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  • How Does Nicki Minaj Have A Negative Influence On Society

    The Art of the World’s Biggest Female Hip-Hop Star Art is a concept that comes in many forms depending on the “eye of the beholder.” Art can be defined as a form of expression and passion from the artist that is unique, requires effort, and has an audience. It can be displayed in many forms such as music, dance, videos, etc. Artists have influenced thoughts and feelings of viewers with their art, one of the most prominent forms being music. Music is a way of communicating experiences and emotions that are often times relatable and connect with an audience and has grown in to many different genres such as Hip Hop. Nicki Minaj is very experienced and well known for creating popular Hip-Hop rhymes, provocative dance routines, and can’t-help-but-watch videos. Due to her originality and emphasized presentation of her lyrics, Nicki Minaj’s music, and creations to complement it, is art. First, Nicki Minaj performs music that can be categorized as Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop can be defined as “…a cultural phenomenon that has immensely influenced society with its collection of cultural forms and practices dominating music, fashion, dance, art, and urban vernacular since its inception in the Bronx New York in the 1980’s,” (White 613). In other words, Hip-Hop has an influence on society by changing art forms such as music, dance, and vernacular in writing, much like what Nicki Minaj applies to today’s society. Minaj creates Hip-Hop lyrics with a unique vernacular that can often be heard…

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  • The Dragon's Short Story: Pangea

    I breathed harder and faster with every fraught step I take. Run, run faster is the only thought that’s going through my brain. I have broken so many laws, making me the most wanted person in Pangea. It’s 2070 and the rest of the world is covered in water. The government is desperate on making more space on this 1 continent of land that is a barrier between the human race and the never ending sea. Everything was destroyed 10 years ago from the suffocating choke that the ocean’s hands pressed…

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  • Death And Rebirth Analysis

    Death and Rebirth of a Phoenix The photo in figure 1 displays an annihilation of human lives and the destruction of livelihood. The left side of the photo displays a fire that was once engulfed in flames. There are two shadowy figures that are walking in the smoldering fire as the smoke and steam rises off the ground. The right side of the photo shows a picture of an atomic bomb testing that was most likely taken in the early 1940’s during the Manhattan Project. The smoke that covers the…

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  • Rebirth In Jesus

    For some these terms evoke positive feelings and for others they may trigger negative responses. I started my research paper with (Born again) because my rebirth in Jesus Christ is the very essence of my understanding of Christianity. I prayed for purpose and asked Jesus what He wanted me to do? What He wanted me to know and where He wanted me to go? His answer, I will show you. My ultimate goal is to listen for God’s guidance and to stay focus. I started in the back of the church with a…

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  • Rebirth In A Tale Of Two Cities

    Zach Hanger Mrs. Godard Brit Lit Honors- 7 April 19 2017 Dicken’s character development in “A Tale of Two Cities” frequently consists of a recall to life or a rebirth. In fact, some experience multiple rebirths or resurrections. While the recalls to life can have spiritual or grotesque undertones, they also contain a common themes. Whether they are literal or figurative, each instance comprises of an attempt to give someone a chance to live again, or at the least a chance to change the way…

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  • Rebirth Of Youth Sports Analysis

    Rebirth of Youth Sports “Barcelona?” I asked, looking at my coach. My team was invited to Barcelona for a soccer camp a couple years ago. Who would’ve thought that playing soccer as a kid would have led me to going out of the country for a week? My childhood revolved around sports, whether it was soccer, track, or cross country. All of my siblings participated in some sort of sport while I was growing up, so I was always active. I grew up with a different lifestyle than a lot of kids, spending…

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  • Differences Of Rebirth In Hinduism And Buddhism

    What happens when the last breathe leaves one’s body? Is there something more? Reincarnation has been a thought provoking and much debated subject through-out the years. Regardless if one is of a religious nature or not, the cycle of rebirth appears to be a widely accepted concept. Hinduism and Buddhism are two prominent eastern religions which embrace this belief. A central component of both religions is the belief in endless cycles of births, which is known as samsara. Karma being a major…

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  • The Death And Rebirth Of The Seneca Analysis

    In Anthony F.C. Wallace’s The Death and Rebirth of The Seneca, the narrator examines the Huron tribe’s practice of “war parties” - taking people hostage to avenge their battle casualties. More specifically, he targets the story of a particular victim named Joseph, who was taken by the Huron for the very same practice. In considering the evolution of his tale from kidnapping to death, the narrator touches upon important sociological concepts, including status in society and its rules, social…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Rebirth Of The FOA

    arts (Wushu or Budo), and is the term used in relation to any form of fighting whether it is boxing, karate or kung fu. Judo, wrestling or any similar form that promotes good health, defense for one’s safety, the use of weapons/elements of nature and the knowledge, or the spiritual up-liftment of man. Styles are just names and the only true art, is the “Fighting of Allah,” for what could be used more than the “Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm and Head”, and what greater name is there, but Allah (Subpanna…

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  • Theme Of Rebirth In Huckleberry Finn

    Many are familiar with the story of Helen Keller: how she devastatingly became both blind and deaf, but then gradually learned to read and write through a conversion of attitude and a steady hand to guide her. Such is the archetypal transformation of death and rebirth that a character goes through physically, mentally, or emotionally, when a part of his old life dies and as a result new habits transform him. Although water is a destructive force in nature, it is commonly associated with the…

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