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  • Human Dignity Vs Practical Reason Essay

    The relation between human dignity and practical reason is the justification of practically rational viewpoint which argues for the rationality normative status of the concept of human dignity in the action. The stand of this relation argues for how all human agents must necessarily accept that they are committed and obligated to respecting the dignity of others and that this is a practically rational point of view without rejecting the substantive nature of human dignity as value and the prior authority of reason in the Kantian project of practical reason. On this necessary link between human dignity and practical reason two issues turn on: first, the existence of human dignity as objective ends qua the absolute worth of person, second, the…

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  • Reasons Why Aboriginal People Join Gangs

    30% of Canadian inmates are Aboriginal and that’s not right. This is part of the reason why Aboriginal youth are more likely than other Canadian youth to join gangs or to be in trouble with the law. There are three main reasons for this. One reason is that Aboriginals get bullied by non-Aboriginal kids. This make them feel that gangs are a place where they belong. Another reason is survival. In gangs Aboriginals can get lots of money from selling drugs and guns to support their family. The final…

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  • The Tension Between Faith And Reason In Thomas Aquinas And Blaise Pascal

    The presence of a sort of tension between faith and reason has been innate to humans since people first started to question what the true purpose of life is. The existence of this separation could be clearly viewed by looking comparing Athens and Jerusalem, with Athens representing truth through reason and philosophy and Jerusalem representing truth through insights of revelation and purity of soul. Therefore, faith and reason have always posed tension by their proximity and their constantly…

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  • How Did The Age Of Reason Lead To The Revolution

    How the Age of Reason Leads to the Revolution The Age of Reason is a movement that started in Europe and spread to America. This movement brought about the use of reason or rationale thinking, instead of tradition and established doctrine. People began thinking differently and realized they did not have to accept the ways of the past as the way of the future. Once the American colonists began to believe in these ideas, they began to question divine-right of kings and entrenched manners of…

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  • Analysis Of Nietzsche's Allegory Of The Den

    Reason is not necessarily the means to the better life, or towards procuring ‘the good,’ from the view of these latter thinkers. It seems that Nietzsche would problematize the allegory of the den, in this respect, to no end. From a Nietzschean perspective, the relativity of our values, and the ways they merely reflect the power dynamics and social and political undercurrents of our age, begs the question of their effect on our reason (Nietzsche, 1989, p.46-47). The supposed ‘good’ or ‘moral…

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  • Medea Passion Analysis

    “Medea explores the tension between reason and passion”. Discuss It is within the very nature of humans to isolate the polarised forces of reason and passion, yet within his Greek tragedy Medea, Euripides demonstrates the “fatal results” of possessing a predisposition for either frame of mind. Indeed, the antagonistic relationship between Medea and society best contextualises the gripping antithesis between maintaining an acceptable outward demeanour and laying bare our inner impulses…

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  • Analysis Of Antidoping Strategies In Sport By Norman C. Fost

    Issues in Antidoping Strategies in Sport” by Norman C. Fost, it gives reasons about how the prohibition drugs in athletics have moral principles. Fost is arguing about how prohibiting such drugs is no clear moral principles. I will be analyzing two argument claims in the article of Fost and will also be evaluating Frost’s argument in agreeing with his arguments and reasons. Fost argues about what things are harmful and explains why it is not a good moral claim reason to prohibit steroids because…

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  • Historians

    Historians like all people, have general knowledge and understanding of all domains such as the sciences, business and politics. However, historians unlike most people use facts of general knowledge to help other people connect concepts together to create a general understanding of a topic. For this reason, historians’ present facts to people that helps them to come up with solutions to their current issues. Mostly, the historian has been an important role for centuries because they not only…

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  • The Theme Of Peace In Shakespeare's Richard The Third

    Richard admits to the audience that he knows exactly what is going to happen to Clarence because he set it up: “To set my brother Clarence and the King / In deadly hate the one against the other” (1.1.34-35). Richard admits that he set up Clarence’s imprisonment in the tower, and that the only reason Clarence has any suspicion at all was because of the things Richard said. Yet despite this all be Richard’s doing, and Clarence being his brother that Clarence seems to love blinded implying that…

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  • Chang's Theory Of Reasoning

    What people ought to do is usually associated with what people have most reason to do. Reasoning is a characteristic feature of humans, an essential tool of thinking that enables people to learn the truth and to rationalize their understanding of the world. Most importantly, reason is the primary source of justification that explains human actions, beliefs and behaviours. By exercising rational reasoning, humans weight up their available alternatives and act according to the best possible…

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