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  • Natural Born Leaders

    In the study of leaders, Cowley refers to an approach in which “Leadership obviously is not a simple trait, but rather a complex of numerous traits fashioned together as a unity” ( pp.144 ). Leaders are the ones who adapt with change, and they always make sure that they never allow situation to build up, and they either put it on the table and discuss it or forget about it and never bring it up again. That is also what DeNiro’s character Jimmy was like. If there was a problem or grief with someone they took care of it and moved on, or else he or she never brought up the topic again. Denise Levertov’s poem which talks about grief states, “Ah, grief, I should not treat you / like a homeless dog / who comes to the back door/ for a crust for a meatless bone. / I should trust you” (line 1- 5). Nevertheless, it is always good to remember that trust needs to be earned and not given freely. That is when wrong decisions are made in life. Being a natural born leader I must make sure I use all my resources around me to make the right decision as well as change the situation I can, or will be left behind and unable to take care of those who depends on me to protect…

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  • Personal Narrative-Jimmy's Story

    Jimmy At 3:00 in the morning (haunting hour) I heard screaming downstairs and I went to go see what it was, but I kept getting stuck in all those blankets that I had on my bed. When I finally got out of bed and went down the stairs. It was to dark to see so I had to struggle to find the light switches,but when I did I found my parents dead on the ground with their heads dangling from the celing and their eyes rolling back. I also saw a bloody knife on the ground next to them. I had no time to…

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  • Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

    “An Inspector Calls”, is a play written by JB Priestley in 1945. It is a thought-provoking play that explores the issues of accepting responsibility. The play is centered on a wealthy family in the upper class, who refuse to accept their involvement in Eva Smiths death. Using the Inspector as a mouthpiece, Priestley is able to discredit the capitalist views of the audience and Mr. Birling. Through the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Birling, Priestley shows how the class that a person belongs to or…

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  • 1980 Candidate Research

    Candidate Research from 1980 Election Ronald Reagan Cynthia Conway Casper College Candidate Research From 1980 Election Ronald Reagan The 1980 presidential election in the United States presented the desire of Americans to seek an alternative to President Jimmy Carter’s liberal policies that were deemed to be failing. Most voters complained about how the economy of the United States had remained stagnant in the 1970’s and thus called for the need to have changes in the White…

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  • Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Analysis

    Critical Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the son Hendry Mphakanyiswa the tembu tribe chief and South African farmer .Nelson Mandela later became the most prominent figures the leader of the fighting against apartheid. He also was the longest imprisoned member of the African nation Congress (ANC). As a result of his fighting and resisting to the white minority rules in and out of prison he was awarded Noble peace prize. …

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  • Wangari Maathai: The Vision Of The Green Belt Movement In Kenya

    Green Belt Movement Our climate is changing. People all around the world lack shelter, clothing and are even dying of hunger. Wangari Mathai had a vision. She was focused on restoring our environment and was willing to lend a hand to clean up the damages climate change had caused in her community. With the help of her vison and the Green belt Movement she founded, Kenya began to prosper. Crowds were cheering. Kenyans were…

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  • Analysis Of Dark Humor

    Remember when you were a kid or teen and you snuck off and did something that, you know you had no business doing. Whether it was sneaking off on a date or drinking alcohol. We have all done something that would have caught us in trouble if the folks found out. And dark humour plays on things that are normally frown abound in society. The words Dark Humour popped up around the late nineteen-sixties to the early seventies. But the genre has been around for a lot longer under different names…

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  • Why Is John F Kennedy Important To The Family President

    American was not one many people could be proud of after the 1960’s. A book written by Natasha Zaretsky titled No Direction Home: The American Family and the Fear of National Decline furthered this new growth in families. Mentioned extensively throughout the book, families were a growing factor in the 1970’s. Zaretsky often titled it the “revolution of family” and the revolution was appeased by the ideas of Reagan. The message of families and the new “breed” of Americans gave the people a new…

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  • Who Is Nelson Mandela?

    In South Africa, apartheid was a system of racial segregation where the white minority ruled over the majority of black inhabitants, treating them less than human. One man served nearly 30 years in prison fighting for equal rights, his name was Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). His contribution helped bring the end of apartheid and he was a global advocate for human rights. Through many hardships he persevered and by 1994, he was elected president of South Africa. I chose Nelson Mandela because in…

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  • Desmund Tutu: A Life In South Africa

    Desmund Tutu was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa October 7, 1931. His father was a principal and his mother for a school for the blind cooking and cleaning. At this point and time in South Africa’s history, it was very segregated. South Africa was especially like this for the youth of South Africa. In this time people of a certain color were denied the right to vote. They were also forced to live in the certain area. Even at such a young age, Tutu was able to see that he was being treated worse…

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