Iraq War

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  • The Iran Iraq War

    The Iran Iraq War resulted in millions of casualties and billions of dollars worth of damages, with neither side benefitting in return. The prolonged war was rooted in territorial and religious disputes among the bordering nations. Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, strongly advocated for “progress under the banner of secularism and a united Arab destiny” (Ibrahim). On the other hand, Iranian leader during the war, Ayatollah Khomeini, became an activist for a fundamentalist Islamic state. The neighboring leaders lived in fear that their opponent would pose a threat to the regimes rising in their respective nations. These tensions and discrepancies ultimately lead to a war that devastated the people and infrastructure of both countries. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Iran underwent a series of revolutions fueled by Shah Mohammed Reza. The shah was eager to consolidate his position as leader of Iran and as a result, expelled many leaders…

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  • The Iran-Iraq War

    Lasing from the September 1980 to August 1988, the Iran-Iraq war was not only the longest conventional war of the 20th Century; it was also the most destructive 20th Century conflict since WWII. The conflict produced over one million refugees and casualties and costed the combatant countries as much as one billion dollars per month, and the total costs have been estimated in excess of three hundred billion dollars. The end state of the conflict was catastrophic for not only the combatants but…

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  • A Necessary War: The Iraq War

    The Iraq War was a devastating war. It began on March 19th, 2003 and didn’t end until nearly 9 years after its start. This war took a huge toll on all the states that were involved, causing many fatalities on both sides and brought about many changes, both good and bad. But the question is, was it a necessary war? Was there good enough reasons to wage war with Iraq and were the consequences worth it? To answer that one must first understand what happened throughout the war. It was March 19th,…

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  • The Role Of Primacy In The Iraq War

    This article discusses the under evaluation of the effects of war carried out by the United States military. Although there is much debate about foreign policy, there isn’t must justification for our nation’s wars. As the Iraq war grew unpopular, the analytical focus shifted deficiencies in intelligence analysis, war-planning, and counterinsurgency doctrine. There is not much focus on the theories of democratization, energy security, non-proliferation, and of failed states justifying the war and…

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  • Iraq War Benefits

    To fully understand the Iraq War, one must analyze the benefits of the war, fatalities of the war, and costs of the war. Is America winning or losing the war? How many soldiers did we deploy and how many died? How much money did we spend? Who is Saddam Hussein? How has iraq suffered from the war ? How has the U.S. suffered from the war? What did we really get? These are all questions the American people want to know, but can’t seem to find the answer too. The Iraq war was the reaction to one of…

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  • Causes Of The War In Iraq

    causes leading up to the war in Iraq that will be discussed are, September 11th, airport security, and the worlds view terrorism. The effects that will be highlighted and discussed are, American lives lost, countries debt increased, change in Iraqi Government, new terrorist cells, and America having the biggest…

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  • Iraq War Causes

    The Iraq War, which is known as the Second Gulf War, is a military action led by the United States against the regime of Saddam Hussein, the authoritarian leader of Iraq. American president George W. Bush, who announced the commencement of the war in March 2003, explained that the goals were to free the Iraqi people and claimed that the Iraq government had weapons of mass destruction.(Beirut, 2011)Many factors went into the decision of United States leaders to engage in war with Iraq in 2003.…

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  • Benefits Of The Iraq War

    Iraq War: Have the benefits of the war outweighed the costs? The Iraq war is a touchy subject not a lot of people to talk about it, saying it has been eleven years and we are still over there fighting. Some people think it is necessary for us to be over there and some think otherwise, but the main contributing factor to that decision of us going over there and fighting is U.S. Congress and The President, and they decided for us to go off to war. Since 2003 we have been over there, and we are…

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  • The Iraq War Analysis

    1776. These conflicts and wars have been happening from the 1800s all the way to present day. In all of these wars, millions and millions of soldiers have been sent overseas to fight for the United States along with billions of dollars used to pay for war materials and for help from other countries. One war, however, stands out the most. This war would be the Iraq War that started in 2003 after President George W. Bush claimed that they had weapons of mass destruction. This is because although…

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  • Hysteria Of The Iraq War

    Drew Arensdorf Binney American Lit September 2016 The Hysteria of the Iraq War for Oil The worldwide hysteria of the false Iraq War for oil has caused widespread political and social change and will continue to affect American politics for years to come. The Iraq War (2003-2011 and 2014-present) - already a controversial subject- was made even more debatable when oil conspiracy theories were started by the media who used delusive information to mislead the public. Subsequently, news ratings…

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