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  • Alcohol In Australia

    even became a part of their life. Drinking and late night pub leads to the problem of alcohol related violence (Hughes, Anderson, Morleo & Bellis, 2008). Research found that there was a positive and strong relationship between density of alcohol outlets and remained violence after controlling the alcohol consumption (Grubesic, Pridemore, Williams & Philip-Tabb, 2013). Also, Cunradi (2012) found that there was a positive association between density of pubs or bars and intimate partner violence related emergency department visits. In addition, late trading hours of pubs has significant effect on alcohol related violence. In the research, Chikritzhs and Stockwell (2007) found out that in Perth, extended trading hours permits of Australia public houses which means an additional hour are allowed at peak time such as Friday, Saturday and Sunday leads to a significant increase in assault rates. The research (Kypri, Jones, McElduff, & Barke, 2011) also indicated that restrict the trading hours of pubs from 5 a.m to 3/ 3:30 a.m result a 37% decrease in assault incidents which means nearly 33 assault incidents were prevented per quarter. One example about alcohol related violence in Sydney was the death in CBD kings cross. 18-year-old Thomas Kelly died after been randomly punched in the head when he was talking on the phone walking with his girlfriend (Quilter, 2015). Therefore, it is important to create a good drinking environment to reduce the alcohol related violence (Holder,…

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  • Somerset Night Research Paper A pizza and pasta joint that might just as well be known for their subs and salads, Café Amici is a friendly, laid-back, bustling pizza joint that has been family owned and operated as long as it’s been known for having the best pizza in the area. They are open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner and have several catering and delivery options available. Bars The bars in Somerset are known for their lively atmosphere and their laidback attitude. Whether you’re a local…

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  • Kniffen And Glassie: A Brief Analysis

    Harris in her book Little White Houses illustrates how her grandparents purchased a house in a white neighborhood to hide their Jewishness (Harris, 2013). Harris had to examine the objects inside the home to negate the incorrect perception and interpretation the whiteness of the house reveals. The same process and attention that I take in the study of the houses is the same consideration I give to the objects within the home. Once I have a comprehensive interpretation of both the objects within…

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  • Villa Anbar Case Study

    Villa Anbar is a house designed by Nohad Al-turki and Peter Barber Architects. Villa Anbar is a fairly small residence and is executed under a tight budget, the villa is located in a middle-class area and it occupies a total area of 510-m2 and the plot size is 300-m2. The house is rectangular in shape and has a small courtyard in the centre with a single frontage on the west side street. The openings to the courtyard are small and appear to be scattered along the façade giving the villa an…

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  • Custom House History

    The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs house is one of New York City’s important historical landmarks. The U.S. Customs House was built in 1902-1907 near the port of New York and its job was to collect customs from imported goods (New York Architecture 2015). Before income tax was being developed in 1916, customs was the greatest source of income for our government (NMAI 2015). “It is located near the southern tip of Manhattan, next to Battery Park (New York Architecture 2015).” The building is…

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  • UK Housing Market Analysis

    Relevant quantity and quality of housing are crucial for economic well-being, growth, and social welfare. However, for decades’ supply has fallen short of the level needed to match demand and has been irresponsive to increases in prices. In the UK a significant shortage of housing explains why house prices have risen much faster than inflation and earnings. Housing construction involves more stages than most of other products. New homes building depends on land acquisition, planning and…

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  • Residential Real Estate Development

    HOLIDAY HOUSES: CHOSEN PROPERTY TYPE- Designing a holiday house must contain a number of features to meet the need of a resident staying in the home. These features include a relaxing view to look at, large amounts of space and an activity provided (usually a pool) and a second story level. For this estate it has been decided that the holiday houses will be backed up onto the canal. This gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the view and have the house opening up to the view. This open…

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  • St. Anthony Neighborhood

    Site Analysis 4: St. Anthony Neighborhood I grew up in Shakopee, Minnesota, a suburb of the cities down in the Minnesota River Valley. . The development where I grew up was quite new and the composition was flat. The same plastic siding houses filled the streets. Trees, shrubs and perennials were immature and skimpy although as a child I didn’t know the difference and loved all the flowers and leaves just the same. It was a neighborhood of only family dwellings, no small businesses intertwined…

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  • Influence And Impacts Of Ancient Greek Architecture

    and capitals, which topped off the columns and connected them to the architraves. The rules that Greeks used to build their buildings were precise, and said how wide the columns could be, how tall the columns could be, and how many columns a building needed. The fact that it is a style admired by different countries meant that it was copied across the world. Greek architecture is a very commonly used way of building. For example, the White House uses the different Greek style columns such as…

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  • Nisarg Sahnivas Case Study

    These residential apartments in Pune are built on 10 Acres of land and offer 2 BHK and 3 BHK Apartments in Pune. Nisarg Vatika is one of the best investments for people looking to invest in residential property in Pune as they are well rounded homes with modern amenities and great connectivity of public transport. There residential flats in Pune have a total of 88 units with areas ranging from 948 sq.ft. - 1260 sq.ft. They are boutique apartments with amenities such as 24Hr Backup Electricity,…

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