Essay On Fatwa Osama

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A Fatwa.
A fatwa is an Islamic ruling, which most of the Muslims careful follow and respect. A Fatwa issued by Obama Bin Laden in February 1993 which it illustrated that he himself and his fellow brothers were declaring war to the Americans additionally, printed by an Arabic newspaper in London. The declaration of the war was endured because Osama believed that all Americans have been against God. He and his followers were determined to change that by putting and preparing themselves through boot camp. They were more ready than ever to kill and let the blood flow. Beside the Fatwa Osama claimed, Americans are the worst thieves and terrorists around the world. Nothing could stop Americans expect a counterattack that affected the civilian, military
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The parents of Ramzi Yousef were both Pakistanis. He was sent by his parents to the United Kingdom to steady his schooling at the Swansea Institute in Wales. Yousef majored in electronic engineering. After, his completion, he went back to Pakistan. During his stay in Pakistan Yousef acquired the knowledge of making bombs at a terrorist training camp. In February 26, 1993, Yousef was the main mastermind of the attack on the World Trade Center bombing (Inside 9/11). The bombing did not work as Ramzi wanted, however, it killed 6 people and destroyed the 3 stories of the North tower. In January, 1993 Yousef was taken to court due to the attack on the World Trade Center bombing. Before the judge made the final ruling Yousef acknowledged himself as a terrorist, and proud of it as long as it was against Americans and against Israel, because he shared the same beliefs as Osama Bin Laden that all Americans are terrorists and they should be stopped. “Since, Americans are the ones who invented terrorism and using it every day.You are butchers, liars and hypocrites, ” reports the CNN. He was convicted for two life sentences for his involvement in the bombing and Bojinka plot. Bojinka plot is an Islamist attack. On the contrary, Yousef did not trust the United State government, which it led him to work with Osama’s organization group which was all around the world. He is the nephew of KMS, a senior Al-Qaeda member, who fought and was associated with Osama Bin

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