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  • Safe Sex In Public Schools

    Children are taught from a young age to respect themselves and their bodies. As they grow up they are exposed to the reality of sex. Often times, this takes place in public schools, but what exactly are students being taught in sexual education and who is responsible for the next generation’s decisions regarding this topic? Public school teachers are obligated to present contraception and “safe sex,” in a positive light. While this appears fine on the surface, it seems to be propaganda. What is the truth regarding “safe sex,” premarital sex, and contraception? In 2006 the issue was presented to the New York Senate in the Healthy Teens Act. The bill’s main purpose was to find a balance in age-appropriate sexual education. The Bush administration…

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  • Teenagers Active In Safe Sex

    Detrimental is and understatement of how big of an issue teenage pregnancy is in society. Teenagers are uneducated and disregard the consequences of unprotected sex. This leads to the Number of teenage girls getting pregnant between the ages of 15-18. Respect, educated and necessities provided are all ways to encourage and help teenagers be active in safe sex. Respect is a seven letter word that needs to be established in all aspects of everyone's life. Young women need to respect…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Safe Sex

    As my thirteen-year-old cousin, you are owed the information on how to have safe sex. This doesn’t mean you should go out and lose your virginity right away, but once you find someone you are comfortable enough to have sex with, and you are ready to do so, you need to know how to take the steps to prevent risks. These risks include contracting a sexually transmitted disease and the possibility of becoming pregnant. Before you have sex, you should always make sure you and your partner are…

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  • Safe Sex Education Research

    among U.S. high schools, eighty-seven percent taught abstinence while only eleven percent taught safe sex (Abiona, 2012). Statistics shows teens are having more sex, so regarding that information safe sex education should be reinforced. In 2012, The Guttmacher Institute released data and information that sex education not only helps young adults delay intercourse, but also has a positive impact on other decisions when they do, such as partner selection (Abiona, 2012).”For example, take a student…

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  • Safe Sex Education Essay

    to be taught the importance of safe sex. Without the proper education of sex education there are risks. In an article written by Dennis Prager ” A Speech Every American High School Principal Should give“ he states that “No more semesters will be devoted to condom wearing and teaching you to regard sexual relations as a primarily health issue”. I disagree with this statement. Sex education has been proven to help young people to delay sex, and to use contraception when they do become sexually…

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  • Safe Sex Education Research Paper

    Sex Education Many may question is sex education necessary for school students? Others may think that it 's a good idea that teachers are taking a step to help guide teens and young adults into the safe path. A sex education class will inform students about health and what major decisions they will make and how it will affect them in the future. To decrease teen pregnancies and infections diseases, schools should teach sex education on topics such as health, abstinence, and safe sex. Sex…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Safe Sex Education

    fishing pole that has never used one before and you tell him to fish not only will he not know how, but he won 't know what to do once he 's caught a fish. Similarly if boys and girls are not educated on how to practice safe sex and the various options they have should something go wrong then they won’t know what to do; they will more than likely take the easy way out which would be abortion. By offering free birth control and better educate not just women, but men on sex then we can decrease…

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  • Safe Sex In Schools Research Paper

    “What is sex?” an innocent child would ask their parents. Most American parents would not like to discuss that topic with their children and rather let the schools or program teach it to them. According to Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, Wilson and Koo had reported “In the United States, nearly half of all high school students are sexually active, and adolescents experience high rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases”. Meanwhile in Europe, parents discuss the…

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  • The Argument In Favor Of Birth Control And Safe Sex

    Teenagers are maneuvering their very way into the real world. From high school, to making friends, and of course to sexual relationships that can often escort them to sway into the wrong direction; devastating their future. Teens need assurance and guidance from experienced people like their parents themselves. The issue is that not enough parents are endorsing birth control and safe sex. Parents would often just make irrational presumptions as to why their children may want to consider it. An…

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  • The Importance Of Safe Sex As The Rate Of Teen Pregnancy

    There are a large number of young individuals dealing with a lack of knowledge regarding safe sex as the rate of teen pregnancy in the United States for 2013 was 29.6 in 1000. (UN Data 2015) As children reach puberty is important that they are educated about the changes that are occurring within their body. With a proper education which provides important information on being sexually active, teens can become knowledgeable in the use of contraceptives, how to avoid contracting a sexually…

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