blocks the effects of illicit opiate use. Methadone.US (2016) also says that methadone is a…

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  • Sex Trading And Psychological Stress Among Women Summary

    Summary of: Sex Trading and Psychological Distress Among Women on Methadone El-Bassel, Nabila; Simoni, Jane M.; Cooper, Daniel K.; Gilbert, Louise; Schilling, Robert F. Reading Area Community College Summary of: Sex Trading and Psychological Distress Among Women on Methadone In person interviews conducted on 280 preselected women (mean age of 40) discovered that 32% had been involved in the trade of sex for money or drugs in the prior year (El-Bassel, Simoni, Cooper, & Gilbert, 2001). This…

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  • Case Study Of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

    for Methadone Maintenance clients to name the treatment programs they offer. With a good understanding of the present mission we decided to ask about the agency’s early beginnings and what Dave could tell us about it? Dave took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair as he looked at us with a look and pause of a man who was about to tell a descriptive story. “Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center was founded in Detroit, MI in 1967. Initially, the center was a residential treatment for…

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  • Methadone Case Study

    wage of $1,241.00. The claimant has been out of work since 2006. On 12/05/15, he was classified with a permanent partial disability with a 75% loss of wage-earning capacity. He was also found not to be attached to the labor market, so there are no ongoing awards in this case. The case came on in response to an RFA-2OP which you filed on 05/22/17. You requested a hearing to address weaning the claimant off of opioid medications based on the 05/17/17 report from your IME consultant, Dr.…

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  • Methadone Essay

    Is the policy of giving methadone to drug addicts a good one? For those unfamiliar with methadone treatment allow me elaborate. According to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, methadone is a synthetic opioid created in a lab and is commonly prescribed for treatment of opiate addictions. Individuals addicted to “heroin, oxycodone and hydromorphone” receive daily doses of methadone to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. CAMH expert’s rationalized the use of methadone as minimizing the risks…

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  • Methadone Essay

    Methadone is a potent Schedule 2 opioid developed by German scientists to treat battle wounds during the Second World War due to limited access to morphine. Use and Abuse Methadone treats moderate-to-severe pain. It is inexpensive, making it more accessible for patients who can’t afford the more expensive brand name painkillers. It is a highly effective but potentially dangerous painkiller. Besides treating pain, methadone plays an important role in the treatment of opioid addiction. Opioid…

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  • Methadone Research Paper

    Methadone is a Schedule II drug that belongs to the opioid family of drugs. Methadone it is an extended acting synthetic tranquilizing painkiller. In the early 1960s, two New York physicians, Marie Nyswander and Vincent Dole, ascertained that when methadone is taken on a daily base, it is a constructive habituated medical treatment for individuals who have become opioid addicts. Since the 1960s, methadone has been strategized to help people who are dependent on illicit drugs such as opioid,…

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