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  • Lying In The Lie In John Lonnie's The Lie

    Today people believe that the only way to get out of their daily duties is to lie. Lying is a lie or a false statement that was told to a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member, and it could be big nor little. Lying can decide who a person is, and it could affect their reputation, their own trust, it's very addictive, and they could end a relationship. In "The Lie," the main character, Lonnie, told a lie to his boss to get time off work, and have time to himself. This certain lie has people wondering, what will this lie do, why was this certain lie told, and had this affected his relationship with his wife, Clover? Lonnie had made up a certain lie about his daughter, she was born nine months ago, and he lied about her health, and that she died later. At first glance, he thought by making up this lie he would be able to get off work, since he already used up all of his sick, and personal days for the year. But since he liked the thought of getting off work, he got addicted to it, and repeated himself each day. It reminded him of how much free time he had to…

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  • To Lie Or Not To Lie In Sam Harris's Lying

    Harris does a fantastic job at giving a quick basis as why not to lie and the toll it takes one’s self. To begin, it may be of note to mention that I am a former chronic liar. I used to lie about just about anything. From the mundane to serious matters, I had no conscience about lying and found myself telling lies more than truth. With this personal understanding of lying and its effects, I hope to shed some light on inner-workings of a liar. Regarding the text, it is essential to…

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  • Power Of A Lie Essay

    Today thousands of tall tales are told. “One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths.” ( By telling one lie we are diminishing the power of the truth. What is the point in lying? Does it make people feel better about themselves? Does it make others feel more popular? In order to find the answer to these questions you have to take a deeper look into lies told by individuals that have impacted their life greatly. These have a greater impact on those who observe a lie being…

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  • Why Children Lie

    never lied in their lives. You have done it in your childhood and you may be continuing to tell white lies even now. Remember, you had to take a day off when your relatives paid a visit, but you didn’t want to tell your boss the truth. So you told him you were down with a splitting headache or fever, didn’t you? However, it can come to you as a shock when your kids lie to you, especially if they make a habit out of weaving a network of lies for no apparent reason. Yes, lying is wrong, it is…

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  • The Importance Of A Successful Lie

    Firstly, a high baseline level of intelligence is already required to tell convincing lies. “Research conducted by the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto indicates the skills needed to tell a convincing lie, such as quick thinking and the ability to use information to your own advantage, demonstrate a highly functioning brain” (Gibson). In order to successfully lie, you must already be intellectually gifted. To tell a successful lie, you must first be able to come up with a…

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  • Caught In A Lie Analysis

    “Lie “by Jimin is lie is about being caught in a lie. About lying to yourself and giving in to the lives of others, and losing yourself in the process. About having a feeling of being trapped in your lies because you don't know how to distinguish the real “truth”. You realize how cruel the world is for trapping you and after realizing that, you feel like you 'lost your innocence'. This is a notable example of what Dorian experience trough out the book. “Caught in a lie. Find me when I was pure.…

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  • The Way We Lie Analysis

    Telling a lie is just as common as telling a truth. According to Webster’s dictionary, a lie is characterized as a statement created with the intent to deceive or to give a false impression. It is a straightforward definition, but it does not mention the extent a lie serves a person 's self interest nor the consequence the lie can have on other people. In Stephanie Ericsson’s “The Way We Lie,” Ericsson attempts to categorize the various types of lies and their ramifications, whereas in Anton…

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  • Why Is It Important To Tell A Lie

    “Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable” Why do people always insist honesty is the best policy? Honesty is valued extremely highly with good reason, it is praised, professional, and good for your health, we as a species should strive to be more honest to ourselves and the people around us. “Lies”, the word itself has an evil sound and feel that resembles a frightened snake ready to strike. With its fangs bared, ready to spread its venom into the minds of the people around…

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  • Lie: The Harmful Effects Of Lying

    lied to, but why? Why is lying seen as such a cliché matter? This is simply because of the effects caused by lies. One lie can break hearts, destroy families, and even lead a whole nation into living in suspicion and uncertainty. Lying itself is only a natural effect of one’s fear of what’s to come. Although it’s insensible to state that lies are evil; it is greatly stated that, “Fear is the root of all evil.” As tough as it may sound, lying has been nurtured by our society for decades.…

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  • Reasons Why Teenagers Lie

    ultimate secret that makes teenagers lie consistently? Psychologists found out that lying became more like a habit today, even though teenagers do not know its consequences. Teenagers often get influenced much easier compared to adults; hence, they need to be aware of what is causing them to lie and know that it is not only them that confront difficult situations. Lying is not only the verbal lies, there are other types of behaviors that are considered lying such as cheating, plagiarizing, or…

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