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  • District 9 Comparison

    Contrary to what one might think when comparing Octavia Butler’s Dawn and the film District 9 they share more than just solely being in the alien science fiction genre. Though they indeed differ in many ways, both focus on themes regarding manipulation, alienation and xenophobia, consequently leading the protagonist to experience cognitive dissonance and subsequent reflection upon one’s sense of self-identity. Both protagonists, Lilith and Wikus, after experiencing alien genetic mutation exhibit mental stress regarding the duality of conflicting notions about their former self and accepting the reality of their new identity. Focusing on specific individual examples in Dawn and then in District 9 relating to these themes and afterward detailing…

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  • The Consequences Of Imperialism In 'District 9'

    Imperialism has been a prominent force in the world for centuries and centuries, shaping the way the world looks today. Imperialism is a system of control where the minority completely dominants the majority through the extraction and exploitation of the land and its inhabitants. Through a corrupt system of control, MNU, the film District 9 reveals the prominent downfalls of imperialism highlighting the subjugation of the “inferior”, personal benefit, and national oppression. Subjugation of…

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  • District Court Observation

    I visited the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on February 10. This court is a federal district court and it is in the fourth position from the top, Supreme Court in the structure of the federal court system. District court has general trial jurisdiction. The Courthouse is consisted of 6 floors and each judge has his or her own courtroom. The district court and the United States Bankruptcy court are in the same building. Regarding a courtroom, when I entered there, I…

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  • Greenfield Union School District: Case Study

    The Greenfield Union School district is using a variety of methods to ensure adequacy and equity was attained in the development of the local control accountability plan (LCAP) for teachers, parents, and students. In reviewing the Greenfield Union School District LCAP there were clear needs and metrics analyzed that were used to set goals to support the improvement of student success and safety. During the first stages of the LCAP implementation process the goal of district personnel was to…

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  • Case Study: The Lower Merion School District

    The Lower Merion School District provided laptop computers to high school students as part of a one to one program. The program allowed the students to bring home a laptop computer provided by the school district. Unbeknownst to the students or their parents the laptop computers were all programed with spyware that gave the school district access to the computers’ webcam. The goal of the one to one program was to increase the connectivity between home and school for students. The access to…

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  • Stereotypes In The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins

    In Suzanne Collins’ exciting novel The Hunger Games, the author depicts the struggle of two tributes from District 12 and their personal development as well as how they survive in the harsh wilderness of the arena. In the beginning of the Hunger Games the story takes place in District 12, which is a part of the nation of Panem. Panem was originally home of 13 Districts but the government took control and destroyed the 13th because the people tried to rebel. As a punishment for what they did…

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  • Fire Marshall Essay

    You no longer want to collaborate with the FOA page 8 31 dash 10 we will work collabration with the fire chief and county commissioner doesnt change the audience and doesnt change the membership. The next guy can come in next and say I dont want to work with the FOA and who he wants to work with. Has to define how the collaberation with the district chiefs. The senior staff meetings being manditory how low did we want to go on the officer list. There has to be away of collaberating. The staff…

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  • Lssp Interview Report

    meet the demands from the parents as well as the administrators. She stated that she would like to incorporate more counseling into her role. However, I realized that there will be a district for me where I can incorporate counseling into my role because this is a role I would like to follow in the near future. When I asked the LSSP how she decided to become an LSSP, it seemed she was very unaware of the career. In my case, it reassured me that this was a career I wanted to follow because I was…

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  • District Selection Process

    Selection of any school personnel is a great responsibility, especially one at the district office level. This process will involve many different stakeholders and will be conducted with the goal of finding an individual who meets the current needs of the district. One unfavorable factor will be the lack of time provided to find the best possible candidate, and it will be a challenge to the selection committee to not rush the process or select an unsuitable candidate simply to fill the position.…

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  • Voting In Texas

    city and special district elections in Texas are nonpartisan, or not biased, elections. These elections have two negative consequences; voter turnout is low and people take it more personally and are less issue oriented. In Texas’ elections, there is less representation for ethnic minorities and the working class than there is for the rest of the population of Texas. With…

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