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  • Functional MRI-Based Lie Detection Summary

    MRI-based lie detection: Scientific and societal challenges” is an article written by Martha J. Farah, J. Benjamin Hutchinson, Elizabeth A. Phelps and Anthony D. Wagner in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience. This article is about how Functional MRI (fMRI) are started to be studied for use in lie detection in at least trials in the United States. The authors of this article address five main themes: the science of fMRI-based lie detection, how these studies apply to the real world, how they can be used, the legal, social, and ethical issues in these studies, and the policy recommendations, all of which will be looked at in this critique. The journal Nature Reviews peer reviewed journal that is greatly respected and the article…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Brain-Disease Model Of Addiction

    For instance, many paradigms in lie detection studies include memory confounds, which make it difficult to isolate the brain processes specific to deception. Farah et al. (2014, p. 125) cite a study by Gamer et al. as an example of this, in that Gamer et al. found showing participants pictures they had previously memorized resulted in activation in the same brain areas that are often implicated in studies of deception. Satel and Lilienfeld (2013, p. 79) cite an additional memory confound in that…

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  • Deception And Deception

    Deception skills involve the ability to detect when someone is deceiving you and the ability to convincingly deceive others. A study conducted by Ranick, Persicke, Tarbox, and Kornack (2012) was the first to succeed at teaching children with autism to detect when others were lying to them. They focused specifically on lies in which another student tried to exclude them or take their possessions. Using behavioral skills training consisting of rules, modeling, roleplay, and immediate feedback,…

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  • How Did My Life Changed Me Essay

    cooking, taking care of a child, and how to take care of myself all at once. I wasnt doing what 12 year-old kids were doing. I would see my friends have sleepovers, play after school, go out with friends. I wasnt able to do all those things because my father would say my responsibility was to take care of my brothers. After i turned 16 years old something changed in me. I was tired of being responsible for my brothers, so i decided to be a rebel. I started skipping school, hanging out with the…

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  • Hamlet And Twelfth Night Analysis

    his inability to avenge his father’s murder. The play also shows the readers that plotting revenge is not always a good idea. In the end of the play, Hamlet is killed. Maybe if Hamlet would have made a rational decision and not tried to get horrible revenge on Claudius, he would still be alive. The third major theme is lies and deceit. Hamlet shows that lies and deceit aren’t limited to one time or place. They can occur in many different time periods and settings. Many lies and deceitful actions…

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  • Theme Of Deception In Shakespeare's Othello

    Deception is usually considered immoral. Yet most people tend to deceive someone regularly. They might not realize it, but their act of deception can cause an extreme deal of trouble for others – even if it is something significantly unimportant. The same concept occurred during Shakespeare’s Othello. Deception is commonly viewed in a negative manner but this is not exclusively the case in Shakespeare’s Othello. In Othello, there are two types of deception. Sometimes a character deceives…

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  • What Is Morality In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

    the river in the night it is very foggy. They get separated and Jim becomes worried about where Huck went. Huck decides that it would be funny to pull a trick on Jim and to tell him that he was on the raft the whole time and that he must have been dreaming. ““Huck—Huck Finn, you look me in de eye; look me in de eye. hain’t you ben gone away?” “Gone away? Why, what in the nation do you mean? I hain’t been gone anywheres. Where would I go to?”” (Twain, 87) Jim becomes very disgruntled about this…

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  • Twelfth Night Disguise Analysis

    How Messed Up Can Twelfth Night Really Be? In Twelfth Night Shakespeare constantly has his characters lie and deceive each other in order to get what they want or to hide who they really are.Shakespeare employs trickery in his play in order to reveal the true nature of the characters. Both the people who are being tricked and doing the tricking are being deceived. Viola shows multiple acts of deception in Shakespeare 's play Twelfth Night. Viola decides that she wants to disguise…

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  • The Main Point Of Salvation By Langston Hughes

    shows us how important this is to him and there is a greater meaning. Hughes is confused, afraid, and maybe even frustrated at the time. Leading up to the revival there was all this talk of being saved, seeing Jesus, and what joy you will feel. But Hughes had no true meaning of what was really going on, only what he was told. So when he is at revival he takes all the advice so literal that he believes to be saved he must actually see Jesus. Not being able to see Jesus made him conflicted and…

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  • Symbolism In A Doll House

    first lie Nora made is when she said deny her consumption of pastry when Torvald said “Surely my sweet tooth hasn’t been running riot in town today, has she?”(787). She replied with “No, Why do you imagine that”(787). This lie seems very little and innocent but it represent that their marriage based on pretense as she did not want to make Torvald angry by telling him that she did not eat the pastry. It is funny how she lied to Torvald is a stem from an act of love, this small act of deceit…

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