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  • Beowulf And Rama Comparison Essay

    The Ramayana, Beowulf and Rama, represent the virtues of each culture. Presented in these two works of literature, the heroes, Beowulf and Rama demonstrate the most important characteristics valued by these cultures. Beowulf and Rama posses similar virtues, both valuing courage and not shirking from challenges, as well as seeing loyalty as a necessary part of someone’s life. Beowulf and Rama, the heroes of their cultures share many values, but possess different ideas of how these values direct each one 's life. Beowulf and Rama both do not fear death, although Rama believes that his spirit rebirths in a different time and form.…

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  • Marriage And Marriage In Rama's Ramayana Of Valmiki

    relationship should be built on trust, respect, and commitment. The epic Ramayana of Valmiki describes Rama to be the ideal man since he has a strong faith in dharma and is an incarnation of Vishnu, thus making Sita the ideal women. Rama is loved by his people and the next in line for the crown, making him and Sita the power couple of Ayodhya. One of Rama 's mothers, however, asks for Rama to comply with his father 's boon which will leave him exiled for fourteen years in the forest. As Rama and…

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  • Reaction Of Ramayana

    that this story emphasizes about Dharma or duty that causes Rama, an avatar of Vishnu and son of Queen Kaushalya, to be in exile in order to defeat Ravana. Ravana is a demon who plans to silence the gods and dominate heaven. During Rama’s exile, he tries to deceive Rama through his uncle (“re?”)incarnation into a golden deer, so that Ravana can abduct his wife while Rama tries to catch it for her. In desperation to find his wife, Rama suddenly has an encounter with the heavenly creature who…

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  • The Laws Of Manu And The Ramayana

    and women. The epic “The Ramayana” tells about the life of Rama and his wife Sita. They are the idol example of perfect behavior that should be followed in a society by both men and women. Valmiki Ramayana was written with a faith that every man on earth posses the blessing of God and whenever the evil will try to spread his evilness, GOD himself will come down to earth to diminish them. Maharishi Valmiki wrote Ramayana the…

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  • Role Of Duty In The Ramayana

    In The Ramayana, duty and fulfilling one’s obligations is important. The story of Rama is the story of a man fighting evil as part of his natural mission as an incarnation of Vishnu. Dharma, the principle of cosmic order, plays a large part in this because the characters have their duties and roles in this world that must follow through with in order to assure the balance of the universe. As a method of teaching in the ancient Indian society, The Ramayana teaches its audience to accept their…

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  • Thesis Analysis Of Rama's Sita

    He feels a sense of duty to do as his father wishes because of his love for him. Ultimately, I show how Rama is saying that it is his privilege to give up the throne and live in exile out of respect and love for his father, since he knows he has no choice. Another aspect of this is that we can see that Rama shows his love for Sita by wanting her to stay in the kingdom and be happy, not wanting to take away her true purpose in life. Thus, I will prove In The Ramayana, Rama is very accepting of…

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  • The Oppression Of Women And Sita In The Ramayana India

    present among castes that were of a higher class, much like the lives that Rama and Sita were born into. Upon first glance it appear as though Sita is nothing more than a product of her time; a young and naive princess that is all too willing to sacrifice everything for her husband and follow the rules of society at the time. While an argument could be made for that, it is important to note that when the text is more closely analyzed, it becomes obvious that there are several instances where…

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  • Varna Analysis

    apparently usually talks about money, but it’s clearly obvious that all men would agree to this quote. In the Hindu culture, Varna was referred to as a person’s responsibility regarding their class. Very few females received an initiation to be ‘twice born’ as a symbol of high status according to their top class because it was more much more common for men. In the Ramayana story, Rama, a prince, was banned from his kingdom as a result of his stepmother’s actions against him being the next king.…

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  • Ramaia And Valmiki's Ramayana And Confucius Analects

    contradictions. The wars are shown between human/gods and demons. Demons are the kind of creatures, that don’t follow dharma and perform evil actions like violence, women’s abduction and disrespecting other creatures. In this story, Ravana, who was a very powerful demon king, followed the dharma of being a righteous ruler. But, his poor decision of abducting someone else’s wife not only doomed his life, but also his kingdom and his people. He abducted Rama’s wife Sita and brought her to his…

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  • Sita Sings The Blues Analysis

    Faith in God and detachment from objective pursuits are the keys for human liberation. Sita demonstrates this in the myth when she leaves everything to be with Rama when he is banished. As for Rama he is the embodiment of dharma for he follows the codes that hold mankind together and no matter what will not omit his faith even for love. Rama and Sita are two of Hinduism most scared beings and their image are being defaced by this film. The film does not compare to Valmiki’s original piece for…

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