Minimizing Negative Influences

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Another negative influence should be emphasized here. Materialism stimulated by some reality shows threats adolescents’ concept of money,leading them to be greedy. Many reality TV shows have set up huge bonuses to encourage contestants. As a consequence, to get bonuses seems to be the only goal for them to participate in the programme. For example, the ultimate winner of Big Brother (a popular reality show in the UK) won a £70,000 prize in 2000, and Survivor ( an American reality show) arranged up to $1 million prize to the champion (The Telegraph,2000; BBC, 2000). This huge money is the main motivation for young contestants struggling in the show. Facing the intense temptation, some of them could do anything even swallowing live earthworms. …show more content…
Three suggestions are put forward for them. First for the government, establishing and managing the television content rating system for reality shows might be an appropriate approach. Sociologists and experts of communication could rate the programmes after being produced by television companies. Thus, it could clarify reality shows to different levels in order to provide advice for both parents and children.

On the other hand, for the media, reducing violent and sexual contents in reality shows is beneficial to decrease negative influences on adolescents. As youth is likely to imitate behaviors appeared in programmes such as swearing and insulting, the media could restrict certain contents for them by agenda setting. Although these contents are attractive and promote viewing rates, the media has the obligation to spread more positive energies rather than negative emotions. In addition, more guidance by experts or adults should be involved when disproportionate conflicts and arguments are demonstrated. Experienced adults could point out the harm of these behaviors directly and seriously in programmes. Meanwhile, warning notices should be showed on the screen. In that case, teenagers may have correct awareness of norms and
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Nevertheless, as conflicts and selfish actions appear in the shows, adverse influences in shaping teenagers’ behavior and personality occur. With more exposure to some reality TV, adolescents are more likely to be greedy and self-centered. In that case, both the government and media could take actions to minimize these adverse impacts.

However, most findings and figures illustrated in this project are based on the research in America, China and Britain. Therefore, further research is necessary in order to analyse the relationship between reality shows and teenagers’ development in other countries. Meanwhile, more analyses are needed especially in term of teens’ psychological health, with particular attention to different gender. These evaluations could help adolescents develop better in the

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