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  • Case Study Of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

    Agency Name: Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center Interviewed: Dave Anderson, MA, LPC, CAADA Time in Substance Abuse Service: 11.5 years Title within Agency: “Outpatient Therapist” Date: Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 4:00pm This Monday our team interviewed Dave Anderson, MA, LPC, CAADA of sacred heart rehabilitation center in Flint Michigan. Dave was kind enough to field our interview from our team. Dave is a substance abuse outpatient therapist, he specializes in helping his clients obtain the basic necessity’s and information needed to be a success in their life and not have relapses. Dave has been an outpatient therapist for almost 12 years and was easily able to answer almost all of our questions regarding Sacred Heart. We asked Dave where to start with sacred heart and Dave began to tell us Sacred Hearts mission Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center’s Mission states “Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to assisting all people with behavioral health issues, including those with…

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  • Mother Cabrini Research Paper

    Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Mother Cabrini, was an Italian saint who was sent to America to help the immigrants. She took a stand for all the immigrants by helping and taking care of them when others didn’t, and because of that, she became the first American saint. Frances, or Francesca, was born on July 15, 1850 in S’ant Angelo Lodigiano. Her parents were Agostino Cabrini and Stella Oldini. (Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Her family was a very nice, but poor family.…

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  • Analysis Of Hamilton's 'Laws In Levius'

    OT2100-Week Three-Laws in Leviticus Paper According to Victor P. Hamilton (2015), “In Chs. 17-27 the primary focus is not so much on how God’s people are to worship as on how they are to live; those who worship a holy God will aspire to live holy lives and appropriate the resources that a holy God makes available to them to so order their lives” (p. 282). In Leviticus Chapter 19:19, recorded are laws against mixtures. It is not clear as to why this group of laws would appear here especially…

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  • Case Study: Sacred Heart Hospital

    Unmeet Need Here at Sacred Heart Hospital there is a dire need for education for the parents of premature and at risk newborns. Premature and at risk newborns must be handled very delicately because they are particularly fragile at this point of their lives. In order for a parent or family member to interact with the newborn they must be taught how because of their fragile state. The nurses are busy making sure the baby receives all the care it need in order to survive, therefore they do not…

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  • Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Case Study

    A1. Description of the Organization For my organization, I have chosen Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group, or SHMOG. Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group (SHMOG) is a hospital-based outpatient facility of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. Known as the Sacred Heart Cancer Center; SHMOG has become a highly recognized and respected facility along the Gulf Coast for Oncology and Hematology care. Our professional employees include eleven oncologists, two surgical gynecological oncologists, one…

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  • Summary Of St. Margaret Mary And The Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

    The book St.Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Mary Fabyan Windeatt, recounts the painful life of a girl from Lhautecour, France in the17 century who fervently wants to become a nun and fulfill the promise she made to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In her way to achieve this, she must endure a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, by Gods Grace, a lot of prayers, and many virtues as like obedience, charity, and humility Margaret at the age of 23 is able to enter at the…

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  • Venus With Her Mirror Analysis

    The Renaissance, which began in the 1300’s and lasted up until around the 1600’s, was a movement which sparked an enormous increase in artistic experimentation and emphasis on the human figure. During this time, many paintings contained Christian imagery and connotations, whether outright or implied. Two paintings during this time that illustrate several concepts and depictions are Sacred and Profane Love by Titian (or Tiziano in Italian) and Velazquez’s Venus with Her Mirror. These two…

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  • Galen's Influence On Society

    Before the sixteenth century, the practice of medicine bore no relation to the practice of medicine today. Medical practices rested solely on the writings of the second-century physician Galen because it gave a rational explanation on how the heart, liver, veins, arteries, and lungs provided nourishment for the body. In addition, the strong influence of the Catholic Church on the Western world only made small attempts to discover the world by experimenting frugal. Instead, Galenism became a…

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  • Power Of Ambiguism In The Scarlet Letter

    guilt starts getting heavier. This is important because it shows that the “heart disease” that he is feeling is not only a heart disease but also the guilt and remorse of letting Hester take all the blame. Marcus Fred H also say that Hawthorne “reinforces the existence of a scarlet letter on dimmesdale 's breast (“the Scarlet Letter": The Power of Ambiguity”). Hawthorne does not let the reader forget that Dimmesdale carries his own letter. Michael Ragussis says that “the mark on dimmesdale 's…

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  • Oppression In Kate Chopin's Trifles And The Story Of An Hour

    In the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell and the short story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, the authors portray a woman’s want for independence and the serious problem women’s oppression was around the early 1900s. The oppression they depict is so influential that it creates character development in the main female characters and the reader can watch as this happens throughout both the play and the story. Both the story and the play have story lines that need to be understood before they…

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