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  • Specialized Hospitals: Quarantine Practices

    approximately 5 years nearly 25 million people were killed by a nearly unstoppable disease. In an effort to save themselves and their cities, the authorities of northern Italy’s city-states utilized cutting edge programs to work against further transmittance of this catastrophic infection. The implementation of various quarantine practices led to the requirement for regulation of these policies and necessitated the formation of the first specialized hospitals and the creation of public health offices. Many of the modern medicinal policies for dealing with highly contagious diseases can be traced back to these primary practices and have changed…

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  • Metamorphosis In Guatemala Case Study

    used the “modern model” for public space as representative of public consciousness. This “modern model” based on Paris, a European city that achieved civilization in the broadest sense. In some cities in Latin America, such as Buenos Aires, this meant the implementation and emphasis of Parisian style architecture, monumental buildings, parks and promenade that created public consciousness of high culture and science, otherwise known as civilization. A similar choice of modern model, is…

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  • Smoking In South Dakota

    Smoking effects every organ in your body, examples have been found in the onset of Alzheimer, Pre-aging, Lung Cancer, and heart disease such as diabetes, and heart attacks. Almost all of these diseases contribute to the leading mortality and morbidity rates in the World today. The effected group is everyone that is surrounded by someone or persons that smoke, or any tax payer. This statement will be addressing South Dakota, Minnehaha county young adults ages twelve to eighteen. Smoking effects…

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  • Alcohol Consumption In Young Australians: Article Analysis

    Alcohol-related harm to health is not limited to drinkers; it also has negative impacts on families, bystanders and the broader community (CommunitNhmrc, 2015). Alcohol-related health issues have reached a melting point as alcohol causes a wide range of diseases, health conditions and high-risk behaviors from mental disorders and road traffic injuries to liver complaints and unsafe sexual behaviour (Who, 2015). The essay will firstly discuss the impact of alcohol consumption on the health of the…

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  • Decriminalization Of Medical Marijuana

    Washington DC Medical Marijuana Policy and Its Effect on Health Care Medical marijuana indicates the usage of Cannabis sativa, bhang, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD). Medical marijuana is used as medical treatment to treat illnesses and as a comfort measure during palliation and hospice. From a historical perspective, the plant has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. But, its use in modern times has been controversial. In the United States, several states have…

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  • Calorietown Case Study Summary

    obesity epidemic in Calorietown, Mississippi has become a dangerously public health issue, therefore the governor and mayordefine of this town have asked public health authorizes to address this problem. Summary: In a city in Mississippi called Calorietown, where there are approximately 25,000 residents, there is a major public health concern, which is obesity. In addition, Calorietown has high rates of fast food restaurants, little green space, and their only high school had to eliminate…

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  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Essay

    State Required Vaccination Currently to enroll I public school in all fifty states and the District of Columbia require children to be vaccinated for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles and rubella. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia require chickenpox vaccination, and forty-five states and the District of Colombia require hepatitis B vaccination for children to enroll in kindergarten. These laws act in the public’s favor, they protect children from potentially deadly…

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  • Harm Reductionist Perspective Analysis

    various effects of drug abuse (something else here). Communities, municipal and federal governments should have strong and vested interest in human dignity and welfare, especially from a public health perspective as part of the ethical structure…

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  • Cigarette Industry In The 20th Century

    The commercial Cigarettes, made the product seem glamorous by showcasing a beautiful young Hollywood woman holding the product in her hands and having a puff. This commercial and many other advertisements gave the substance an image of relaxation and enjoyment but only for a few exclusive groups. Within the 20th century, mass production and modern marketing made cigarettes available to the general public. Around the 1960s, a public discourse around cigarettes began to emerge through advertising…

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  • Prescription Drug Overdose Case Study

    vital public health matter, but the prices inflicted on the US economy are also significant. “A 2011 study estimated that,…

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