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  • The Importance Of Trust In The Workplace

    The affects would involve physical, mental and emotional illnesses. How does mistrust affect people? Mistrust in the workplace can cause several effects on the human body physically, emotionally and mentally. Emotionally/mentally: Mistrust causes mostly emotional and mental illness. If you can’t trust in someone, how can you expect to depend, rely, and ask for relevant and honest information from them? Once trust is broken, it is very hard to gain it back. Distrust happens in stages: Doubt, Suspicion, Anxiety, Fear and Self-protection. Doubt- Slight uncertainty, or the feeling something doesn’t feel right. We all have a “gut feeling”-- whether we perceive or are intuitive-- we have it. This can arise from past trust issues, past situations, bad reputation, or just a “bad feeling.” During this stage, you are feeling like you’re waiting for them to prove your feeling of doubt. Suspicion- Belief without the proof. Pattern in behavior that suggests lack of trust. This feeling is much like the feeling of doubt, but is more concrete. This is the feeling where you are suspicious and do not trust their integrity, actions, nor behavior (without…

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  • Distrust In Policing

    White, Blacks, Hispanics and Arabic races all have their views on how the police interact with them daily. To gather information on how to better protect and can the trust from minorities there have been studies conducted. In the Black communities the perception of the police is distrust and because of this there is a negative reaction to White officers when he or she responds to a call or pulls a person of color over for a traffic violation. One of the number one reasons for distrust of the…

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  • Distrust In Marriage

    Simple trust is vacant of distrust. A person in simple trust is very naive and foolish about trust. They do not believe that distrust could happen to them. Blind trust is when the person completely denies the possibility of distrust. You could not build a successful marriage off of simple trust or basic trust. The trust that every relationship should achieve is authentic trust. In order to achieve authentic trust, one must recognize the possibility of distrust but be able to grow. All…

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  • Distrust In The Military Analysis

    The longevity, safety, and happiness of this country depends on the brave men and women in our military. In twenty-five years, with the assumptions of an increase of distrust in the government, the military will be affected without a doubt. The United States government is in charge of the military and gives them their orders. The military would most likely be affected by the decrease in enrolment, as it already is. In February of 2014, it was announced by the United States Secretary of Defense…

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  • Constitution Distrust Analysis

    “The fundamental characteristic of the Constitution is distrust.” A statement, if nothing else, as bold as the Framers who lead the revolution. As petrifying as the statement is, it is true. The framers feared a repeat of history, and rightfully so, because many governments had quickly risen and fallen equally as fast. As a result, distrust was what powered the writing of the United States’ Constitution. This has been known since as early as November 22, 1787, when the Federalist paper: #10…

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  • Framers Distrust Of Government

    legislative,judicial, and executive branch. However, as they wanted to fulfill the goal of securing the blessing of liberty, many anti-federalists worried that new constitution may let president become another king since there is nothing about citizen rights when it was first wrote. Because of this kind of distrust, they finally passed bills of rights in 1791, two years after the constitution was made. Distrust of government not only affect the structure of government but also set part of the…

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  • Distrust Of Vulnerable Population

    the elderly. This essay will cover the vulnerable population with regards to the impoverished and what has been done for them historically and today, why there is distrust for the health care system, and how proper care can be given to those who have lost their trust in the system. Historically speaking,…

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  • Distrust Of Law Enforcement

    One of the steps that law enforcement agencies can take to alleviate the distrust of law enforcement is to be more inclusive, and hire more police officers that are African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern (Dempsey et al., 2011). Hiring more minorities in law enforcement is not as easy as it sounds because police department cannot force minorities to want to become police officers, and this is where the dilemma comes, to make police department more inclusive/diverse there needs to…

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  • Hate And Distrust In The United States

    Ever since I was a young child I thought about the future I would like to have and the world I would like to live in. I was taught from a very young age that hate and distrust towards someone due to them having different beliefs than yours was not acceptable and just led to the downfall of people and society. Currently, the United States is in a state of hate and distrust based solely on the different political belief systems that have formed over the past hundred years. It is my goal in life…

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  • Odysseus Trust And Distrust Analysis

    Trust and Distrust in Odyssey 10.1-79 As Odysseus strives to complete and fulfill his homecoming throughout the Odyssey, he must continually face the question of which of his skills and strengths from war may be applied to the adventures and domestic affairs which he encounters. In Odyssey 10.1-79, when Odysseus and his crew encounter Aeolus, their homecoming is compromised largely by Odysseus’ miscalculation in deciding to rely on concealment of information from his allies and human effort,…

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