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  • Phlebotomist Persuasive Essay

    Imagine lying on a hospital bed, deathly sick, waiting for blood test results. Months have passed since the sickness set in and it has been getting worse and worse as time has passed. Being unaware as to what is wrong, there was no other choice but to go to the hospital and get blood drawn. After enduring countless different procedures and tests, none of them coming back with any results that are unsatisfactory, but being well aware that there is something seriously wrong, the decision to visit a phlebotomist was reached without much thought behind it. The trip to the hospital was a long and exhausting one; the wait was even moreso. Sitting in hard waiting room chairs just seemed to make the time go excruciatingly slow. The knowledge that…

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  • Essay On Medical Negligence

    Negligence may provide the basis for a lawsuit when there is a legal duty, as the duty of a physician or nurse to provide reasonable care to patients and when the negligence results in damage to the patient. The failure to observe, for the protection of another person, the degree of care and vigilance that the circumstances demand, whereby such other person suffers injury. Phlebotomists are medical laboratory technicians who specialize in blood work. They take human blood samples and prepare…

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  • Informative Speech On Phlebotomy

    a lot with patients. Entrance requirements should be completed if you are going to enter a formal phlebotomy training program (P.715). Second stage is postsecondary training. In many places like hospitals and community colleges, programs are held which could last from 10 weeks to one year. In these programs, more science is focused, including anatomy, physiology, and lab practices, as well as communication skills and emergency situations like CPR (P.716). Finally, the last stage of becoming an…

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  • Write An Essay On Elizabeth Holmes At Theranos

    Elizabeth Holmes is the CEO and founder of the multibillion dollar company, Theranos. Holmes is the youngest female billionaire and ranked number 1 in the world of America’s self made women. Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth is 4.5 billion dollars which makes her number three hundred and sixty on the list of billionaires. Elizabeth Holmes is a college dropout which makes it very extraordinary to think that she accomplished so much and how she got to where she is now. Elizabeth Holmes was born on…

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  • Phlebotomists: A Career In The Healthcare Industry

    did not happen in the medical industry such as in the hospital or other healthcare facilities. In fact, these medical businesses have a continuous and increasing need of medical practitioners like doctors, nurses, technicians, and so on. You do not necessarily need to be a doctor or a nurse to enter the medical industry. There are several medical jobs that are easier than being a doctor or a nurse but also play a significant role in the world of medicine and healthcare. One example is being a…

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  • Essay On I Want To Be A Phlebotomist

    can also say that there is never a dull moment, at least that’s the way my mom puts it. When it comes to my career, my goal is to be a phlebotomist or a emergency medical technician. My first comes from my mom’s experience as a phlebotomist. My parents have always told me I should consider a career in the medical field…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Job As A Phlebotomist

    Although I love my job as a Phlebotomist, I am always looking for ways in which I can develop myself further, both personally and professionally. This job particularly stood out to me due to the underlying fundamentals that are analogous with my current post, in addition to some new aspects that I would love to become a part of. As well as having the familiarity of procedure with the blood labelling and sampling. This post provides me with greater responsibility and the opportunity to further…

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  • Phulbotomy Research Paper

    1800’s(Johnson). There is many different forms of phlebotomists. Some are known as the people who draw your blood for lab, and one’s who take your blood for a blood donations. While others are science-bio phlebotomists, who manly test blood, and find answers to blood types and how they fuse or diseases in blood(Johnson ). As a phlebotomist technician you are required to do a wide range of lab work. New diagnostics spree every day, every minute. You work with a wide range of tools, and of…

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  • Medical Technologist Careers

    scientist or MLS has more education and job responsibilities. An MLS requires a four-year degree and to work in a laboratory usually while still in school. A MLT only needs a two-year degree usually through a community college. “The median annual Medical Laboratory Technician salary is $47,651, as of November 30, 2016, with a range usually between $42,312-52,980” (Medical Laboratory Technician Salaries). Medical Laboratory Technicians make slightly less money than Medical Technologists.…

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  • Essay On Phlebotomy

    It wasn’t until the 1800’s that laboratory tests for diseases5 became widespread. Though it wouldn’t be until many years later that cures were developed. The role of the phlebotomist is, and has always been, ever evolving. Blood typing was discovered by a scientist names Karl Landsteiner in the early 1900’s. Accompanying this, tests for sexually transmitted diseases were developed. These breakthroughs led to more efficient blood collection methods, transfusion techniques, and further…

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