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  • Engineering Safety: The Chernobyl Disaster

    What is the most important element of an engineer’s job? Speed or safety? There is no doubt that most engineers choose the public’s safety as their first priority instead of speed, for even a small difference between draft and reality can lead to engineering disaster. For some engineers who hold the speed as the highest goal, they had left several sever disasters caused by flaws in their engineering design; from their unforgettable experience, engineers put more thought in to the design before crews start construction. For example, engineering students can learn from some well-known catastrophes involved Tacoma Bridge’s collapse, Space Shuttle Challenger explosion disaster, and the most well-known nuclear disaster, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. An unprecedented nuclear accident connected Chernobyl with…

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  • The Importance Of Risk Analysis In The Petrochemical Industry

    collision leads to total failure of ship or carriage. In order to support these rational facts, some incidents can be analyzed from the past that will provide a crystal clear view to the scenario (Godoy et al. 2012). In year 2009, a very strong and reputed company of India ,Indian Oil Company has its plant in south side of Jaipur where during a particular operation of transferring gasoline fluid to the tankers, a tank full of gasoline overflowed and what happens next was the worst scenario as a…

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  • The Three Theories Of Accident Cusation And Safety Problems

    Three theories of accident causation can be used to explain possible safety problems. Human factor theory is commonly used to explain accident causal by examining chain of events that can be traced to human error. Human factor theory focusses on three areas: overload, wrong activities, and wrong response. Human factor theory thus states that human error is the ultimate cause of safety problems. First, human error can happen because of overload. Overload is the imbalance between capacity and…

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  • Nsg 6 Alarm Management Process

    began in 2014 with leadership commitment to alarm safety and accomplishing the goal and placing the patient safety nurses as the project leaders. The chief nurse officers assigned clinical representatives for each area of service and the clinical engineers completed a comprehensive inventory of the alarms systems. The second phase included specific strategies detailing alarm management by creating policies and preparing to implement new practices to enhance the safe. The project steps moving…

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  • Laboratory Safety Culture

    The Chemical Safety Board (CSB), who responds to only the most serious chemical related accidents, has reported 120 laboratory accidents resulting in 87 evacuations, 96 serious injuries and three deaths since 2001 (Mulcahy, Young, Gibson, Hildreth, Ashbrook, Izzo & Backus, 2012). Every year thousands of students and faculty working in research laboratories experience the pain and suffering of minor accidents, injuries and illnesses. Hundreds suffer serious injuries and on average one researcher…

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  • Case Study: Darby Fire Company

    Over the past few years, Darby Fire Company has reviewed all 16 Life Safety Initiatives developed at a Firefighter Safety Summit in Tampa Florida in 2004 attended by representatives of the major fire service districts. Since the inception of these Initiatives, Darby Fire Company has been able to implement 15 out of the 16 Life Safety Initiatives to become a conscientious and informed fire company resulting in very few firefighter injuries. To begin, Darby Fire Company encourages cultural…

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  • Who We Can Do Summary

    Main Article Summary Agricultural and biological engineering are a very misunderstood concept. People around the world refuse to take the time to slow down and decipher just how important agricultural and biological engineering is to the progressing world. Many individuals do not take into consideration what the true meaning of agricultural and biological engineering is. Typically, it is confused with biomedical engineering, which is the tissue and prosthetic side. Many think that biological…

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  • Engineering Disasters: Thomas Edison

    Engineering Disasters One of the most famous engineers was Thomas Edison who famously stated that “ [he had] not failed, [he had discovered] 10,000 ways that did not work”. Despite Edison’s numerous failures, he eventually perfected his version of the light bulb, got it patented and proceeded to make his invention available to consumers. Edison’s approach illustrates the engineer’s ideal process, as he repeatedly tests and perfects the design of the desired result before releasing the result to…

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  • Case Study: Hyatt Regency Disaster

    occurred during a large gathering of people for the annual tea dance (Engineering Ethics:The Kansas city Hyatt Regency Walkways Collapse). According to the filed report the “atrium area was estimated at 1500 to 2000” people at the time of the collapse (Marshall,V). At this instant the 2nd and 4th floor walkways collapsed due to poor engineering design. This disaster had a totaled “113 people dead and 186 injured” (Marshall,V). The people who were…

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  • Social Responsibilities Of Professional Engineering

    1. Introduction Engineering affects all aspects of our lives, for instance, every building, object and machine that we use every day has been designed and built by engineers. Therefore the ethics and values of engineers have an important impact on society. There are many engineering challenges today. It was identified by the national science foundation that there are fourteen main engineering challenges. The challenge which is the focus of this report is access to clean water. We would expect…

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