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  • The Role Of Reality Television In America

    Reality television has made a breakthrough in the last fifteen years and, despite its spreading popularity, the role it plays in shaping not only the mindset of a young America, but also the views of older generations, is causing negative impacts. These shows often portray stereotypical models all across America, emphasizing, and even exaggerating their habits and Ebonics, leaving viewers with a narrow vision of American citizens and lessening ethical and moral values. Shows such as Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo give us a glimpse of what exactly reality television entails. We, the people, are obligated to ensure the prolific souls of our great nation be rid of these vicious and terrible stereotypes. It is our duty to…

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  • Paranormal Television: A Genre Of Reality TV

    Paranormal television is a genre of reality television. Its scope comprises purportedly factual investigations of paranormal phenomena, rather than fictional representations found in such shows and movies as Scooby-Doo, Ghostbusters, and Rentaghost. In the print media reports of supernatural occurrences have always been common. When TV became more and more popular stations needed to find way of differentiating themselves. Starting in the 1960’s TV stations began to feature ghost stories. This…

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  • Reality Television Ethics

    Reality Television is usually defined as a television program in which real people are continuously filmed. Reality television is designed to be entertaining rather than informative. Today, many children across the globe are exposed to reality television and a lot of the negative influences that come with it. The research question I am trying to answer is whether reality television is skewing the minds of children and causing them to think that reality television portrays the true values of…

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  • How Does Reality Television Affect Women

    Two perturbed reporters, Erin Cunningham and Serena Elavia both concur on how media such as photography and reality television can affect the health and well being of not only young girls and women, but the famous reality stars people religiously watch today. Cunningham and Elavia are able to agree and concentrate on three key points: views from the general public, poor behavior of the people behind the lens, and the potential health issues. According to author Erin Cunningham in “Our…

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  • Reality Television Definition

    definition of Reality Television: Within television there are more than just one category of reality TV, with some testing the abilities of the human body through shows like American Ninja Warrior as well as reality shows that enforce people to live together and cause drama on camera, an example being Big Brother. Reality television is a huge genre that contains hundreds of different ideas and focuses that cannot really be described by a definition. These categories of reality all have different…

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  • Essay On Reality Television

    Reality Television, Photoshopping, and Government Guidelines Guidelines and regulations regarding photoshop in advertising and the contents of reality television are both uncertain and weak. In the articles “The Collective Conscience Of Reality Television” by Serena Elavia and “In Our Photoshopping Disorder” by Erin Cunningham, both authors discuss how in today's media the lack of restrictions cause a false sense of reality. Elavia, a reporter for Fox Business Network, mentions in her article…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Reality Television

    For most generations, television was innocent as a child. Tom and Jerry, The Looney Tunes, and Scooby-Doo were all a Saturday ritual. Although older generations experienced this, technology has grown tremendously since then and so has the ability for not so innocent content to be displayed on reality television. Children of the new generations are subject to The Kardashians and “Jersey Shore” where partying, glamour, and sexual content are all present. Reality television and its producers are…

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  • The Importance Of Reality Television On Society

    To her, it’s all about ethics and recent reality television is clearly not making a good impact on anyone who watches. She rips apart anyone who takes part in these shows and says that they “are amateurs who may have been chosen for their fragility and instability” (225). With this being said it’s clear that these so-called “real” people are in fact actually not genuine at all. Although most people just watch reality TV and laugh at the way they cruelly mock individuals who participate, Prose…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Reality Television

    Reality Television (TV) is a genre of TV programming in which ordinary people are continuously filmed, designed for entertainment rather than for information. Though eventually, a change in attitude and behavior is usually noticed in these people because they go from ordinary to reality stars within a matter of no time. This genre of TV may present itself in two ways: one as harmless and humorous entertainment which people can choose whether or not to watch; or two, as a negative effect on…

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  • Reality Television: America's Guilty Pleasure

    The Reality of Reality Television 1Reality television is America’s guilty pleasure. Millions of viewers tune in every week to find out what mayhem their favorite reality star is causing. Whether it’s a toddler in a tiara or a Kardashian, fans just can’t get enough of reality television. As their popularity rises, we notice a shift in society’s perception of these reality shows and evidence of their negative influences have emerged. Reality television can alter the viewer’s perception of…

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