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  • Thesis Analysis Of Rama's Sita

    1) Thesis A thesis statement defines the main ideas and opinions of a paper. It is the “first impression” of a paper. It must include the topic / subject, your argument / opinion, and a major supporting details of your argument. It is an arguable statement that any intelligent person would agree is logical to argue. It is a place to tell your audience just what you are going to prove. 2) “Weak to Strong” D: This thesis does not have the subject of the paper nor does it have any reasons supporting the claim / opinion. A: Only the topic and opinion are stated, there are no supporting details of the claim. C: This thesis has the components, but is not as strong or as well done as B. It states the exact argument and what will be addressed, but no supporting details. B: This is the strongest thesis because it has the subject / topic, the reason for or against the topic, as well as the main supporting details. By having the second sentence, it contrasts the writer’s argument, showing that both sides of the topic will be addressed in the paper 3) “Guess the Thesis” Odysseus’ strength is formed by his steadfast endurance in the strenuous tasks he is put through, similar to the forging of iron. Just as they both are capable of destruction, they similarly gain strength through purity and change; although something like Odysseus’ homecoming can prove to be much more harmful and trying than that of which he worked to return to. Throughout Odysseus’ journey, the theme of strength…

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