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  • Analysis Of The Bhagavad Gita

    The Bhagavad-Gita is a rather small section in the overall massive text of the Mahabharata. However, the size of this passage had no effect on its ability to influence. The likes of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Annie Besant, and Mohandas K. Gandhi were all inspired or influenced by this text. The Bhagavad-Gita wouldn’t be the inspiring text is it today if it hadn’t been influenced by many other religious texts that came before it. The Bhagavad-Gita takes ideas from other religious texts and reinterprets them to fit with its own agenda. One of the texts that the Bhagavad-Gita uses is the Upanishads. A section of the Upanishads contains an extended analogy that likens the various portions of a being to the makeup of a chariot. This passage states that the self is the rider, the body the chariot, intellect the charioteer, ones mind is the reins, and the senses are the horses. By the Bhagavad-Gita making Krishna Arjuna’s charioteer it adds more meaning to Krishna’s role in Arjuna’s decision making. Krishna is being represented as Arjuna’s understanding, and throughout the entirety of the Bhagavad-Gita Arjuna’s understanding of the world and faith is changed by Krishna. This is quite a lengthy allusion to the chariot passage in the Upanishads, a more direct reference to the same passage states “If his mind submits to the play/ of the senses,/ they drive away insight,/ as wind drives a ship on water” (BhG 2.67). While the analogy has shifted from chariots to ships the…

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  • Examples Of Nostalgia

    A sudden Nostalgia in a Yoga class. We, human beings, tend to build intimate and emotional connections towards various things we encounter or have and places that we visit. If, ever, our relationships with these things or places come to an end; we may well mourn their absence or go through an experience of remembrance. This emotional an existential remembrance could include the past; our past experiences, incidents we got through, actions, places we have been to and people we met. Despite the…

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  • Awareness Is The Alpha And Omega Of Yoga Essay

    In other words, Awareness is the A and Z or A to Z of Yoga i.e. Yoga begins with awareness and ends in awarenes. Awareness is the cornerstone of Yogic philosophy (Patanjali’s Yoga Darsana) and of all yogic practices. The entire focus in Yoga is on awareness. The goal of Yogic practices is the realization of Pure Awareness and every practice of Yoga aims at sharpening this…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Taking Yoga

    Everyone has heard of posture these days, however maybe some are not so aware whether they have good posture or how to correct it. This is where yoga can help you to become more aware of your posture both in your daily life and in your yoga practice. I am going to share a few simple pointers that I hope will benefit you, your body and life. Through Yoga you learn how to hold yourself correctly. You will discover how standing properly can make you look taller and slimmer. Yoga postures like the…

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  • Importance Of Wealth And Wealth Essay

    I am sure you also know people, who are financially poor, yet feel very rich and abundant. Blessed with good friends and enjoy good health. You look at them and you think...they look well...and you wonder what is their secret. How do they look so vital? Especially when you know they are unemployed, in debt or going through a distressing emotional phrase. The Secret Of Wealth Taking the stance that Health is Wealth, what can you do to attract wealth? What tools, tips and techniques are out…

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  • The Importance Of Meditation In Yoga

    Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi together comprise meditation in Yoga. Dharana or concentration is the first step in yogic meditation. Dharana is focusing the mind on one object. Patanjali allows you to choose any object whatsoever. The only condition is that you must be favorably inclined towards the object. The entire effort in the dharana is to keep distractions at bay. Given the nature of the human mind, except for the object chosen everything comes in the mind or again and again the mind is…

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  • Influences Of Yoga

    How Yoga Has Influenced India So Far What is yoga? “Yoga” is union – the one that connects your mind, body, and soul at once. The term yoga (derived from the word “yuj” of Sanskrit) is used for connection of the individual soul with the universal spirit. Usually, by yoga, people understand some kind of physical exercise that involves stretches, twists, and deep breaths. However, it has a far broader horizon than most people’s imagination. It is an essential science aspect, which contains in…

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  • Four Types Of Yoga

    Tran, Anh - Assignment #2 Question: What is Yoga? Critically define the four yogas, intention, style, focus, and personality. Which one would you think most suited to your personality? Explain why. Simply put, yoga is a form of moksha (liberation). It is a spiritual exercise that brings peace, balance, and calmness to oneself. There are four types of yogas. The first one is jnana or knowledge yoga. This type of yoga is intended for spiritual aspirants who have a strong reflective bent; it is…

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  • Spiritual Healing Benefits

    The practice of yoga and meditation are proven to be a powerful source for many people around the world and can be practiced if you’re a beginner or in advanced yoga. Practicing yoga has many benefits that can change an individual’s life mentally and physically. Spiritual healing is one the benefits that has helped individuals live happier and healthier lives when they experience spiritual healing throughout time. Spiritual healing is defined by Merriam Webster of or relating to a person’s…

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  • Parable Of The Burning House Analysis

    The children were surrounded by this dangerous, consuming fire and all they wanted to do was continue to play because they did not understand the danger in which they were playing. This is similar to how people are consumed by their desires and might not even be aware of the suffering and pain it causes. The father considered using force -- the same way people consider shoving beliefs down other people 's throats -- but he then realized that convincing his children with words was better. The…

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