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  • Public Health Vs Public Care

    Public Health and Public Care may, at first, seem like similar terms for the same concept but that is not the case. Public health is the overall vitality of a population made up of individuals. Any number of aspects of a society or industry regulations can influence public health. Public care is the medical caretaking of individuals stricken with some disease or affliction. This paper will explore the differences and similarities between public health and public care, as well as discuss the working relationship between the two. Public health is the more basic concept of the two. Public health is a term used to describe the well-being of the public as a whole. It is easy to mention the advances made in medical care in the last few centuries,…

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  • Public Administration And New Public Management

    researcher further emphasized on the fact that a new management model in organizations could be adopted, whether public or private. The criticism of the bureaucracy and the rise of the superiority of private management systems in relation to public administration, materialized on a set of fundamental principles: decentralization, deregulation and delegation. 1. Decentralization as a fundamental principle for organizations can acquire creativity and innovation, implying at the same time reducing…

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  • Public Speaking: The Importance Of Speaking In Public

    All you need to know about public speaking When it comes to speaking in public, everybody almost feels the same way; it’s scary because you never know what’s going to happen, who’s going to be attending or how people are going to receive your speech. In other words, people are scared to speak to a crowd. And it’s not hard to understand why. Imagine that you’ve been assigned with selling a new cooking device for your first day at work. You’ve never done it before, and were only given 30 minutes…

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  • Difference Between Public And Public Relations

    There is also a sense of superiority felt by the media when comparing themselves to public relations, with Munro (2016), believing that “...PR needs journalism, more than journalism needs PR...” (Munro, 2016), which alludes to White and Hobsbawm’s (2007), conclusion that the media’s view of public relations is more prejudiced, compared to the public relations view of the media. These beliefs indicate that the power, at least in the mind of media practitioners, is held by the media, and that…

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  • Public Health Vs Public Health

    Public health is defined as organized, systematic efforts aimed at the prevention of disease and the promotion of health at the community level (Mays & Smith, 2011). Throughout history, prevention efforts by the public health sector were directed at controlling transmissible diseases, reducing environmental hazards, and provisions of safe drinking water. Public health professionals historically have worked to prevent problems from happening or from recurring through execution of educational…

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  • Lewandowski Public Relations

    The unique element of public relations writing is that it is the attempt to establish positive relations between an organization and its various publics. Other forms of writing, such as journalism, documentaries and fiction are not meant to leave the public with a positive image. While, they can have a positive effect they are used to tell stories, to express one’s opinion and to tell one-side of a story. Writing for public relations focuses on using a written platform to communicate a…

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  • Public Libraries

    Public libraries are trying to keep up in a world where technological changes are rapid and constant. In order to stay relevant, public libraries must understand and embrace change and new technologies. Public library spaces will continue to be reinvented in order to better meet the needs of users. But where the most amount of change is expected is in digital content. As the library changes, the catalog must change. These changes need to consider not just current needs but the future needs of…

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  • Public Values

    and the well-being of all New Yorkers by promoting health, protecting from health threats and having access to quality, evidence-based cost effective health services. Invoking values with dedication to the public good, innovation, excellence, integrity, teamwork and efficiency. The promotion of good nutrition and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle is one of many concerns as a health commissioner of New York. As an important public figure in this role the recommendations and…

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  • Public Transportation

    Public transportation has been around since the 1820s which has helped people of all race, gender and social class to travel from one place to another. Majority of Americans think just because someone is riding the bus or other forms of transportation, they do not have a car or cannot afford one, which is not always the case. Some People enjoy taking the bus, because it allows them to save gas money. I saw a friend of mine at the bus stop near Corbett gym get onto a bus and I noticed that she…

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  • The Importance Of The Public Sphere

    Entry 1: Today we discussed the public sphere. In summary, we discussed the emergence of the “mass audience”, the low/high culture binary, and determining where the idea of “the public” comes from. We have a conception of the public sphere from the bourgeois class. The set ideal is that of a private (civil society) and the public (state-mediates crises). This public sphere is formed and operated through the norms of publicity. There are five norms that make up publicity: status as person is…

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