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  • Comparison Of Hell And Dante's Hell

    Hell, for some the final frontier, for others an overused swear word. Over the years there have been many who attempt to depict Hell, but two poets seem to have very similar depictions about their thoughts on such a place. Even though some things are different between the two, it could be argued that Virgil’s underworld inspires Dante's Hell because the reactions that Aeneas and Dante show when presented with events in hell are very similar, The Sybil and Aeneas act like a guide and follower much similar to Virgil and Dante's relationship, and We see many similarities between the paths both Aeneas and Virgil take. The first major influence from Virgil’s Aeneid that we see on Dante's Hell are the similar reactions to the suffering of the souls…

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  • The Role Of Hell In Literature

    ” the ancient Egyptians called it “Duat,” and the Mayans called it “Xibalba,” but the common theme throughout these and all adaptations of Hell is the eternal separation from good and, as a result, an abundance of suffering and evil. It is impossible to accurately describe Hell. It can only be described by humans in personal glimpses of evil in the world, and most of the time, famous interpretations of Hell in literature are what comes to mind when contemplating eternal separation from God.…

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  • The Punishment In Dante's Hell

    The punishment, for each Circle of Dante’s Hell, is connected to its corresponding sin. For example, in the 4th Circle, the Hoarders and Spendthrifts are punished by being forced to push stones into each other over and over. This punishment is fitting because the hoarders’ stones could represent all the materialistic things he or she hoarded and the spendthrifts’ stones could represent all the money he or she spent. The hoarders and the spendthrifts are opposite extremes and because of their…

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  • With The Prince Of Hell Analysis

    "With the Prince of Hell Milton reverses the functions and correspndingly the characteristicts, stressing thoseappropriate to an epic antagonist and underplaying though incorporating those of an example of evil." (Kaston 58) Kaston is saying in the poem Milton totally reverses the beliefs which have always been associated with Satan. Everyone has always portrayed Satan as evil and as the villain of everything. But Milton has used him as a hero who was doing something in which…

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  • Sartre's Misconceptions Of Hell In No Exit

    One of the misconceptions about hell that Sartre touches upon in No Exit is that it is typically imagined as a place of pitchforks and fire – a place based more on physical torture than mental. In the case of Sartre’s hell, Garcin suffers a hell that is mostly psychological, with Inez and Estelle being the sources of his torment. In my opinion, these are the two forms of hell that could exist – physical and psychological torment. One of them provides a tangible feeling that a person suffers and…

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  • Dante's View Of Heaven And Hell

    and hell. It is an exciting topic to talk about and discuss with your colleagues. The views of different people may change the outlook on life, and how they live on a day-to-day basis. Heaven is known to have golden gates, streets to walk on and delight every day, but on the other hand Hell is supposed to be an endless pit of fire, destruction, and torture. Dante’s views of Heaven and Hell differ to what the Bible says. Dante’s view of Heaven and Hell determines what life would be after…

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  • Creative Writing: The Myth Of Hell

    endless cosmic void of spinning blackness, the place between worlds neither Heaven, Earth, nor Hell. And then it was gone replaced by the curving walls of the Well. The Well was cylindrical in shape and immense in size, quite capable of holding a small city in it. On both ends were two holes, one that lead to the "eternal grace" of heaven and the other that led to the very depths of hell. I hovered in the middle, longingly gazing at the portal to Heaven, before I reached in my satchel and pulled…

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  • Four Views On Hell Analysis

    “Four Views on Hell” is a book that consist of four different views on hell, as obviously stated by the title. The four views are: eternal conscious torment, terminal punishment, universalist view, and hell and purgatory. Four different authors contributed to the book: Denny Burk, John G. Stackhouse Jr., Robin A. Parry, and Jerry L. Walls. Denny Burk is an associates pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church and a Professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College. John Stackhouse Jr. is a public…

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  • Dante's Inferno: The Seventh Circle Of Hell

    Believing anything other than that of common catholic belief should be punished. However, I believe this is too narrow minded. With nearly 7 billion people on earth and only 2 billion of them following Christian belief, surely God would not damn the other 5 billion people to eternal life in Hell. The seventh circle of Hell is divided into three rings. The outer circle is home to murderers, how sink into a river of boiling blood and fire. The inner circle is home to suicides who have been…

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  • Highway To Hell Dantes Inferno Analysis

    getting older. This can be recognized easily when a man around the age of 50 begins to sing the AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” and he begins to realize that his favorite song came out 35 years ago. This is also the time an adult begins to second-guess their decisions they have made in the past and also begin to wonder if they are still considered a productive member of society. A mid-life crisis leads to voids in a person’s life; the first is emotional or mental void. The person begins to think…

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