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  • 1993 World Trade Center Bombing Research Paper

    “Agents stormed a warehouse in Queens and caught several members of a terrorist cell in the act of assembling bombs” (FBI 100 First Strike: Global Terror in America). The FBI had over 700 agents in the investigation of this attack. The FBI made a large lead way when they found this warehouse. “Those who committed the crime were Islamic fundamentalists, people who believed in an extreme form of the religion of Islam” (Ochoa). The guy who rented the Ryder van was, Salameh. He was already in the FBI database. The FBI has flagged him as a potential terrorist. Yousef was Salameh partner in this bombing. Yousef had $100,000 transferred to him. This money was used to buy bomb making chemicals. “Yousef fled the United States. He was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan. He was turned over to the FBI and was returned to the U.S. to stand Trail” (World Trade Center). Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is Yousef’s uncle. He gave Yousef advice, tips, and cash to carry out the bombing of the 1993 World Trade Center. “Five of the seven main bombers, are serving life sentences in federal super max prison in Florence, Colorado” (The 1993 World Trade Center Bombers: Where Are They Now?). There are between 2 million and 7 million Muslims in America. Since the 1993 bombing and 2001 plane attack, Home grown terrorism has dropped. Was 1993 and 2001 linked together? The evidence shows that it was the same group behind each other attacks. “Among the tallest buildings in the world, the twin towers…

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  • Essay On Fatwa Osama

    The parents of Ramzi Yousef were both Pakistanis. He was sent by his parents to the United Kingdom to steady his schooling at the Swansea Institute in Wales. Yousef majored in electronic engineering. After, his completion, he went back to Pakistan. During his stay in Pakistan Yousef acquired the knowledge of making bombs at a terrorist training camp. In February 26, 1993, Yousef was the main mastermind of the attack on the World Trade Center bombing (Inside 9/11). The bombing did not work as…

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  • How Did 9/11 Happen

    told was that Wall street could be one of the places they might attack. But they didn't take it as serious and their communication skills weren't the best so not everybody knew about this report for a while and when they knew they basically laughed it off. So for them to laugh it off and believe that nothing would happen to lead to 9/11 actually happen because if they had taken it seriously and communicated properly then 9/11 either wouldn't have had happen or have been stopped before happening.…

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  • Richard A. Clarke's Against All Enemies

    the year. This situation, conversely, is what put bin Laden on the CIA’s radar. After denouncing his king, bin Laden began to appear in intelligence reports as a “terrorist financer” (). It wasn’t until after bin Laden good-naturedly left his Sudanese alliance, eagerly welcomed by Afghanistan’s Taliban government, around 1996, that Clarke began to hear of a group that called itself “al Qaeda”. This group had been formed in 1990 by bin Laden out of paranoia after the first Gulf War. Ramzi Yousef,…

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  • Al Qaeda's Influence On Usama Bin Laden

    perceived as a threat. The Twin Towers represented America’s economic power and their role as leaders in globalization, which al Qaeda believed to be the reason the United States could control and occupy Islamic countries. The group also targeted the United States military not only because of their occupation but also because al Qaeda could never directly fight the U.S. military. Al Qaeda also opposed the United States foreign policy and wanted to create devastation for Americans so they…

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  • Terrorism Case Study

    The Bojinka plot was one of these. This was a large scale plot that had three objectives. The first was to assassinate Pope John Paul II, then blow up 11 airliners, and crash a plane into the CIA headquarters. This plan was from Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad for January 1995. Ultimately these attacks were never completed due to other failed test bombs in a mall, theater, and a 747 airliner. These attacks drew attention to themselves and landed them both in Guantanamo Bay Prison…

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  • What Are The Most Important Events Of The Holocaust?

    In September 1992 one of the attackers Ramzi Ahmed Yousef arrived to New York City on a flight from Pakistan and began planning an attack on the World Trade Center. He set goals of collapsing the north tower into the south tower. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman was a blind, Egyptian cleric who was another person responsible for this attack. He gave advice on how to destroying the “edifices of capitalism.” The attackers rented a storage locker in New Jersey, where they accumulated urea, nitric acid,…

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  • Al Qaeda

    Beginning in 1989 until around 1991, Al-Qaeda was homed in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Then, in 1991, its leadership, including Osama Bin Laden, located themselves in Sudan. Their headquarters remained here until around 1996, but they homed several offices all around the world. In 1996, Osama Bin Laden and his team moved their headquarters to Afghanistan. During this time, their leader, also called emir, was Osama Bin Laden. Their members pledge an oath of their loyalty to Al Qaeda and…

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  • American With Disabilities Act Research Paper

    offensive so he authorized the CIA to look into methods to weaken the Yugoslav government. The war later ended when Yugoslav and Serb forces signed the Kumanovo Treaty, agreeing to withdraw from Kosovo. There were many more conflicts during the time and some were even in the country itself. A major event that happened during Clinton’s presidency was the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993. A truck that held a bomb detonated below the North Tower. It was intended to send…

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  • An Analysis Of Waltz's Man, The State Of War

    S. was solidified by the American troops confronting Saddam Hussein during the 1990 Kuwait invasion instead of his Arab brothers (Gamison, 2011). In 1991, Osama Bin Laden along with his troops move to Sudan where he sets up his training camps. Sudan was now al-Qaeda’s base for business operations and preparations for Jihad. He stays in the African country for five years where his search for nuclear material and weapons were believed to be carried out. Following 2 years on 26th of 1993, a 500kg…

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