District Court Observation

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I visited the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on February 10. This court is a federal district court and it is in the fourth position from the top, Supreme Court in the structure of the federal court system. District court has general trial jurisdiction. The Courthouse is consisted of 6 floors and each judge has his or her own courtroom. The district court and the United States Bankruptcy court are in the same building. Regarding a courtroom, when I entered there, I could see prosecutors/plaintiffs seats on the left side and defendant seats on the right side. The different point was that in my country courts, there is no two tables in front of the jury box, but in the US they have. Jury box, although there were no …show more content…
Accrediting Council For Independent Colleges And Schools (ACICS). ACICS is the biggest non-profit education accrediting corporation recognized by the Department of education. It accredits and oversees degree-granting, career-related institutions. The center of legal issue was whether any entity or person has engaged or is engaging in unlawful acts and practices in connection with accrediting for-profit colleges. The purpose of this legal proceeding was to the court accepted a demand from CFPB to civil investigation into ACICS. Plaintiff argued that it is not permitted for ACICS to custody entity and it is a violation of consumer protection. Also they claimed the authority that bureau has to regulate activity. Against this argument, the defense insisted that the bureau has no law being able to enforce investigation and also the corporation didn’t conduct any action involving the bureau so that CFPB has no authority to investigate them. There was no result and I cannot come up with what kind of outcomes will appear since actually I’m not a fluent English speaker so that I couldn’t catch so much about the important matters in the trial. But not in terms of legal issue, I think the defendant seems to have a chance to win. The attorney of the corporation had a very impressive pleading and also answered to the every questions the judge gave to her compared to the defense of the bureau. The demeanor of the lawyer and the clarity of argument will help parties to achieve their goal and influence on the judgement. As far as what I could understand, I think the district court was not appropriate place for the trial since this trial was between government agency and corporation so that it would draw an attention from public. They could have opened the trial in higher

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