Stereotypes Of Reality Tv Shows

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As said by Georgia Jagger “Reality tv rots people’s brains.” Reality tv results in children and teens becoming sexists and believing in stereotypes. Reality tv ruins common morals and causes child and teens to act as the actors in the show. Parents should monitor the number of hours their children watch reality tv. Watching reality tv creates the basis of delusions and dangerous stereotypes for the impressionable. When watching reality tv children start to believe what they are seeing on television is what can happen in real life, especially when the genre of the show is reality. Reality tv causes it to be a belief that “It’s in a girl’s nature to be catty and competitive” as shown in a study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute. In a way the belief will cause girls to behave catty and …show more content…
When the Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a survey it was shown that “Many girls think these programs reflect reality, with… 50% saying that real-life shows are “mainly real and unscripted.” This is influencing the way children and teenagers think, making them believe that females are ill-natured creatures. Equally as important as the last statement, reality tv play into stereotypical beliefs. West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin, says that Jersey Shore, a reality tv show, “plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes.” Buckwild being set in West Virginia feeds to the belief all West Virginians are hillbillies or rednecks. In addition to Buckwild’s upset with stereotypes of reality tv, Anita McGahee, who is a Georgian that own a business near Honey Boo Boo’s home says it “Depicts locals uneducated and rude.” and that “It bothers me

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