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  • Summary: The Sports Gene

    It refers to the percentage of the body’s blood that is made up of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. The higher the hematocrit, the more endurance you have. (Mäntyranta had a very high hematocrit.) The paradox of endurance sports is that an athlete can never work as hard as he wants, because if he pushes himself too far his hematocrit will fall. Hamilton had a natural hematocrit of forty-two per cent—which is on the low end of normal. By the third week of the Tour de France, he would be at thirty-six per cent, which meant a six-per-cent decrease in his power—in the force he could apply to his pedals. In a sport where power differentials of a tenth of a per cent can be decisive, this “qualifies as a deal…

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  • Physiological Vaccines: A Case Study

    Physical Exam Patient’s skin integrity is intact, no wounds or drainage present. Patient does have scars on both her right and left arms due to cutting herself. Patient has not cut since she has been at Shodiar. Patient is using, Vitamin E 4 oz CRE (Vitamin E Cream) to help with scar reduction, but this medication was discontinued on November 3rd. Patient does practice good hygiene. Patient performs daily bathing and hand washing and grooming. Patient states every morning she takes a shower,…

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  • Why Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Banned In Sports Essay

    Why performance enhancing drugs should not be banned in sports. Performance enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, blood doping and hGH(human Growth Hormone) have been found to be used in sports since as early as 776BCLee, (Yu-Hsuan, 2006), where the Ancient Greeks used opium juice in the early Olympics for an advantage in their sport (Sportsanddrugs.procon.org, 2016). PED’s have the potential to drastically alter the state of the human body(Health.nsw.gov.au, 2016). Athletes in today’s…

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  • Why Math Is Important Essay

    Complete blood count gives data regarding the blood. It shows the values of red blood cells, white blood cells with WBC differential, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelet count. Normal WBC count is 4500-10,000 uL (mm3). Increased level may mean infections and decreased level may mean hematopoietic diseases. In some tests what is normal count for female is different for male. Example is Female RBC count is 4-5 million/uL while Male RBC count is 4.6-6 million/uL. Increased level may mean…

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  • Pregnant Women: A Case Study

    in alloimmunisation when foetal blood cells enter the maternal vascular system, sensitization may occur during amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, external cephalic version, abdominal trauma or vaginal bleeding during pregnancy (Egbor, Knott, & Bhide, 2012). Consequently, mismanaged alloimmunisation increases the likelihood of haemolytic disease of the newborn, mild cases result in neonates with anaemia and jaundice, the more severe instance cause kernicterus (Bonney, 2012). Additionally,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Blood Doping

    It would be hard to come across a sport that did not have at least one scandal involving a performance-enhancing drug. Alex Rodriguez was suspended from playing baseball for an entire season for using human growth hormone. More recently, Peyton Manning was accused of using the same drug. HGH is not the only performance-enhancing drug on the market though. In the cycling community, one specific type of performance enhancer is king, blood doping. Blood doping is the misuse of certain…

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  • High Altitude Training Essay

    High Altitude Training In fairly recent times, fitness as well as health and wellness has become rather popular. Along with this popularity has come methods and tools to provide for individuals who may not have access to the items or locations in which are prime for training. One particular training methodology is called “high altitude training”, and it is literally what it sounds like: training at high altitudes. The “official” ranges of altitude that are accepted are: sea level (0…

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  • 1. What Is Hematocrit? What Does Mrs. Jones Value Indicate?

    Question 1: What is hematocrit? What does Mrs. Jones’ value indicate? Hematocrit is a blood test that provides information to the physician about the patient’s health that they are looking after about the amount of red blood cell in their blood. However, the measurement of hematocrit is determined by the size of the red blood cell and stated as the complete blood count in which the hemoglobin values are counted as well (Charles Patrick Davis, 2016). “The standard values of hematocrit for adult…

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  • Hetastarch Hypovolemia Case Study

    Hypervolemia is often linked with sodium depletion, and is distinctly different from dehydration. Causes include loss of blood, loss of plasma, and loss of osmolytes via diarrhea and vomiting. It is recognized by tachycardia and diminished blood pressure, as well as delayed capillary refill and pallor. In this experiment, I will be analyzing the different kinds of treatments used on a hypovolemic patient, and determining which one is the most successful. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that an IV…

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  • Blood Physiology Lab Report

    Sarah Hill 0583028 BIOL 3830H F03 Simon Tapper Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 The relationship between blood physiology and cardiac ability in Equus caballus compared to Bos taurus and Capra aegagrus hircus compared to Canis lupus familiaris Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to study the relationship between blood physiology and the ability to transport oxygen. The red blood cell content, hematocrit percent, and hemoglobin concentrations of Equus caballus (horse) and Bos taurus…

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