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  • The Influence Of Bullying In Pop Culture

    Simon Cowell on American Idol each week would stare at hopeful singers and without even blinking, he would dash the hope of these young people. He would do this with malice and without remorse, but in his defense says it was done in order to help them, but for many Americans it came off as an example of bullying by a man with power and influence. In recent years America has been on a crusade to stop bullying in all forms, but on television it is acceptable as long as it was profitable and makes good television. Simon was disliked for his actions, but American’s still tuned in to see what he would say. He was hated, and loved at the same time and these were the actions that made this so popular at the time. Americans need to make a choice stand against bullying in all forms or stop the crusade.…

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  • Minimizing Negative Influences

    Another negative influence should be emphasized here. Materialism stimulated by some reality shows threats adolescents’ concept of money,leading them to be greedy. Many reality TV shows have set up huge bonuses to encourage contestants. As a consequence, to get bonuses seems to be the only goal for them to participate in the programme. For example, the ultimate winner of Big Brother (a popular reality show in the UK) won a £70,000 prize in 2000, and Survivor ( an American reality show) arranged…

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  • The Influence Of Reality TV

    order to create these shows and be able to keep them on the air for multiple seasons, producers reach out to major corporations for sponsorships in the form of product placements and commercials throughout the episodes. One of the most prominent examples of this is on the Fox competition series American Idol in which the partnerships with Coca-Cola, Ford, AT&T, and Apple are extremely apparent. During each episode, Coke cups are placed on the judges’ table to promote the drink and the show…

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  • The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory Analysis

    American Idol was introduced to the United States in April 2002; the show was the search for a new superstar and at the same time the show added the element of built-in promotion, the show’s massive audience (Seabrook 125). American Idol was an amazing way to turn a small-town artist into big city names and that is exactly what it did, the millions of viewers tuning in. With American Idol, before the audience hears the person sing we hear the backstory, which is usually sad. This sad backstory…

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  • Guns N Roses: Song Analysis

    For this paper, I have chosen to present my exploration on one of the greatest rock bands in American history, Guns N’ Roses, as well as the so called “Reigning Queen of Country Music”, Carrie Underwood (Schiff, 2014). The particular song I have chosen is “Paradise City,” and with this song being recorded originally in 1987 by Guns N’ Roses, Underwood decided to perform her own version in 2014 at the Country Music Association Festival. The purpose of this paper is to explore particular artists…

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  • The Importance Of Determination And Pursuing Your Dreams

    Even as a young child, singing was her passion. “She started singing at a young age, initially at church and later in school and talent shows” (Michael). Underwood practiced her skill and showed her love of singing by performing in public events. The dream she had was put on hold as she went to college for a short period of time. “In 2002 she entered Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, with intentions to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. Two years later she interrupted…

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  • Reality Tv Popularity

    It’s 9:00 p.m. and everyone gathers around the television for a night of “Reality Programming.” As we gaze upon the screen and begin loading data into our brains, I question, “Is reality television shaping our minds and the minds of our children, and if so, into what?” In the last decade or so there has been a new craze that has swept our nation, and that is reality television. Why are these shows so popular? According to the Reality T.V. World’s website, there are around 1,000 reality…

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  • Reality Tv Negative Influence

    influence their audience’s perceptions of life and their morals and purchases in life. They explain how our American culture is part of reality television and that there are many negative influences coming from reality television, such as topics of weight, addictions, families, friends, and love. Tran and Strutton explained how reality televisions stars have an influence on us and how tend to start to copy how they dress, do their hair, take after their names, lifestyle, and pretend to be in…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Reality TV

    a parent, teaching their kids the ‘acceptable’ ways of society” (Skeen). When parents are too busy for their child, they are more than likely to look up to someone else. Usually this someone else turns out to be someone from a television program and they may also look up at these shows for their way of doing their things. Self-esteem plays a big role on this. Some of us cannot take so much perfection, as we tend to think these stars are. In my case, I tend to always go on a new crazy diet when I…

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  • Reality Television Ethics

    Reality Television is usually defined as a television program in which real people are continuously filmed. Reality television is designed to be entertaining rather than informative. Today, many children across the globe are exposed to reality television and a lot of the negative influences that come with it. The research question I am trying to answer is whether reality television is skewing the minds of children and causing them to think that reality television portrays the true values of…

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