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  • Definition Essay: Sadness And The Pursuit Of Happiness

    her roommate, and sister, Sadness about how she should get up and explore the wonderful things in life while Sadness will say that she is too sad and tired to do anything. Happiness will sigh and say that maybe tomorrow, Sadness will have a change of heart. Sliding her feet into her smiley faced slippers; she makes her way to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. Happiness will brush her teeth while thinking of one thing that she liked about herself, “Your hair looks softer today, how nice,” she thought. Happiness tends to tell herself one thing that she liked about herself in the mirror every morning just to give herself a little more confidence. She will hum a tune as she walks downstairs. She’ll make…

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  • Character Analysis Of Phoebe In Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moon

    that this was all her fault. On the trip that Sugar Sal’s mom was taking she was taking to Margret Cadaver telling her that she missed her husband and was going to go back to Bybanks where she could talk with her cousin and find herself again. On the bus ride that Margret and sugar were on the bus turned and went off of the hill crashing into trees and killing everyone but Margret. One day in Euclid Ohio on page 61 Sal is at her friend Phoebe’s house and there is an envelope on their door…

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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    convey feeling and situation. A third way to compose music for media is for movies, specifically sad ones. Sad music helps put anthesis on sad movie scenes (“Sad Music”) Composing sad sounding music is a good way to portray sadness. “A key is a pattern of notes that make up a scale.” (“Sad Music”) Choosing a scale is an important part of composing music, because the pattern dictates how the song will sound. Minor keys help make music more sad (“Sad Music”) Minor keys are key signatures with…

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  • Reflection Paper Bjorhaug

    such a short time period, and I want to say if no one has already, that it is okay to be sad. These are sad a tragic events some of which have been so repetitive in our community that we feel somewhat helpless, though we are not. It is natural to feel these feelings after such events. Sadness, shock, suffering, grief,…

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  • Postpartum Depression Research Paper

    Postpartum Depression Postpartum Depression is when a mother delivers a baby and becomes depressed after he or she is born. They feel as if there life is over. Or the mother does not wish to bond or associate with the newborn baby. Usually mothers are happy and excited to be having a child. But when having postpartum depression the mother wants nothing to do with the newborn. Doctors and nurses can tell when a mother is on the verge or has this disorder. There are many symptoms when having this…

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  • Write A Narrative On A Hero's Last Journey

    got there was the border patrol making a raid on the camp. Where we were living, but safely they didn't get caught, but how we did get caught, they were searching for family to tell them what happened but take them too which was weird. My dad was very sad for what had happened, he went to find us, but he got the notice from the school about what had happened. Then me and my mum were talking about how we got caught in school and our teacher almost betrayed us I was feeling really bad with no…

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  • Analyzing Thomas 'Melancholy'

    The poem shows Thomas ' depression and his battle with it. The title "Melancholy" draws the reader to reflect upon the theme of the poem, and to sympathise with the feeling of never ending depression and sadness that Thomas felt throughout most of his life. Making it one word causes the reader to want to know why Thomas is feeling such and how he became like this. It also shows the anger Thomas felt towards his inability to make himself be happy, especially around the beautiful things in the…

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  • Woman In Art Observation

    feeling of wistfulness is something that was obsessively portrayed in the past, i.e. the 1950’s. I think that by adding the glimmering tinsel, it helped portray an old-school vibe and further add to the lovesick emotion that is often associated with older times. After experiencing this performance piece, I decided to research the artist to better understand him and “Woman in E.” Through my research I found that Kjartansson’s “works are connected through their pathos and humor, with each deeply…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Depression Analysis

    Salinger. Holden’s inability to concentrate is one symptom of depression that has him expelled from school for not finishing his studies, which kept him isolated from other students and faculty. This inability to concentrate is a symptom of depression that makes it very difficult to commit oneself to any single chore. More so, Holden is incapable of having a healthy and loving relationship with a male friend or a female love interest. This is the result of a loss of interests in other people,…

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  • Growing Up Before The Great Depression

    I should have been feeling extremely unhappy, since I had just explained to my best friend that I wanted to die. Although my day had been filled with dread and depression, suddenly when I was looking at her I just felt extreme content, I felt safe. I hadn’t felt this way since before the depression had crippled my life. As I looked up at Megan and noticed all her features in a way I had never seen them before, I knew I had to fix her sadness. I just couldn’t think of how, I had said everything…

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