Harm reduction

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  • Harm Reduction Essay

    Harm Reduction: Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs) What is harm reduction? Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm reduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs ("Principles of Harm Reduction"). Due to the harm that injecting drug use is causing on the spread of disease, we must have this needle exchange program to lower the odds of the spread. Common diseases spread through intravenous users are HIV, hepatitis B and, hepatitis C. West Virginia is having a huge heroin epidemic and needle exchange programs are popping up in hopes to help lessen the diseases spread among users. The…

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  • Harm Reduction Research Paper

    Harm reduction is an effective way of help people with addiction issues, it meets the addicts where they are on their journey and doesn’t try to force abstinence on them, which let’s face it, tends to backfire! “Harm reduction allows us to assess each person individually and plan treatment that is tailored to the individual’s relationship with alcohol and other drugs. It also incorporates other important problems: emotional disorders, family problems, social alienation, and medical…

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  • Harm Reduction Therapy Research Paper

    Is Harm Reduction Therapy Good or Bad? SWO 438 Amanda Henegar November 4, 2016 Is Harm Reduction Therapy Good or Bad? Harm reduction therapy is still a controversial form of therapy in today’s society. Harm reduction is an approach used to prevent harm while not eliminating the behavior of drug use. This approach allows a drug user to still use drugs but in a safer environment and a safer amount of the drug, to decrease overdosing (Denning & Little, 2012). What have I learned?…

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  • The Harm-Reduction Model

    The medical model stresses that addiction is a disease, and one should abstain from any use of a substance. However, as mentioned on the website this model does have it’s drawbacks if one experiences a relapse, “Unfortunately, if an individual violates this ultimatum they may attribute their failure to a weakness in their will power, and then quickly return to their previous patterns of drinking” (McGrawHill Higher Education, 2007, Treatment Strategy). In contrast, the harm-reduction model…

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  • Harm-Reduction In Prison

    Administrators are positioned into quite a quandary with the allowance of harm reduction strategies inside correctional facilities. On one hand, the absence of harm reduction strategies may promote violence and further sexual victimization among persons within the walls of these institutions. On the other hand, general society must remember that although these harm reduction strategies have been empirically proven to be effective it would mean that there is an admittance of (prohibited) sexual…

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  • Harm Reduction Model

    MacMaster, Holleran and Chaffin (2005) examines why Harm Reduction should be considered as an alternative for adolescents based on empirical support. MacMaster, Holleran and Chaffin (2005) discusses that the Harm Reduction perspective can work with other perspective such as Sages of Changes model to prevent adolescent substance abuse. Themes Admittedly, one the themes that came from Neale and Saville (2004) research paper was that the prison-based treatment service is making efforts to provide…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Harm Reduction

    “Overdoses from prescription opioid pain relievers are a driving factor in the fifteen year increase in overdose deaths. Since, 1999, the amount of prescription opioids sold in the U.S. quadrupled, yet there has not been and overall change in the amount of pain Americans report” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016, para. 2). Harm reduction is a non-judgmental approach to reducing the harm caused to individuals while using drugs. The non judgmental approach is important due to the…

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  • World Poverty: A Global Analysis

    person increase (Pogge). Along with its overstated impact, the way in which global aid has been provided to those most in need has not maximized its utility and has often caused as much harm as good. The way in which governments and non-governmental…

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  • Short Term 12 Reflection

    You are the most important person in your life. I may not always be the best at self-care, but I try. Short Term 12 makes you realize you need to face your demons before you can be productive in the helping field. If you have issues with self-harm, past or present, and meet a teenager that struggles with self-harm, you may unintentionally exacerbate their self-harm issues. If you had been abused as a child and never came to peace with what happened to you, you may worsen a child’s feelings about…

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  • Cause Of Depression In Teens

    Of the entire teenage population of the United States of America, one in eight are going through life with the added barrier of facing depression (PRNewswire Para 1). Antidepressants are being prescribed to teens all over the world each and every single day (PR Newswire Para 1). Depression is a growing problem throughout the world today. Each day gets worse and worse for some teens. There is more depression experienced for teens than there was ten years ago (Age Para 1). Even though there are…

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