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  • Public Finance Case Study

    Question 1: Economic Impact of Public Financing Public financing comes with a host of benefits and repercussions to the national economy, but is dependent on the level of government funding. Proponents of government funding the national economy posit that the programs supported by the government are invaluable and designed for the public interest, which may include infrastructural development and the education sector (Reinhart and Rogoff 574). Thus, government spending promotes economic growth. Excess government funds are transferred to more productive sectors in the country for increased national output. An increase in government spending on the economy tends to have a ripple effect because people have more money to spend in general, which…

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  • The Consequences Of Junk Bonds In South Africa

    Junk South Africa South Africa 's government bond yields have risen to their highest levels in almost five years as worries grow that the rating agencies could bar the country 's to junk status(-BBB) (Frankel, 2005), this is due to the ongoing drought, civil service wage increase and most of all corruption (Chand, 1999). South Africa’s economic growth has been slowing down and yet the finance mister Pravin Gordhan reduced deficit by cutting down government which means a further GDP slowdown…

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  • The Importance Of Taxation In Economic Growth

    Noted that taxation can be effective for enhancing or improving economic growth performance, it is a critical issue that needs to be considered nationally and internationally. The economic growth of our country is determined by the effect that taxation has upon economic decisions, in other words it is the mother head. After a research done I understood that the higher the tax revenues are paid by both individual and corporates reduces investments’ rates and increases jobs. More money is invested…

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  • Economic Disparities In Education

    containing financially distressed school districts with a population of 1,000,000 or more people must calculate and distribute their surplus distressed funds. Further, it provides municipalities with a State Comptroller and taxing districts in a tax increment financing (TIF) funding project area must have a calculation of contractual obligations and distressed surplus funds. Additionally, the school code amendment provides financially distressed school districts boundaries must notify…

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  • Finance Case Study

    (TCO F) Answer completely all of the following questions: Why do state and local governments go into debt? What is a municipal bond? How does a municipal bond differ from a corporate bond? What is Net Interest Cost (NIC) and how does it differ from True Interest Cost (TIC)? What role does TIC play in governmental capital project financing? 5. (TCO E) What is the purpose of a tax system? One of the basic criteria that is considered when a tax system is evaluated is the equity standard.…

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  • Ricardian Equivalence Increase In Government Spending

    Does Ricardian Equivalence hold with when borrowing constraints are binding? Ricardian Equivalence, also known as Ricardo-De Viti-Barro Equivalence theorem, is an economics hypothesis stating that an increase in government borrowing to finance their spending may have no impact on consumer spending and aggregate demand. This is because consumers predict tax cuts or higher government spending to stimulate the economy will result in future taxes increase to pay back the debt. Therefore whatever…

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  • Four Components Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    larger more expensive “want” items. Investment Investment accounts for roughly the third largest component accounting for roughly 15% of the total GDP. Investment is defined as “the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit” (FreeDictionary, 2016). Investment in regards to the GDP is similar in that the goods purchased are used to produce goods and services in the upcoming periods. Investment can be both by industry and by personal…

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  • Tax Amnesty In Indonesia Case Analysis

    their secret offshore accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Mauritius, whose names will soon be revealed once the jurisdictions of these countries enact the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), the agreement to share foreign account-holders’ information with their home governments, take effect next year. The tax evaders have a limited chance to recompense the government from one percent to six percent of their possessions. In return, these scofflaws will be exempted from subsequent…

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  • The Economic Impacts Of Fiscal Policy As An Economic Issue

    Fiscal Policy can be considered an economic issue because any change in the government budget can have a significant impact on the economy on a whole as well as the people living in it. Fiscal Policy consists of changes in government expenditures and/or taxes to achieve economic goals, such as low unemployment, price stability, and economic growth. “Federal tax and spending policies can affect the economy because of the impact on federal borrowing, private demand for goods and service as well…

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  • The Importance Of Low Income Tax Rates In Australia

    This economic stimulus is caused by the government currently in office, in order to increase the popularity and public support of the party. These policy changes can include: taxation cuts, lowered unemployment, lowered interest rates and increased government spending on certain areas. These policy changes can be effective short term, but if used to excess, they can be detrimental to the economy 's long term stability. Accelerating inflation of the dollar, an unsustainably low rate of savings…

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