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  • To Lie Or Not To Lie In Sam Harris's Lying

    Harris does a fantastic job at giving a quick basis as why not to lie and the toll it takes one’s self. To begin, it may be of note to mention that I am a former chronic liar. I used to lie about just about anything. From the mundane to serious matters, I had no conscience about lying and found myself telling lies more than truth. With this personal understanding of lying and its effects, I hope to shed some light on inner-workings of a liar. Regarding the text, it is essential to differentiate between Harris’s view of lying and his former professor, Ronald Howard. Harris takes a more pragmatic view and applies the ethics of lying to everyday situations. Harris is more comfortable answering questions like, “What should we tell…

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  • Lying In The Lie In John Lonnie's The Lie

    Today people believe that the only way to get out of their daily duties is to lie. Lying is a lie or a false statement that was told to a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member, and it could be big nor little. Lying can decide who a person is, and it could affect their reputation, their own trust, it's very addictive, and they could end a relationship. In "The Lie," the main character, Lonnie, told a lie to his boss to get time off work, and have time to himself. This certain lie…

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  • Torwars Lie

    one of the article one author that said that to always telling the truth, whether it’s to save someone life from dangers.I think that you can lie sometimes only if you're doing it to save somebody life. In my opinion I think that you can lie sometimes. For example, imagine if your dad went to the doctor and found out he has cancer and you kept it a secret between you and him because your mom has a heart problem so you would have to lie to her that everything went well because If…

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  • It Is Ok To Lie

    It is ok to lie to someone, if the intention of the lie is to protect that person. I believe this statement can be true in most cases, unless the person who’s getting helped doesn’t want their helper to deal with a big punishment. Say a person makes a mistake at their job, and their friend lies to cover for them. The person would be okay if their if their friend managed to keep their job, but would feel guilty if their friend was fired. Thus, it is sometimes better for people not to lie in some…

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  • Power Of A Lie Essay

    Today thousands of tall tales are told. “One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths.” ( By telling one lie we are diminishing the power of the truth. What is the point in lying? Does it make people feel better about themselves? Does it make others feel more popular? In order to find the answer to these questions you have to take a deeper look into lies told by individuals that have impacted their life greatly. These have a greater impact on those who observe a lie being…

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  • Why Children Lie

    never lied in their lives. You have done it in your childhood and you may be continuing to tell white lies even now. Remember, you had to take a day off when your relatives paid a visit, but you didn’t want to tell your boss the truth. So you told him you were down with a splitting headache or fever, didn’t you? However, it can come to you as a shock when your kids lie to you, especially if they make a habit out of weaving a network of lies for no apparent reason. Yes, lying is wrong, it is…

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  • The Ways We Lie

    Lying as we know can be very deceitful. Although as human beings, it is in our nature to tell lies as often as every day, it is common that we do not realize that we tell these lies. Why is it that we don't realize how much we lie ? Often times we as humans are asked to do things we do not want to. Whether it’s going to a friend’s basketball game, or giving a friend a ride, to get out of doing these things we usually lie. As little as the situation, we use little white lies to create a sense of…

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  • The Importance Of A Successful Lie

    Firstly, a high baseline level of intelligence is already required to tell convincing lies. “Research conducted by the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto indicates the skills needed to tell a convincing lie, such as quick thinking and the ability to use information to your own advantage, demonstrate a highly functioning brain” (Gibson). In order to successfully lie, you must already be intellectually gifted. To tell a successful lie, you must first be able to come up with a…

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  • Caught In A Lie Analysis

    “Lie “by Jimin is lie is about being caught in a lie. About lying to yourself and giving in to the lives of others, and losing yourself in the process. About having a feeling of being trapped in your lies because you don't know how to distinguish the real “truth”. You realize how cruel the world is for trapping you and after realizing that, you feel like you 'lost your innocence'. This is a notable example of what Dorian experience trough out the book. “Caught in a lie. Find me when I was pure.…

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  • The Way We Lie Analysis

    Telling a lie is just as common as telling a truth. According to Webster’s dictionary, a lie is characterized as a statement created with the intent to deceive or to give a false impression. It is a straightforward definition, but it does not mention the extent a lie serves a person 's self interest nor the consequence the lie can have on other people. In Stephanie Ericsson’s “The Way We Lie,” Ericsson attempts to categorize the various types of lies and their ramifications, whereas in Anton…

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