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  • Safe Injection Sites Essay

    Canada and Safe Injection Sites Across the globe there are millions of people who face addiction to injectable drugs every day, and a good portion of people within Canada are afflicted with this circumstance. Often the people most affected by the presence of these drugs in society are those whom suffer from mental illness, or those who are currently homeless. The uses of these drugs are dangerous and pose severe health concerns to those whom use them, and an often sad but common outcome of these drugs is overdose. However a way to combat this has been presented by the idea and presence of safe injections sites. All over the world safe injection sites have already made an impact in the cities where they are present. Having every major city…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Opioid Overdose

    mother suffers a heroin overdose. She lays comatose amid the aisle of a Massachusetts Family Dollar, and the morose ululation of her daughter erupted upon social media, for a bystander recorded the distressing incident. A hopeful young man, one week following his rehabilitation discharge, died inside of his Colorado home, allegedly overdosing on a fatal sedative and opioid overdose. (The Opioid Crisis, Peter Katel). The heroin and opioid crisis continually fluctuates within the United States,…

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  • Harm Reduction Research Paper

    Activities such as this are not judged by a reduction of the whole number of downhill mountain bikers being reduced, but by whether the deaths and injuries that occur have been reduced. “Mayor Sam Sullivan also spoke to the conference, he likened (harm reduction) to providing crutches to injured athletes on the mend (Elrod, 2007.)” Sullivan also asked us to consider if “wounded skiers would be more motivated to recover if we took away their wheelchairs, ramps and parking spaces (Elrod, 2007.)”…

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  • Heroin In Toledo, Ohio Essay

    department) have seized about $400,000 worth of heroin in 2011. But this year just threw August, we have seized 1.36 million dollars worth.” In that statement alone, that shows just how much this has increased in just from 2011 to 2016. There is something that must be done about this!There could be multiple solutions to this problem we have today. Some solutions could be working out, going for a run, joining a therapy class, or maybe something as simple as just getting out more. These could all…

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  • Esquimalt Case Study

    the community of Esquimalt, I am proposing that there is a need to build a safe injection site to prevent accidental overdoses, as well as provide social services for detoxification and rehabilitation programs. It is important to note that Victoria and Esquimalt are not distinguished communities when studies are done. Therefore, the extrapolation of exact drug use statistics for Esquimalt is not available. For the purpose of this paper, Victoria statistics will…

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  • Aspiration During Intramuscular Injection: A Case Study

    Healthcare Problem The topic under discussion here is should healthcare professionals continue to aspirate during intramuscular (IM) injections. Administering injections is a basic nursing activity and can be a great source of anxiety for the individual on the receiving end. Can we change that or help to relieve the pain and anxiety by changing our practice? Aspirating during IM injection leads to increased duration of injection time. Does this lead to more pain and anxiety? And will we be able…

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  • Medication Observation Paper

    the ordered time, document the reason for the delay. Also, if the client refuses the medication or if a condition prevents the medication from being given, document that as well. (773) 3. List factors that influence the selection of the syringe size and type, the needle length and gauge. Select the syringe according to the type of medication you are giving and the location the medicine is being delivered, for instance utilizing an insulin syringe to administer insulin. The length of the needle…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

    home is also a necessity but one not taken as seriously, the only thing you need to legal store a gun is some type of lockable gun safe that can be set up anywhere in a home. Handguns aren’t required by law to be kept in a gun safe but must be stored somewhere that isn’t in plain sight and permits must be on the premises at all…

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  • Chain Systems, Inc.: Case Study

    Chen only to keep approximately $500.00 in petty cash readily available for gas in the smaller gray safe and will reference the amount in the safe in QuickBooks without counting the money in the safe. She alleges Mr. Chen will tell her of how much cash is in either safe and turn, she or Mr. Chen will put the money figure into her QuickBooks and claims she cannot say for sure or confirm the cash in either safe corresponds with the amount in QuickBooks. She alleges that Mr. Chen is the only person…

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  • Essay On Jimmy Valentine

    There’s a safe cracking robber that's on the run going as a different identity. That person was Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy Valentine escaped from jail after cracking safes at banks and robbing them. After he escaped, he had changed his name to Ralph D. Spencer and met a lovely woman named Annabel. Annabel ends up becoming Jimmy’s fiancé and Jimmy changes his life and becomes an owner of a successful business. Jimmy Valentine wanted to change his life because he left his old life behind, he was…

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