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  • Write An Essay About The Countdown In The Bahamas

    When I say wave I mean high, rough, crazy waves. My sister Sydney and I sat in the tube and weren’t expect anything; then all the sudden the lifeguard was playing around with us and put us in the way of building where the waves come out. The waves kept coming out full force. I went so high and would get higher, then when that one gigantic wave came I was finished, I wiped out. Drowning and choking with water, laughing all together still being taken out by waves I realized that I wasn't in my tube anymore. My short self was trying to dodge the incredible waves, trying to find my tube, but it was nowhere in sight, as if I never had a tube to begin with. Sydney was full of laughter because she is so tall and was still in her tube, it was like I was putting on a comedy show for her. Wave after wave still dying there was a lifeguard. He didn’t do a good job because he laughed also and carried on with his day. by the looks of these waves, I was pretty sure they were getting stronger. Every second I would think to myself, “What is lazy about this?” Although I was drowning because the ground was so deep down and I couldn’t get control of myself, I was having the time of my life. I heard Sydney’s voice in the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Perfect Beach Day

    man is placed there it is usually a punishment from our bosses and our fellow male co-workers who will tease them endlessly for the rest of the day. H street’s location is also right in between two of our most crowded streets, making me surrounded by our “hot shot” lifeguards, also known as the ones who just have nice bodies and work here to pick up girls. With just my luck, I also got placed with a male guard, which was now basically punishing me. I had to prepare myself for the constant…

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  • Rich Eisenauer Character Traits

    well can see below the surface, and can tell how hard I’m actually working. I hide the fact that I have predetermined my experience, and I’m working extremely hard in order to get what I want. Mr. E didn’t know that my top strength is achiever; however, he was able to explain the role this strengths play in my personality. More importantly, I learned that most people see me as an achiever and have no idea about my future plans that motivate me. When he told me that my greatest strengths are…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Drowning

    The Red Cross Water Safety Programs are designed to prevent drowning before it happens. The CDC reports the implementation of lifeguards and public safety education have decreased drownings. The Red Cross states that since the beginning of their programs, drowning rates have been cut by 90%. This is in direct contrast to third world countries without any water safety measures. In countries like Thailand or Malaysia, child drowning mortality rates skyrocket. The Bangladesh Demographic Health…

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  • Water Safety: Shift Lifeguarding At A Local Swimming Pool

    Fortunately the incident occurred in guarded pool, but many accidents can happen without the security of a lifeguard around. If a child is taught how to float and be comfortable in water they can’t stand in, they will have a much higher chance of not drowning. Swimming is an important life skill, and if they child is comfortable in water it will be much easier for them to learn later on. The process of a child getting comfortable with the water can take time and effort, but in the end it’s…

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  • Lifeguard: A Short Story

    plunged into the water. I instinctively moved towards the struggling older guest with my safety tube outstretched, but to my relief, she emerged from the water and exited the pool. Whew! I headed back to my stand until I heard the whining of the other slide. This time the water seemed to be moving faster and a young girl was flailing her arms as she tried to surface above the water. Within seconds I jumped in with pure adrenaline to reach her. I immediately made eye contact to reassure her…

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  • Becoming A Lifeguard

    “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” This quote, by Benjamin Franklin, is very relatable to me. Every time I face a challenge, whether it ends as success or failure, it provides me with a lesson learned. One challenge I can recall where at first I failed but ended up succeeding was when I was in the process of becoming a re-certified lifeguard. I became a certified lifeguard in 2014 at the age of fifteen and loved working as one. During June of 2015, my…

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  • Halcyon Moments In Lifeguard

    In literature and in life, halcyon moments are integral to our development as individuals. In the story “Lifeguard” Chris’ halcyon moment is when he is, “high diving, [Chris] like[s] everything about it, the swing of [his] back [when] [Chris] climb[s] the ladder, the metal steps and rungs cold under [his] feet and hands. [Chris] even like[s] the way [his] stomach falls away when [he] get[s] to the top and [can] feel the pebbly grain of the platform under [his] feet” (Scott p.22 line 20-23). The…

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  • Essay On Head Lifeguard

    1) How would you be a valuable Head lifeguard? Knowing that having the title of head lifeguard comes with additional responsibility and dedication on top of regular lifeguard duties, I believe that I am more than qualified not only with my skills as a regular lifeguard, but my ability to be a leader, communicate with others, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Not only would I utilize my strengths to be a responsible and dedicated head lifeguard, but I would also strive to set an example…

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  • Hotel Lifeguard Essay

    Lifeguards: At the beach and the pool there is lifeguards on duty. They are on duty from 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. With having lifeguards it will keep the guests safe. Parents will be happy to let their kids out to swim knowing there is someone looking out. All lifeguards are CPR and have been trained to be lifeguards. This will help the hotel get more guest because most hotels in the area do not have lifeguards. This is an important thing to have at all places where there is a risk with water. …

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