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  • Analysis Of Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned In A Combat Hospital

    not matter what the job is, the chances that a soldier will experience a form of trauma is almost guaranteed. It was no different for Lieutenant Commander Heidi Kraft. In her book, Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital, she discusses the trauma that she experienced in her seven months in Iraq, along with effects it had on her when she first returned back to the states. Dr. Heidi Kraft was a psychologist Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy. She…

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  • Donald T. Phillips's Lincoln On Leadership

    with him on late watch. He was in the 1st Division and I was in the 2nd. We would often make calls together on the border of our division so I was quite familiar with him and his strong work ethic. Lt. Judah was not my Lieutenant in the division so I immediately wondered why he wanted me to call him. I did not hesitate and called him back immediately. He congratulated me and said he was really glad that I had gotten promoted and looked forward to working with me in the division. His call…

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  • The Man He Killed And Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    mentally deformed, who might need a few dollars for a meal. The speaker keys in that he would help this poor fellow in need if he happened to need it. War at times is unavoidable; turning brother against brother, cause soldiers to question their motives, and hurt most soldiers for a long time. In Tim O’Brien’s, “The Things They Carried”, the author uses the presence of love to instill the reader with the idea war scarring soldiers. The lonely First Lieutenant longed for romance although the…

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  • Effects Of War In Birdsong

    of his leave in Amiens, he was relieved to go back and see his friends again, but he was unaware of his friend Weir had been shot by a German Sniper, he cried and as very depressed for a while. While in France in 1918, Stephan and his close friend and fellow soldier Jack Firebrace were stretching a tunnel when there was an enemy explosion trapping them both with no way out. They were in the tunnel for a long time, thinking that they were going to die trapped in the tunnel. Close to the end, Jack…

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  • The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    “The Things They Carried” is a short story written by Tim O 'Brien in 1990, about several young American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War on the outskirts of a small village, Than Khe. The soldiers are under the command of the main character, First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. Through his storytelling, O’Brien describes the multiple weights and burdens young men of war carry in order to survive. The soldiers in Lieutenant Cross 's platoon carry more than just tangible burdens such as: weapons,…

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  • Operation Husky Failure

    Eisenhower was the Allied Commander in Chief for HUSKY. His principle deputies were all British. Admiral Cunningham commanded naval forces. Air Marshal Tedder commanded air forces. General Alexander was dual-hatted as Eisenhower’s deputy and the ground forces commander. Montgomery and Patton each commanded a joint task force under Alexander. The geographic separation of the key decision makers and the commander’s preoccupation with current operations in North Africa hampered planning for…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Child Soldiers

    characters were real. This is still the same for the kids today. Their brains can be easily manipulated. The army commander may tell them that they are doing right by going out and killing these people, and the kids will easily believe them. Such as when Ishmael Beah is being trained to be a child soldier. His commander told him, “‘Visualize the banana tree as the enemy, the rebels who killed your parents, your family, and those who are responsible for everything that has happened to you,’ the…

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  • Captain Rink Character Analysis

    Robert: So, in your experience, four tenths below the Commanders average, how detrimental is that to someone’s career? Captain Rink: None whatsoever. Robert: Would that be evidence by the fact that he actually received a promotion? Captain Rink: Yes, absolutely. Robert: Okay, and again, I know that you said you had no knowledge of the conversation that he alleged that you had with him, but did that conversation play at all into the statement in the FITREP or making my .4 below your…

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  • Organizational Structure: A Case Study

    Group. Utilizing the knowledge of all the six components; the Work Specialization factor includes the separation of tasks intothe Medical Operations Squadron (MDOS) and the Medical Support Squadron (MDSS). Departmentalization breaks down each of the main missions into categories. Therefore, MDOS has departments of Family Practice, Women’s Health, Dental, Mental Health etc. MDSS includes: Logistics, Readiness, Records/Administration, Referrals, etc. Chain of Command deals with point of contacts…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why Teenagers Are Coming Home

    That was one bus ride that I would never forget. The bus ride to our basic training base. Right after we, newly recruited soldiers sat down, three commanders got on the bus one after the other. Their uniform nice and ironed with a bright green rope hanging from their shoulders to symbolize that they were commanders. All three of them had two bars sewed onto both sleeves to mark their rank. Both of these things giving them authority. Introduced themselves but told us that we were to never call…

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