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  • Police Constable Essay

    • Police constable – these are the police officers which will turn up to 999 calls, they will investigate volume crime or they can take initial action at critical incidents. The police constables can also work on neighbourhood teams, this is to help target long-term problems within the community. Police constables are more than likely to assist with MHA processes, these are like assessments on private premises; investigating crimes against NHS staff by any patients. The police constables can detain people under section 136 of the Mental Health Act (MHA) and they can locate or recover of a patient who is absent without leave (AWOL). • Sergeant – a sergeant is someone who will supervise a team of officers, they will oversee a police operation,…

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  • Court Cases: Section E. Constable Ellis

    In Section E, Constable Ellis introducing himself by stating his name, rank and what station he was from. Constable Ellis also informed the suspect that he would be asking questions regarding the allegation of Assault, therefor complying with Safeguards LEPRA Section 202. The court requires admissions to be obtained fairly from a suspect so they are admissible. It is legislated under section 139 (1) (C) that the Police officer must caution the accused prior to questioning them. Section 139 of…

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  • John Constable Impressionism

    John Constable was an Englishman born in the late 18th century who specialized in Romantic paintings until his death in March of 1837. He is notable for his oil on canvas painting The Hay Wain (1821). Constable had played an important role in reviving the important style of landscape painting in the 19th century which later would influence the emergence of Impressionism (1). He also developed a, “changing meaning of nature during the industrial revolution” (1) as he was influenced by how society…

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  • Constable Lumina Short Story

    go back in,’ Constable Lumina said. ‘Sure.’ Sarah butted out her cigarette and picked up her bag. Constable Peters came back, followed by Sarah and Constable Lumina. The two women were carrying half empty mugs. They smelt of nicotine and mint. Constable Peters set up the recorder and turned it on. ‘So,’ he said, ‘tell me what you and Ashleigh did once you left the house.’ His voice was softer now, it reminded Jo of Grandpa Tom, of sitting on the back veranda with him when she was little, of…

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  • Constable Wee Pros And Cons

    PART I – Arrest of LEE and legal obligations There are a number of legal issues surrounding the arrest of Mr LEE by Constable YOUNG. These legal issues commence shortly after the intercept which is for a relatively minor traffic matter which first presents itself to the police. At the point when when LEE attempts to leave neither he nor YEOH have committed an offence where there is a power of arrest by the attending officers. LEE is a passenger and has really little to do with YEOH and his…

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  • Constable Brain Brusse Analysis

    I did my last two practicum sessions with Constable Brain Brusse and Constable Norman Smith. Brussue is usually a School Resource Officer but he was filling in for another officer at the front desk/public service that day. Smith, as mentioned in my first essay, is part of the Traffic Response Unit of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS). The Traffic Unit is always out and about- kept busy by drivers. I cannot say much action happens at the front desk beyond paper work and conversation. …

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  • Public Prosecution Vs Orum Case Study

    included as people within the act. By assessing the judge’s decision on how it impacts various aspects of society, it enlightens how the relationship between the police and public is misconstrued. Facts of the case The defendant, Orum was in a confrontation with his girlfriend just after midnight. He was using abusive language whilst being under the influence of alcohol. Two police constable showed up and warned the defendant about his actions. The defendant did not comply and instead replied…

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  • Officers In The Early English And Colonial Period

    The four related officers in the early English and colonial period are the Sheriff, Coroner, Constable, and the Justice of the peace. In the early English and colonial time, policing was initiated by the community and it was a civic duty. The officers were not trained or paid for them choosing to uphold the law. The Sheriff (derived from the British term, “shire-reeves”), shire meaning “country” and reeve meaning “agent of the king.” The purpose of the Sheriff is to maintain law and order. The…

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  • Police Narrative Report Examples

    Working for the Travis County Constables office was an amazing experience. There are five different precincts in Travis County, but the particular office that I worked for was Precinct Two. The main things that they handle are civil matters such as property evictions and unpaid child support. There are three different departments warrant, civil, and civil/juvenile court. On average they see 4,000 warrants a year and make about $1,000,000. They process 5,700 civil papers a year and the average…

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  • US Police System Comparison Essay

    London is a tripartite system composed of the following: 1. The home office that maintains a consistent national policy all through England 2. The local authority that maintains an adequate police force for its local area 3. The chief constable who manages operational efficiency and day-to-day management of the police force. The Chief constable is the highest ranked official in the English police hierarchy followed by the deputy chief constable then the assistant chief constable, the chief…

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