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  • Rashomon Analysis

    Different genres utilize the camera and its subjects differently, and Kurosawa notes these differences throughout Rashomon. Tajomaru’s story is intentionally very comedic. He is an over-the-top character, coming off as slightly unhinged at times, but never ultimately unreliable. Throughout Tajomaru’s retell of events, the camera is very subjective. The audience is seeing the action almost entirely how Tajomaru is seeing it. In fact, the audience is so closely connected to Tajomaru’s point of view, that we are given a glimpse of how he hopes to be perceived, which is as a gallant hero wandering through the forest. Dramatic music complements this brief fantasy of his. While the scene is obviously very comedic, it does not discredit Tajomaru. In fact, it actually brings viewers closer to understanding him. In comically portraying Tajomaru as vulnerable, Kurosawa portrays him as honest as well. The following scene depicts a fight between Tajomaru and the wife. The camera is very frantic, always moving and always cutting from shot to shot. Throughout, however, Tajomaru maintains a smile. The over-the-top nature of the scene is most evident when Tajomaru steals a kiss at the end, and the wife passionately returns…

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  • American Crime Analysis

    Hobbesian theme underscores the harshness of reality. Furthermore it implicitly recognizes the tribal nature of humanity. This note will use the previously mentioned themes as the initial material to frame another discussion on the 2016 post-electoral climate in the United States in the hopes of better understanding it. Building on the analysis of storylines written by Eduardo Bonilla-Silvia in his Racism Without Racists and the idea 1950 Kurosawa film Rasho-Mon, this manuscript will analyze…

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  • Bone Of Blood And Macbeth Comparison

    Destiny Jones English 12 Period 4 February 26th, 2017 Unit 3 Comparison Essay: Topic 3 The adaptation of a play by Shakespeare to a film of a different culture can only be done if done correctly. Akira Kurosawa managed to do this flawlessly by creating “Throne of Blood” uniquely, but also along a similar storyline of the famous play “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. Kurosawa saw a chance to accomodate 16th century Japan to what was happening in Scotland during the 11th century,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mars

    As I woke up from a night of excellent sleep, I turned over in my bed to see a stunning commercial on the television. Colors were flashing red, blue, and about every other color so I knew it must be something important. I rubbed my eyes so I could see the television more clearly and I read off the screen “wanted: 5 people between the ages of 14 and 18 to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity… A round trip to Mars is being given away to 3 lucky winners, visit www.trip2mars.com. After…

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  • Dreams Have Symbolic Meaning

    This week’s myth was on research showing that dreams have symbolic meaning. This psychological belief goes all the way back to Freud, who stated that dream interpretation was not universal, even though he treated it like it was. I was most surprised to learn that this belief actually stems from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. I knew it wasn’t a new belief, but I did not know that belief was over a hundred years old. This myth has persisted because we believe in a subconscious self, and we…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Magic In Our Hearts

    Magic In Our Hearts It still seems like it was just yesterday. The smell of the roses, the cloud of hairspray covering my home from left to right. People running around trying to get ready. Somehow everything seemed to be passing by so slow for me. I felt such calmness and peace going through me. I looked down and could see I was only half ready, still wearing my blue basketball shorts and Pink Floyd t-shirt. Make up was already done and hair was almost done just needed a few…

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  • Dystopian Film

    to me after my discovery. So much goes into physically producing a movie, and to create and expose viewers to a world juxtaposed to the one we currently live in is fascinating. As unimaginable as these societies seem, when compared you will find many similarities in our “reality”, whether it be the current political or social climate. Sometimes the only real difference between dystopian societies and the world we live in is the severity of the climate and the institutions behind them. George…

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  • Personal Narrative-Jimmy's Story

    Jimmy At 3:00 in the morning (haunting hour) I heard screaming downstairs and I went to go see what it was, but I kept getting stuck in all those blankets that I had on my bed. When I finally got out of bed and went down the stairs. It was to dark to see so I had to struggle to find the light switches,but when I did I found my parents dead on the ground with their heads dangling from the celing and their eyes rolling back. I also saw a bloody knife on the ground next to them. I had no time to…

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  • Family In Tampopo

    The concept of family is a fascinating facet, connecting unique individuals with common interests. Whether these individuals are united by blood, by work, or by common interests, they make up different kinds of families. When peering into traditional Japanese households, three pieces of works stood out – Tampopo, Out, and Tokyo Sonata. Tampopo is a 1988 comedy film directed by Juzo Itami, which follow several characters and different forms and aspects of family. Out is a 1997 novel by Natsuo…

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  • Yojimbo Scene Analysis

    Yojimbo, directed by Akira Kurosawa tells a captivated Japanese story about a wondering samurai, named Sanjuro who helps a small town get rid of the most troublesome group of gangs by using his cleverness. Kurosawa is known for his composition and movement in his film, but other elements of mise-en-scene is also skillfully. He does a fascinating job with the fighting scene. In the beginning of the scene where a woman and two men are conversing a scheme in a closet, Kurosawa establishes…

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