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  • Daodejing Chapter Analysis

    this as the central theme of the reading.) The central theme of this reading is the harmony of the universe with the Dao, in which opposites (yin and yang, heaven and earth, etc.), coexist together in order for the Way to be followed. Chapter one of the text begins by mentioning two different terms- "these two come forth in unity but diverge in name, their unity is known as an enigma." Already, a comparison is recognized in order to show how they work to a form a better union together. People may see two different ideas to be followed separately, but based on the text, but their combination is more advantageous to the Way. The pairing of opposites throughout the text is used to demonstrate how to successfully follow the Way similar to a sage, as seen in Chapter 27 in which the good and the bad are linked as a means of teaching two opposing sides: "...the good person is teacher of the bad; the bad person is material for the good." In the following chapter, yin and yang provide a similar mentality for the Way, because throughout the text, the idea of harmony is important in knowing both sides to a coin in order to refer back to "unhewn wood," or simplicity and inaction. Yin and yang are a pairing to emphasize this idea of peace and harmony that the Daodejing promotes. "The myriad creatures shoulder yin and embrace yang, and by blending these qi "vital energies," they attain harmony." (Ch.42) Harmony appears to be the main goal to the way of the Dao and understanding the…

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  • Narrative Voice In Sonnet 116, By Rudyard Ripling

    Narrative voice involves analyzing the speaker and considering all aspects the narrator highlights which helps the reader understand the style and tone of the poem. Furthermore, the tone of voice the poet uses helps the reader understand the plot of the poem. In this essay I will analyze how narrative voice impacts the poem. Furthermore, I will analyze, the actual impact and importance the narrator has on the reader. “If” talks about the moral and complex lessons a man has to attain throughout…

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  • Confucian Sages

    Sages in Today’s World In both Confucian and Daoism, the idea of a “sage”, is the ultimate title an individual can get in his/her life. Being called a sage, first and foremost, means one must fulfills the moral standards set by each philosophy idea. In Daoism, the way of being is more emphasized on individual’s state of mind, and in Confucian, the idea is focused on duty and position, individual’s relation to the whole society. The ideas are taught and spread by the voice the sages, as both…

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  • The Sage Archetype

    There are many archetypes of women on TV sitcom in the 21st century, from The Lover to The Huntress and to The Queen. The most iconic one is The Sage. Hardworking, intelligent woman who dominate their workplaces and keep up with their peers even though they are underrated. Some examples of the Sages would be Olivia Pope from the T.V. show “Scandal”, Emily Prentiss from the T.V. show “Criminal Minds”, and Olivia Benson from the T.V. show “Law and Order”. What is a Sage? In things other than T.V.…

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  • Sage Plant Benefits

    Sage is a very versatile plant with many different functions and uses that come with the plant, Sage also has the scientific name of salvia officinalis. Sage has been around and been used for thousands of years going back to the native Americans burning the leaves of the Sage plant for ancient spiritual cleanses and for the fresh smelling aurora it gave out. The Sage plant has many different ways of it being used such as uses the leaves to make a herbal tea, burning the leaves and even being…

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  • How Did The Trespasser Change The World?

    Across a confused world locked in different times, a war breaks out to control the African oil rigs.On the western corner of the world lies the Western Alliance and on the east lies the Shinobi Alliance. A man by the name of The Trespasser had trained for most of his life to confronting the Sage who has changed the world with no reasons known whatsoever.The Trespasser, a man who had his entire family killed when the Western Alliance invaded East Vietnam in a deadly nuclear strike.He begins his…

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  • Zhuangzi's Sage Analysis

    norms. Zhuangzi’s sage is a person that no longer lives according to ethical ideals but lives according to spiritual ideals. Once a person becomes a sage, his spirit is able to roam freely in Dao as his spirit is no longer restrained within the boundaries of the world of men. Zhuangzi names three points for a person to become a sage namely: to be useless, to accept fate and to walk two roads at once. This paper will discuss how Zhuangzi’s three points for a person to become a sage leads…

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  • Sage Winkle Legacy

    Legacy: I, Sage Finkle, would first like to thank my family, thank you for encouraging me and supporting me over the years. To my parents, thank you for working so hard, for guiding me, and raising me to be the best I can be. No words can express how much I love you! To Dee, I can't believe we've come this far. It feels like yesterday we were riding scooters and playing Mario Cart. You will always be the one who knows me best. Thank you for growing up with me and laughing with me until I can't…

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  • Sage Valley Strengths And Weaknesses

    Sage Valley Junior High is part of Campbell County School District (CCSD) and is one of two junior high schools located in Gillette, Wyoming. Sage Valley serves students in grades seven through nine and currently has an enrollment of approximately 960 students. Recent school board policy adjustments have changed the boundaries or feeder schools that transition students from the elementary school to Sage Valley in preparation for the opening of a second high school. In performing a Strength,…

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  • Sage Rinses Research Paper

    The great thing about using herbs to darken your hair color is that in addition to darker hair you also get then benefit of having healthy hair and scalp. There is a downside however, very little instant gratification. The change in hair color brought about by herbs is subtle and the herbs must be used consistently over time in order for the changes to become really noticeable. Sage, black tea and rosemary are some of the herbs that can darken grays with consistent use and also provide other…

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