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  • Film: The Role Of African Americans In Film

    Many people know about African Americans in the film industry, but not many know about the path they had to take to get there. African American films have always played a significant role in my family. We loved to see films that make us laugh, but also ones that revealed more about the history of our race, especially since my distant cousin Pearl Bailey starred in many of those motion pictures. The fact that my cousin worked in film during a time that African Americans were looked down upon in the film industry inspired me to want to pursue a career in film. Being a filmmaker and African American, I found it very important to discover the history of African Americans in film and even some things that they may be going through now in the film industry. The role of African Americans is significant in the film industry, but also very important because it changed the industry altogether. During 1910, white people would dress up in blackface in order to depict an African American character in their films. African Americans were portrayed as very stereotypical characters in early 20th century films. They would get roles as butlers or other helpers around the house, those were considered the best roles for blacks. Even though they were bigger roles, they still required them to play a servant.…

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  • Films Influence On American Culture

    Whether or not you go to the movies every weekend, films are an important part of our lives in the modern world. No matter where you go you will inevitably see advertising for one movie or another, and if you do not then you will see one for a television show. In the age of the internet and social media it is truly impossible to escape movies even if you could not care less about them. I know people who have not been to a theatre in years and others, like myself, who go practically every week to…

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  • Film Analysis: American Beauty

    With the Oscars around the corner, one might sit and think to themselves how screenwriters are able to keep the plot from confusing the viewer, while still adding their own touch of twists and turns. Linda Seger, a script consultant and author, wrote a piece outlining the ten most essential plot points and concepts for a successful movie. The following piece will address the classic movie "American Beauty", telling the story of Lester Burnham, a "42-year-old father, husband and advertising…

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  • American Sniper Film Analysis

    Films about war have always caught my attention. American Sniper was no different. American Sniper is a film that was released in 2015, based on the book written by Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle is known as the most lethal sniper in American history. He was a United States Navy SEAL, joining the elite squad when he was 25 years old. By his own account, Chris Kyle says he killed 160 enemies while protecting our military men. His primary mission was to protect his comrades and he took his mission to…

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  • Gender Roles In American Film

    the contemplation of mixed marriage in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and the stand for equal rights in the guise of a post-Civil war, post-World War II fight for land ownership in Hurry Sundown, (Courtney, 2005) both these films carry broad intimations of second-wave feminism, which focused on bodily freedoms and economic empowerment. Cast in…

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  • American Film Culture Analysis

    Patel 1 Aditi Patel Dr. D’ Angiolini English 101 12/2/15. The culture of American Film Back to the year 2000, most of the top-grossing movies are, in some way, fantasy or science fiction films, featuring super heroes, vampires, wizards, and villains. In the 1960s, the fantasy genre was virtually nonexistent in the box office bonanza sweepstakes. We find an ever-increasing share of Hollywood movie production devoted to fantasy, and, as is so often the case in semiotic analysis, such a shift, or…

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  • American Film Production History

    Film production has been a part of American’s history since the 1900s. Hollywood became hugely industrialized during the 1930s and 40s. (Sardar, Ziauddin, 44) It all started with motion picture. Film Production is one of the great American achievements. The industry has grown and increased up to this day. The Process of Film Making isn’t too easy. What are the essential steps involved in film production today? Film Production includes all aspects of the production itself. There are five…

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  • American Horror Film Analysis

    “By studying culture as something created and lived through objects, we can better understand both social structures and larger systemic dimensions such as human action, emotion and meaning,” (Woodward, 4). The truth of the American horror film. To better understand western culture and the connection between the object and the human. This connection is linked between western ideologies. These films draw on western cultures deepest fears and vulnerabilities. This is cleverly done over a period of…

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  • Analysis Of American Film: The Hero's Quest

    Everyone knows about the American movie business. Millions of dollars go into financing big movie projects just to entertain ourselves away from the real world, and millions of dollars are sent back in tickets to go see these films. Certainly, this business has been booming for the past one-hundred years, and we keep on fueling the fire. Movies aren’t just about entertainment only. Many films have become part of the American culture, and many films from the US show how Americans think and…

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  • African American Film Essay

    made in African American film, the failure to enforce cast integration for films that portray or represent African Americans is a limitation set for actors and actresses in the industry. There are several well-known actresses that could have been casted for the part, for instance Viola Davis. At some level it’s not the responsibility of the production company rather the industry workers and those who support them (actors, actresses and moviegoers). “Accountability to the community take…

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