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  • 2010 And 2015 General Election Analysis

    This essay will address Labour Parties electoral performance in the 2010 and 2015 General Election. There are several factors that affected Labours performance in both the 2010 and 2015 General Elections. For example; the economy, the growth in power for the SNP, party identification, introduction of challenger parties, leadership Add more factors. Considering that Labour are formally a left-wing party means that they tend to care more about society than the economy. As a result, Labour have been criticised heavily for the way they have handled the economy. Prior to the British General election of 2010, the economy faced a crash resulting in an inevitable loss of Labour votes (Green, J and Posser, C). Moreover, up until the 2015 General election many voter felt that the austerity measures from the government, was due to Labour party’s lack of economic management (Fielding, S. 2015). Although, there has been progressive improvements in the economy, voters still blamed Labour for the unstable economy (Green, J and Posser, C). The fact that Labour is seen as incapable of handling the economy means that less people will vote for them. Thus, Labour failed to win in both the 2010 and the 2015 General Elections. Similarly, party identification is another key factor which has had an effect on the Labour party’s performance in the elections. In other words, the Labour party were failing to identify with their own target audience i.e. the working class (Kavanagh, D. and Cowley. P.,…

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  • Dying Pros And Cons

    Final Essay From the curriculum that we have studied in this course, we were faced with the pros and cons of aging and with dying. There is no doubt always the desire for longevity but we can see that, that drive to live longer may not be such a promising one. As we continue to talk about these topics we should know what are the ones we need to be asking. The questions that we are posed with can be answered from many avenues, films like Harold and Maude, Cocoon, and books such as Spring…

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  • The Bayeux Tapestry

    Its thanks to that very detail that we can better understand the factors that contributed to Harold Godwinsons loss to the Normans. Did a simple mistake cost hime all of England? Could it have been prevented? Or was it as William thought “divine intervention” (Howarth,167). Godwinsons battle at Stamford Bridge on the 30th of September 1066 was the beginning of the end for Harold. Viking King Hardrada accompanied…

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  • The Social Exchange Theory In Interpersonal Communication

    have chosen or not chosen to maintain the relationships in my life. This paper will explain Social Exchange Theory and how it is pertinent to how we apprehend our own decisions to continue the personal relationships in our lives. I will begin by thoroughly summarizing the theory in general. I will also identify the key contributions and criticisms of this theory. Next, I will present key practical applications for SET and how ideas from this theory can offer guidance to help improve an…

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  • A Servant Of Two Masters Analysis

    On November 22nd , 2015 , I had attended a play “A servant of Two masters” that played downtown Pittsburgh at the O’Reilly theater, the play was directed by Ted Pappas. He had put together a creative and intriguing play, having actors stay spontaneous and interact with the audience, therefore no parts would be found boring nor dry. All the actors had held up their end of their roles quite well, by fully disguising themselves as that character they were suppose to be during the entire play. …

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  • The Importance Of Communication Research

    Jan Servaes (City University of Hong Kong) and Jim Anderson (University of Utah) have circulated a CFP seeking to address an apparent crisis in communication research. Aiming to publish in The International Communication GAZETTE, the crisis is rhetorically predicated upon questions such as “What has the communication discipline contributed to the social sciences? What has been its impact on policy and social change?” Citing, amongst other, the apparent lack of distinctive disciplinary problems,…

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  • The Panther Poem Analysis

    The Animalization in The Metamorphosis Including Feelings of Isolation and Powerlessness in Comparison to “The Panther” The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, tells the story about a man’s transformation into a bug. Through his journey in his new life as a bug, he experiences many emotions such as isolation and powerlessness. His family is frightened and disgusted with him and he must learn how to adapt to his new life. “The Panther”, by Rainer Rilke, also displays feelings of isolation and…

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  • The Homecoming Analysis

    On the surface, The Homecoming and Mud are vastly different plays based their overall diverging themes. The Homecoming deals with power dynamics of family members, family values, and female control. Mud, on the other hand, focuses on the power dynamics between three individuals, the fear of loneliness, and escape from monotony. The endings of both plays contain different sensations, as one has a creepy ambiance, while the other leaves a depressing and tragic outlook on life. However, they both…

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  • Postmodernism Architecture

    atrium”. (219). The main idea is to spread a lot of natural light into the building and create a beautiful open space. The steel structure can help to create a unique design and spread patterns across the ceiling. There were many ideas incorporate into the Library from the White City to the Modern concept. Before The Harold Washington Library was built. Chicago decided to hold a design competition. “In 1988 a city-appointed jury of eleven people awarded the design of Chicago’s new main…

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  • The Social Exchange Theory

    A Fading Friend but Not Forgotten When I was a kid, I was a social and outgoing kind of person. In Kindergarten, I met a friend named Jeremy. He was anti-social, awkward, and an all-around goofball. He always made me laugh though and from that point on, we became best friends. I remember as a kid, going to his house and playing Super Nintendo with him, eating with his family, sharing birthdays, and watching Power Rangers. Both of our fathers have disabilities. My father was hit by a drunk…

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