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  • Pit Bulls Essay

    According to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd is an “all-purpose” service dog. They are generally large in size, swift, intelligent, and powerful. The ancestry of the German Shepherd, much like that of many canines, was originated from “herding and farm dogs.” The association of the German Shepherd to man was comradeship and service. German Shepherds are known for their “loyalty, courage, and ability to assimilate…” The successful training of this canine should yield well-ordered manners and control of anticipations. As a protector, the German Shepherd should retain tranquility and surveillance. Naturally, the canine is not combative, but will fight if provoked. Further training includes balanced exercise and diet. According to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Buying A Dog

    cheap since it would grow out of its collar in no time. I went with a black collar and leash. The next thing I was going for was a dog kennel; I walked to the side of the store and walked along the wall until I reached the dog kennels. Once again I was overwhelmed with options. I started looking at the medium size kennels, and then I looked at prices. I found a cage one for $49. The next place I went was food and water bowls. I also kept these simple, and went with just plain black for both…

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  • Arguments For Tail Docking

    those who approve of tail docking and its supposed benefits. The history of tail docking started in ancient Roman times, and tails were docked for multiple reasons. Docking the tip of the tail and parts of the tongue were supposed to prevent the contraction of rabies. Tail 's were thought to help a dog in a chase, and so those who were not permitted to hunt were required to have the tail docking procedure on their dogs in order to eliminate effective hunting. Later on, tails were cropped in…

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  • Kennel Club Research Paper

    The Kennel Club website The Kennel Club. 2015. Japanese Chin. [Online] The Kennel Club. Available from: [Accessed on 28th November 2015] The kennel club website is also a well-known organisation and their website was used to be able to research general knowledge about Japanese Chins which are generally used as show dogs and there is a Japanese chin club website with a lot of shows dates from (The Japanese Chin Club,…

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  • Origin Of Dogs

    older breeds. After years of subsequent pairings, these mixtures began to solidify as a separate, distinct member of the canine family. With the emergence of new breeds, and the popularity of previously established breeds, dog enthusiasts in the mid 19th century needed a way to standardize the expectations judges were to consider at dog shows, which were beginning to gain traction among the upper class. In order to clearly govern these rules, in Birmingham, England, in the year 1859, the…

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  • Gainesville Opportunity Center: A Case Study

    to rebuild their lives. Like Club Success, The GOC’s purpose is to assist their members stay out of hospitals and accomplish aspirations of being socially, financially and educationally independent. While Club Success focuses on following a “work order day” setting, the GOC emphases establishing meaningful relationships with staff and other members, ultimately trying to give members more of a sense of belonging. Through these relationships, the GOC hopes to provide members with the knowledge…

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  • Jacobins Tyrants In The French Revolution

    Jacobins; Tyrants or Peacemakers? Jacobin “peacemakers” assassinated tyrants, just to become the very tyrant they slaughtered. The Jacobins were a radical club, the purpose of the Jacobins was to promote the ideas of the democracy and achieve equality for every citizen of France. Maximillian Robespierre was the most influential member of the Jacobins, and eventually became their leader, and lead them into the French Revolution in 1789. Jacobins fought ten years against the Monarchy for…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    months, as member of the Boys & Girls Club, has been a momentous time of my life. One of my key aspect of involvement at the club, is helping the kids with homework. Most of the times when the kids comes to the Boys & Girls Club from school, the chances of them having homework is very high of them having to complete their assignment to turn it in the next day. I utilize the time I have to devote all of my time and energy to assist them with their homework. I personally know how important it is…

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  • Consequences Of The Reign Of Terror

    happen if they decided to rebel or speak against the government. Its design included a hole in between two poles, and the person would put their head into the hole. There would be a sharp blade attached to a string, which when one would let go it would cut the person’s head off. “The Terror was designed to fight the enemies of the revolution, to prevent counter-revolution from gaining ground” ( Maximillian Robespierre was the leader in charge of the Reign of Terror.…

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  • 7 Must Exercise To Do For Weight Loss Essay

    ‘’7 Must Exercise’’ To Do For Weight Loss Overview Exercise is vital for good and better health. The best thing if you want to lose weight is take some exercise on daily basis. It depends on which exercise is fit for you and that cannot cause sidelines for weeks or months. Many people are doing what they can to lose weight and avoid obesity. How to lose weight is a process, hence you need to organize yourself on how you will be performing exercises which is very essential for this tough journey.…

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