Divine Service

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  • Personal Narrative: The First Reformed Church

    I eventually found where I was supposed to go and made sure I sat way in the back by myself. The service started off with a band playing a few songs which I found to be weird. Also the music was terrible. The band tried to make the music sound like Christian rock. I watched a few people stretch their arm out and dance to the music. I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t know the lyrics and I just stood still with my arms crossed. Once the horrible band finished playing the preacher came out onto the stage. I was expecting him to be wearing a robe but he was dressed in normal attire. He talked for about an hour about family struggles. I mostly tuned him out and kept checking my watch to see if time would go by faster. Most of the things he was saying made no sense anyways because they were straight from the bible.I opened my bible in an effort…

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  • Essay On Second Baptist Experience

    We came in very well-dressed for service, but when we walked in people are wearing sweatpants and are so relaxed. People kept coming up to us and saying hi and asking their names. The pastor’s secretary came to greet us and asked if we had met the pastor already, we got to speak to him for a couple moments. He seemed very open to allowing anybody to join the church there 're no criteria which I found odd. He said we could email him at anything or follow them on Twitter or Facebook. They told us…

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  • Breaking Norms In School Essay

    Being in a church setting, I did not want to break many norms, or be overly intolerable because I knew that many people would be very upset. From breaking the norms (sitting down while everyone else stood up to sing, texting, ect.) the people got upset, but not upset enough to leave the service. I think if I would have continuously been disruptive and annoying, people would have left, or told me to leave. I thought that it was very interesting that while they sing, they stand up, while at my…

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  • My Experience To A Trip To The Church

    Visiting a new church is exciting yet nerve wrecking. I love my home church and I have become comfortable attending every service at my church. However, now walking into a new church I began to get nervous. Every church is different and I was not sure what to expect. I attend a small English Christian church and decided to visit a bilingual Apostolic/Pentecostal Non-Denominational Church. On Sunday May 15, I visited Christ Centered Church. I was invited to attend this church by my friend Art,…

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  • John Waters: The Prince Of Trash

    Did you ever have a friend growing up that made it his or her ultimate goal to gross you out? Wether it be by cracking their fingers, telling jokes, or tortures through smelly socks, it is guaranteed that you did not appreciate when your your friend teased you about such matters. Most people as they get older they mature and grow out of this kind of humor. What if I told you there was a man that never grew up. A man that became a director to channel his talent into what he considers an art form.…

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  • Analysis Of Pietro Della Vigna In Dante's Divine Comedy

    Pietro della Vigna, a character from Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is the focal point of this paper. Pietro’s introduced in the Inferno Canto XIII, corresponding to the Second Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Of all characters that I have come across in the Divine Comedy, Pietro to me is extremely significant as he does not claim that he was wrongfully punished in hell but worries of being recognized as an unfaithful person in the world. The concept of this paper surrounds the idea of Pietro and…

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  • Divine Chocolate Analysis Essay

    Introduction As the growth of organic and fair trade products grow within grocery and food industry, there have been firms entering the market and others that have been involved for years. The two companies, Divine Chocolate and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage are two profitable business that have been in their industry for several years establishing themselves with focus on their work towards sustainability and branding of their products. The main goals of the two firms are to create…

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  • Representation Of Evil In Dante's Inferno

    Casey Klaric ILS 4190 Professor Taraborelli 17 April 2016 Divine Comedy The question that has been much debated throughout the term has been “Why people do evil?” There has been numerous reasoning’s from a society and culture aspect to evil is based off the psyche. However, a more important question has arose since reading the works of Dante. What happens to people who have committed acts of evil once they have perished? Some believe that the soul leaves the body and makes a journey to…

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  • Role Of Suffering In Oedipus The King And Dante's Divine Comedy

    follows the path of righteousness; most of mankind hold values that conflict with opinions on how to live. Susan Sipple relays, " No single voice is sufficient. Women 's voices will convey a different experience of suffering than the voices of men; black voices speak differently than white voices; martyrs ' voices will not match the voices of inquisitors[…]." and so forth. When analyzing suffering, we trace the circumstances back to their causes. In the hope that we look for the major causes of…

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  • Analysis Of Pier Della Vigna In Dante's The Divine Comedy

    Pier della Vigna, a character from Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” is the focal point of this paper. This character is introduced in the Inferno Canto XIII, also known as the Second Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Of all characters that I have come across in the Divine Comedy, Pier to me is most significant as he does not claim that he was wrongfully punished in hell but worries of being recognized as an unfaithful person in the world. The concept of this paper will surround the idea of Pier and…

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