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  • Sadness Essay

    Saddness is a feeling that we 're all familiar with, in some aspect. There are many types, many degrees of sadness, and it 's a feeling that we all experience differently. I have been face to face with sadness. It has beaten me down, and never helped to pick me back up. Instead, it 's brought me lower and lower with each and every attempt i have made to stand. This is what the professionals call "major depressive disorder", mine topped off with some anxiety and eating disorders. I can tell you what it 's like to not leave a room for three months at a time, to let someone in, once a day, to exchange your pee bucket for something to eat, through a crack in the door. I can tell you what it 's like to have your mother tackle you to the floor in…

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  • Analysis Of Luther College And Decorah Community

    through a lot of tragedies. We are a community that is still grieving and for some still in shock from such events. It can be hard to continue on with our lives when we are aware of such loses. It’s as if with a drop of a hat we can become sad when we think about what the Luther College and Decorah community has gone through in such a short time period, and I want to say if no one has already, that it is okay to be sad. These are sad a tragic events some of which have been so repetitive in our…

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  • Symptoms Of A Mother And Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum Depression Postpartum Depression is when a mother delivers a baby and becomes depressed after he or she is born. They feel as if there life is over. Or the mother does not wish to bond or associate with the newborn baby. Usually mothers are happy and excited to be having a child. But when having postpartum depression the mother wants nothing to do with the newborn. Doctors and nurses can tell when a mother is on the verge or has this disorder. There are many symptoms when having this…

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  • Analysis Of Woman In E By Ragnar Kjartanson

    In connection the “Woman in E” Kjartansson was obviously trying to connect his audience with the tragedy of classical theatre and was trying to evoke pity or sadness. As I had sensed, “Woman in E” is definitely connecting the old-school classical theatre with the golden tinsel. Moreover, the melancholy E-minor chord conveys the pathos Kjartansson is most known for. As it turns out, Kjartansson’s “use of durational, repetitive performance to harness collective emotion is a hallmark of his…

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  • Joy And Sadness Essay

    memories or “core” memories safe in the hub. Joy’s main goal is to keep Sadness away from the console and to continue to create happy memories despite Riley’s unexpected move from Minnesota to California. During the exposition, the viewers learn that Riley has lived a happy life for the most part: playing hockey, living…

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  • Symbolism In Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

    Let’s start with the old man. So, the information we get about the old man, Santiago is that he is an old man, though still “youth” in his eyes, and reasonably in decent shape (the boy had described his shoulders as ‘strong’). He is very poor. He lives in a shack, sleeping on newspapers as a mattress, and does not even have enough money for food, and the boy usually buys him food. He’s practically homeless. Not to mention, he is a widower. All he has left of his wife is a photo of her, which he…

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  • Analysis Of All Summer In A Day

    These kids were originally jealous of Margot and her knowledge because they didn’t understand why she was grieving; so in a sense, they had a lack of answers to Margot and her pain. The kids’ anger towards Margot eventually leads to jealousy. On the contrary, once they did experience the sun, they understood Margot’s sadness and they soon began to grieve the sun too. The jealousy these kids experienced is something that people in everyday life experience. There is always something that you may…

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  • Ophelia's Search For The Easy Way In Life

    Although one’s family treaded one like a queen, the depression blocked ones thought. A deception or depression influence others to do horrible things, for example, others think that when a deception happens their life has ended but no people go through depression, deception, dissolution and other phenomena. Most search for a solution, but others make the decision that Ophelia made to committing suicide. The expression of torment and sadness on ones face symbolize that one was living a…

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  • Worst Moment In My Life

    passionately about things and the way his eyes looked staring into mine. There were only two days I was able to spend with him. Only two days did I get to appreciate him, and his smile. Two days to see his face light up when he laughed and to feel the soft curls in his hair. To feel his hugs and his kiss. Just two days to touch my entire world. Once that second day came to an end, he returned home and I became very depressed. However, throughout the time of us being together I was never truly a…

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  • The Importance Of A Music Composer

    Sad music helps put anthesis on sad movie scenes (“Sad Music”) Composing sad sounding music is a good way to portray sadness. “A key is a pattern of notes that make up a scale.” (“Sad Music”) Choosing a scale is an important part of composing music, because the pattern dictates how the song will sound. Minor keys help make music more sad (“Sad Music”) Minor keys are key signatures with odd patterns that naturally sound sad. Using these keys make it much easier to make music sound sad. Slow…

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