A Servant Of Two Masters Analysis

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On November 22nd , 2015 , I had attended a play “A servant of Two masters” that played downtown Pittsburgh at the O’Reilly theater, the play was directed by Ted Pappas. He had put together a creative and intriguing play, having actors stay spontaneous and interact with the audience, therefore no parts would be found boring nor dry. All the actors had held up their end of their roles quite well, by fully disguising themselves as that character they were suppose to be during the entire play.

In the play “A Servant of Two masters” is about a girl Clarice who originally had an arranged marriage but was called off due to her fiancé death, who was Federigo Rasponi of Turin. Clarice showed no remorse and re engaged quickly with the true love of her life Silvio. Suddenly a servant, Truffaldo knocks on the door, to interrupt their celebration with news that his master Federigo was alive and ready for marriage, which was a lie it was Federigo sister, Beatrice dressed up as a boy imposing as her brother to seek out her true love Florindo who was the one who actually murdered her brother Federigo and was on the run for doing so. During the play the main focus was on Truffoldo the servant who get the job to be a servant of another master who ironically was Florindo. Throughout the climax of the play, Truffoldo creates a large amount of chaos by mixing up wrong letters to go to which master and which master
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I really enjoyed the play, for many reason the actors were very vocal they did an amazing job at keeping the audience intrigued, they successfully played there characters well to believe they were who they were playing which is incredibly important in a play for some plays, the actors are not a big intriguing and sound as if they a reading dull and right off a piece of

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